National Campaign Against Drug Abuse


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  • I am realy concerned about the drugs and substance issue in my country,especialy in the coastal area of Kenya.I am 18 years old and i had made a promise to myself that even in the smallest way posible I shall help in fighting drugs and substance abuse in Kenya.
    I wish to join hands with NACADA in their work.together we can do more,together we can do anything.
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National Campaign Against Drug Abuse

  1. 1. Interactive holographic 3D projectiontour around Serbia withinthe National Campaign Against Drug Abuse 2009/2010.Category: Event managementCountry: SerbiaClient: Ministry of Health and INSADA (Implementation of the National Strategy Against Drug Abuse) – European Union projectPR Agency: Agency SVA
  2. 2. Interactive holographic 3D projectionTour around Serbia within the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse 2009/2010.The whyAgency SVA, Ministry of Health of Serbia and INSADA project was intended to inform, educate and preventyoung people from drugs abuse. Ever since Internet took over in the new generations, video gaming andnew technologies replaced “old fashioned“ ways of communications. We believed that this Nationalcampaign needed to find “new language“, a unique expression to reach Serbian youth. Something betterthan a video game, newer than a TV commercial, and more interactive than a video game; something thatwould capture and keep attention of the most sensitive audience – youth. Creative team consisting of SVAAgency and Gallery 12+ came up with a unique solution- an interactive holographic 3D projection.The howInstallation of the interactive holographic 3D projection was set in a simple camping trailer speciallyre-designed for the occasion. Only one thin glass layer separated the visitor from the real-size holographicprojection of a young man. On the gaming console (touch screen), the “gamer“ could choose various drugsand see their harmful effects on the holographic projection, since it was “acting“ exactly as the real personwould when under influence of chosen drugs.Holographic projection content: a young man`s level-by-level destructive changes was executed throughthe holographic installation game where a gamer had very easy tasks during the game and easy access tonew levels in a short time. The game itself was `piece of cake` even for beginners in video gaming, the sameas it is easy to play the `drugs` game – easily, but without clear ending at the starting point of the game. Theend of the game stated GAME OVER! – literal game ending for drug users. At the end, the clear solution wasgiven- your decisions are powerful, ’Your NO. Changes everything’.This was like a perfect experiment- one can try and see, and nobody got hurt.The audienceGiven the data from Marc Gobe’s book ‘ Emotional Branding: New Paradigm for Connecting Brands toPeople’, youth of today (or Generation X) are the most sensitive audience – they are very picky when itcomes to what they give attention to. They live in the modern entertainment age; they think quickly, desireexcitement and true fun. They already have video games, for them, TV is really nothing new and specialeffects are in abundance in movies and video games.They live in the entertainment world, and if you are not fun enough, they will just hit the ‘ignore’ button.The new wayWe needed Generation X to listen and learn, and that’s the hardest thing to get them to do. That’s why weused hi-end entertainment for new way of education and hidden, well- wrapped, powerful message wasborn. The awareness was raised by the high-end technology tools (holographic 3D projection) but theknowledge and skills were being built by the actual content of the installation and the intensive presenceof the holographic tour through Serbia with its follow up program- TVC, ambassadors and merchandise.This event was created to inspire one-to-one interaction and omit the ex-cathedra approach. The goal wasto invite youngsters to come out to the city and play the game – the same as one would play with drugs,however without the danger.The event managementThis was the first touring event of its kind in Serbia.With visits to 7 cities of Serbia we have dislocated the message and reached small and big communities alike.During 4 months of the campaign we have organized and executed a special opening in each city inpresence of local government and institutions representatives, had successful cooperation with local pressand TV stations and built a network of volunteers and NGOs that joined our action.Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Nis, Subotica, Krusevac, and Valjevo youth, teachers and family members 2
  3. 3. were invited to come, see and experience a unique installation that was (in the most entertaining way),actually aiming to save many lives of youngsters.And they came out, in an even bigger number than we could have ever imagined. The campaign’s Facebookfan page reached its 10 000th member within the first three weeks! And the number of volunteer celebrityambassadors rouse every day. They were willing to be the announcers on the openings, speaking side byside with the city mayors and the Minister of Health at the local openings.By the end of the campaign, the 3D installation was invited to more and more cities, the merchandise wasasked for online and the journalists were looking for the interviews. In the first two months we havemanaged to get free airing time for the campaign’s video on national television and had numerous TVappearances regarding the subject.We have overcame our own goal – instead of just a campaign, we have started a movement: Tvoje Ne. Menjasve, the national movement against drug abuse in Serbia.And we are not done yet – we are looking forward to expand this unique preventive event approach evenfurther as we have been contacted by the Regional Ministries of Health and World Health Organization whowere asking for possibilities of implementing this educational entertainment approach in other countries.Holographic 3D Installation technical drawing and actual view 3
  4. 4. Merchandise – T-shirtsMerchandise – badges 4
  5. 5. GOALS
  6. 6. GoalsAmbitious goals to reachYour NO. Changes Everything. had few ambitious goals to reach!To raise awareness and to communicate the danger of the “drug game“, and also toremind that there are other options, a whole world of sensations to discover that is not drug related. Ourmedia goal was to do this, in Serbia, in spite the fact that we are a third-world country amidst the crisis time,by using the most up to date, interactive entertainment communication.Our major goal!Our major goal was to start a personal interaction between our holographic anti-hero and every singleviewer / gamer. Technically speaking, the optimum of possible viewer-gamers was 35.000 people duringthe tour, but the number exceeded this optimum, so more than 51.730 people met our holographicanti-hero and experienced the 3D holographic installation.As for impressions, our goal was to reach 800 hundred to 1 million impressions across Serbia. We wantedto reach target audience with 50 print placements and 20 media broadcasting placements. As the majorityof our target group is Internet addicted and they cannot imagine even one day without Facebook, our goalwas to make a Facebook group for 5.000 – 10.000 followers.Even 80 percent of media coverage included the national campaign messages and 90 percent of mediacoverage mentioned outstanding way to explain the destructiveness of drug user life.Results we got show that our goals were overachieved!Media RelationsCampaign coverage was overwhelmingly positive, resulting in a total of 155 placements:Print/online placements Goal: 50 Result: 150Broadcast placements Goal: 20 Result: 35Impressions Goal: 1 million Result: more than 1,5 million 6
  7. 7. research and data
  8. 8. Main sourceESPAD – The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other DrugsEuropean research on the use of alcohol and other drugs among young people in Serbia 2008.USE OF ILLICIT DRUGSHow much will young people experiment with drugs depends, among other things, on the availability ofdrugs, legislation, parents, school authorities, opportunities provided by the local community for creativeimplementation of leisure time, skills that young people have for coping with stress, solving problems,informing young people about the consequences of the use of drugs and similar.The definition of illegal drugs used in this report include marijuana or hashish (cannabis), amphetamines,LSD or other hallucinogens assets, crack, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, magic mushrooms, trodon and otherpainkillers, GHB, inhalants, alcohol in combination with drugs and sedatives (without a prescription).The use of illegal drugs during a lifetime, in Serbia, 2008. (%) Serbia = 15.1% % Students Vojvodina Belgrade Central school Serbia Rural Town Boys High Girls CityEven 15,1% of first grade students of the high school said that they had used one of the above-mentioned illegaldrugs at least once.The use of illegal drugs during the lifetime is more frequent among young people from large and small cities,compared to youth from rural villages. There isn’t a significant difference in the use of illegal drugs amongyoung men and women.Many students have tried drugs once or twice, while others developed more or less regular habit of takingdrugs.Particular attention has been devoted to the research data collection in relation to the use of marijuana,since this substance is very present in our country.At least once in lifetime marijuana was tried by 6,7% of students, 8,8% young men and 4,9% young women.Students from urban areas in the greater percentage indicated that they have tried marijuana, at least onceduring lifetime. % Students Vojvodina Belgrade Central school Serbia Rural Town Boys High Girls City 8
  9. 9. Indicator of regular use of marijuana is the use of 40 or more times in a lifetime. In the first grade of highschool, 0,5% of students took marijuana 40 times or more, which may indicate regularly taking, whichrepresents the risk of abuse of other psychoactive substances.The use of psychoactive substances (other than marijuana and hashish)Every 10th freshman in high school (11,9%) has used illegal drug during the lifetime, which is not marijuanaor hashish. Girls have used a psychoactive substance in significantly larger percentage than young men,excluding marijuana, which is often related to the use of sedatives. % Students Vojvodina Belgrade Central school Serbia Rural Town Boys High Girls CityIn general, the prevalence of illegal drug use other than marijuana or hashish range 0-8% depending on thetype of substance. In addition to marijuana, commonly used psychoactive substances among young peopleare sedatives or tranquilizers. Sedatives or tranquilizers can be legally prescribed by a physician, or abusedfor their psychoactive effects, used as an illegal drug.This kind of researches on the use of alcohol and other drugs among young people in Serbia are done everyfour years. The integrated campaign „Your NO. Changes Everything.“ was based on the above research donein 2008. The next ESPAD research will be undertaken in 2011. 9
  10. 10. Other FindingsSocial backgound:Serbia faced a turbulent last 20th century decade and recovery from `harmful nineties` was more thenwelcomed here. Economy and everyday living had been changed during the nineties and those changesinfluenced deeply the social relationships, especially in the family and peer groups. Those changes havemany different psycho-social implications in the lives of youth in the sensitive ages of pre- adolescencepuberty and further on.EMCDDA (European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction) researches show that Serbia is inthe middle of ‘Balcans Route’ for heroin, the price for heroin is relatively low and its availability is extremelygood. Also, two large synthetic laboratories were discovered in Serbia in 2007 and 2008 – the productionbeing larger than the actual market.CONCLUSIONGiven the research data from ESPAD and EMCDDA as many as 15,1 % of the secondary school first gradersreported using psychoactive substances, marijuana or hashish, amphetamines, LSD or some otherhallucinogens, crack, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, magic mushrooms, analgetics or alcohol combined with pillsand tranquillisers. One of the very common excuses to experiment with drugs was ‘just having fun’.Serbian Ministry of Health and INSADA project wanted to find a right way to communicate with new Internetinfused generation in Serbia and to show them explicitly but in a fun way numerous negative side- effects ofdrug usage.Serbian Ministry of Health turned to SVA to find and develop a communication plan to:• Arouse and maintain the attention of young people in Serbia using innovative media approach• Prevent young people from first trial and further destructive behavior related to lack of education and low risk perceptions about drugsFinding the exact manner of speaking to 21st century generation to video games, IT technologies andInternet lifestyle was a challenging task. For the creative solution of the campaign SVA team invitedGalery 12+ to develop top-of-the-notch communication tool – Holographic 3D interactiveinstallation. 10
  11. 11. media coverage
  12. 12. CAMPAIGN coverageCampaign coverage was overwhelmingly positive, resulting in a total of 155 placements:Print/online placements Goal: 50 Result: 150Broadcast placements Goal: 20 Result: 35Announcements by media• Daily newspapers: 22• Magazines: 20• TV: 35• Online: 48• Radio: 30 12
  13. 13. Daily newspapers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hart by announcements: ;#6$<&=+>,?#?+9,& <1&)4!@,/3!-#3,=!!O!8! :-,//!O!K! C(,+(&Q!O!I! V1#/!S#+(*/Z!O!I! :-#+=#!O!I! :-,1,=!O!I! IL!/#3#!!H!7! V-#=S#(/Q&!1&/3!O!7! N#-*=(,!(*+&(,!O!7! :*1&ZQ#!O!7! ?5@*ZYQ,!(*+&(,!O!7! ! ! ! ! 13
  14. 14. !TV: @A9! D,=&#!Online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hart by announcements: B#$+,& TV G>?4!@,/3!-#3,=!! :&(Q! <PI! W*! ]+#1#! ^*/#+#! ?35=&*!<! G>!A*S+*=&(,! ^-5/,+#)! D#-/! _5!,Q*! ! ! ! 14
  15. 15. Online: C=$6=+9! D,=&#! C,/)-&%3&*(! D*(3012!%#,!+&/&3/! N5$@,-!*6! ! #((*5(),$,(3/! IL/#3#B-/! N,./!%*-3#1! IJJBJJJ! 7! <PIB(,3! N,./!%*-3#1! MJJBJJJ! I! <1&)B-/! N,./!%*-3#1! LJJBJJJ! 7! "#/33+B)*$! >A!%*-3#1! IJBJJJ! 7! "+&S,/3&B)*$! N,./!%*-3#1! 7JBJJJ! 7! "&32$##E&(,B-/! `(3,-3#&($,(34!(,./! KJBJJJ! 7! C-,/B-/! ?%*-3!%*-3#1! 8BJJJ! 7! `Q/3-#+##()#B)*$! a&6,/321,!%*-3#1! 8BJJJ! 7! `$B-/! `)*(*$2!%*-3#1! 8BJJJ! 7! V1#//-@&S,B*-! N,./!%*-3#1! LBJJJ! 7! bE1#E#QB)*$! `(3,-3#&($,(34!(,./! 7JBJJJ! 7! ^*(3-#.,@B(,3! `(3,-3#&($,(34!(,./! 7JBJJJ! 7! ^-#5S,+#)B*-! N,./!%*-3#1! MBJJJ! 7! ^-,(&B-/! N,./!%*-3#1! KBJJJ! 7! ^-/3#-&)#B)*$! N,./!%*-3#1! IJJBJJJ! 7! ^5=#E#+&Q,(=B)*$! `(3,-3#&($,(34!(,./! 7JBJJJ! 7! D*(=*B-/! N,./!%*-3#1! [JJBJJJ! 7! N#=1#(5B)*$! N,./!%*-3#1! IJBJJJ! 7! N#/1*+&B(,3! N,./!%*-3#1! 7JJBJJJ! U! N*+&/#=B-/! N,./!%*-3#1! 7JBJJJ! 7! :#3#QB)*B-/! `(3,-3#&($,(34!(,./! IBJJJ! 7! G#=&*)&32B-/! `(3,-3#&($,(34!(,./! IBJJJ! 7! G3QB)*B-/! N,./!%*-3#1! KBJJJ! 7! G3/B-/! N,./!%*-3#1! [JJBJJJ! 7! G3+B-/! N,./!%*-3#1! IJBJJJ! I! ?-@&S#(,3B-/! N,./!%*-3#1! 78BJJJ! K! ?-@H-//B)*$! N,./!%*-3#1! IJBJJJ! K! ?35=&*@B-/! N,./!%*-3#1! I8BJJJ! 7! ?5@*3&)#B-/! N,./!%*-3#1! 8BJJJ! 7! c-#=5B&(6*! `(3,-3#&($,(34!(,./! IBJJJ! 7! c3-&%5B)*$! `(3,-3#&($,(34!(,./! IJBJJJ! 7! A#1S,+*B-/! N,./!%*-3#1! IBJJJ! 7! A,/3&B-/! N,./!%*-3#1! IJJBJJJ! L! !Magazines: 4#:#D6=+,9! ! D,=&#! ! C,/)-&%3&*(! "&-)51#3&*(! N5$@,-!*6! ! #((*5(),$,(3/! ! "&32!D##E&(,! a&6,/321,!O!=&/3-&@53&*(!6*-!6-,,!! IJBJJJ! I! b15/3-*+#(#!%*1&3&Q#! a&6,/321,!O!1*(!3-#=&3&*(4!$*-,! KJBJJJ! 7! ! 30#(!8J!2,#-/!&(!?,-@&#! A&+#! a&6,/321,!H!0,#10! 7JBJJJ! 7! d-+#3/Q#!-&S,Y! G,&*(#1!$##E&(,! 8BJJJ! 7! _,11*.!"#@! "&32!5&=,4!1&6,/321,!$##E&(,! IJBJJJ! 7! ?&(&=5(5$!e,,Q12! "&32!5&=,4!1&6,/321,!$##E&(,! 7[BJJJ! 7! :51/! a&6,/321,!O!.*$,(!$##E&(,! 7JJBJJJ! 7! ?3*-2! a&6,/321,! [JBJJJ! 7! d,11*! a&6,/321,! 8JBJJJ! 7! f*2! a&6,/321,O!.*$,(!$##E&(,! LJBJJJ! 7! D,(g/!d,#130! a&6,/321,O!$,(!$##E&(,! LJBJJJ! 7! V-#E&#! a&6,/321,O!.*$,(!$##E&(,! 8JBJJJ! 7! "&)#! a&6,/321,O!.*$,(!$##E&(,! IJBJJJ! 7! a&/#! a&6,/321,O!.*$,(!$##E&(,! KJBJJJ! 7! <-#+*! D##E&(,!6*-!>,,(#,-/! 8JBJJJ! 7! F^h! D##E&(,!6*-!>,,(#,-/! IJBJJJ! 7! F(#! a&6,/321,O!.*$,(!$##E&(,! 7JBJJJ! 7! N<V! "&32!5&=,!O!=&/3-&@53&*(!6*-! 7JBJJJ! 7! 6-,,! C-,/! D##E&(,!6*-!/)0**1!)0&1=-,(! 78BJJJ! 7! *#56"9! 15
  16. 16. N<V! "&32!5&=,!O!=&/3-&@53&*(!6*-! 7JBJJJ! 7! 6-,,! C-,/! D##E&(,!6*-!/)0**1!)0&1=-,(! 78BJJJ! 7!Radio: *#56"9! D,=&#! C,/)-&%3&*(! ]5=&,(),! N5$@,-!*6! ! #((*5(),$,(3/! G#=&*!<,*-#=!7! N#3&*(#1!/3#3&*(! 8JBJJJ! M! G#=&*!<,*-#=!I! N#3&*(#1!/3#3&*(! 7JBJJJ! I! IJI! N#3&*(#1!/3#3&*(! MJBJJJ! K! <PI! N#3&*(#1!/3#3&*(! 7JJBJJJ! K! N*+&!?#=! G,&*(#1!/3#3&*(!H!A*S+*=&(#! 7JBJJJ! I! ?5@*3&)#! G,&*(#1!/3#3&*(!!H!A*S+*=&(#! 8BJJJ! 7! JI7! G,&*(#1!/3#3&*(!H!A*S+*=&(#! 7JBJJJ! 7! G#=&*!?! N#3&*(#1!/3#3&*(! MJBJJJ! 7! G#=&*!>-&! G,&*(#1!/3#3&*(!H!<,1-#=,! 8JBJJJ! 7! W#/3! G,&*(#1!/3#3&*(!H!N&X! 7JBJJJ! 7! G*#=/3#-! G,&*(#1!/3#3&*(!H!<,1-#=,! IJBJJJ! 7! :&(+&(! G,&*(#1!/3#3&*(!H!<,1-#=,! 7JBJJJ! 7! N#&! G,&*(#1!/3#3&*(!H!<,1-#=,! IJBJJJ! 7! N*+*/3&! G,&*(#1!/3#3&*(!H!<,1-#=,! 78BJJJ! 7! b(=,! N#3&*(#1!/3#3&*(!! LJBJJJ! 7! "&32! G,&*(#1!/3#3&*(!H!N&X! 78BJJJ! 7! >Cb!-#=&*! G,&*(#1!/3#3&*(!H!<,1-#=,! LJBJJJ! 7! 16
  17. 17. clipping examples
  18. 18. MEDIA: CLIPPING EXAMPLES Media: Blic, Daily Title: Action on drugs in Subotica Subtitle: Intensify action against drug dealers: Mayor Saša Vučinić Media: Subotičke novine, Daily Title: Your „NO“ changes everything 18
  19. 19. Media: City magazin, Magazine Title: Action against drugs 19
  20. 20. Media: Viva, Magazine Title: Your „NO“ changes everythingSubtitle: Medicine: Campaign against drugs 20
  21. 21. www.b92.net Media: B92, Web portal Title: Holographic tour against drugs Subtitle: Belgrade – In Serbia, 15 percent of all highschool students have tried some drugs at least once 21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. www.blic.rs Media: Blic online, Web portal Title: Drugs already tried in first grade of high school 23
  24. 24. www.subotica.rs Media: Subotica, Web portal Title: Your NO, changes everything! 24
  25. 25. Press conference − belgrade, start of the campaign Media: B92, TV channel Show: NewsTomica Milosavljević, Minister of Health of the Republic of SerbiaMirko Mandić, Managing Director, SVA agency 25
  26. 26. Hologram installation snapshots on B92 TV 26
  27. 27. Media: Studio B, TV channel Show: Hoću da znaš / I want you to knowKatarina Popović, Creative Director of the Project, SVA agency Media: RTS, TV channel Show: U zdravom telu / In healthy bodyTomica Milosavljević, Minister of Health of the Republic of Serbia 27
  28. 28. Media: Yu eco, TV channel Show: Info blokSaša Vučinić, Mayor of SuboticaTomislav Stantić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia 28
  29. 29. Facebook statistics!/pages/TVOJE-NE-MENJA-SVE/181237272958?ref=tsAt the beginning of the campaign Facebook Fan page Tvoje NE. Menja sve. was created. In first three weekspage had approximately 10 000 fans, and after a month that number exceeded 12 500 fans.During the campaign this page was used for continuous interaction with fans.Many posts were questions of fans asking when will holographic presentation come to their town. Throughthis Fan page holographic presentation received invitation to visit about 30 cities in Serbia.The campaign had 37 ambassadors chosen among Serbia’s most popular singers and actors as the peoplewho represent healthy way of life and who are known as opponents of drug abuse. 29
  30. 30. FACEBOOK INVITATIONSThe project received invitations to Bor, Kikinda, Pirot, Leskovac, Vršac and Stara Pazova and it wasoffere help by the local youth offices and NGO-s. 30
  31. 31. MONITORING
  32. 32. EVALUATION AND RESULTSAnalysis of the questionnaires filled out after the holographic projectionThe trailer with a holographic projection visited seven cities in Serbia and it is estimated that it was viewedby over 51 730 people.The questionnaire was filled in after the holographic projection by 6773 visitors in seven cities (49,6% maleand 50,4% female). Although the primary target group was young people aged 11-15 years due to highinterest among younger and older visitors analysis was performed and compared to other age groups.Still the largest number of participants (34.1%) was aged 11 -15 years. Answers to questions relating to theintelligibility of holographic presentation, knowledge, perception of risk and willingness to discussholographic presentation with a close person were analyzed in relation to age, sex and illegal substanceuse by participants.Gender Percent Valid Percent Valid Male 49.6 49.6 Female 50.4 50.4 Total 100.0 100.0Age Percent Valid Percent Valid Less than11 1.8 1.8 11-15 34.1 34.2 16-20 27.2 27.2 21-25 24.7 24.7 26 and more 12.1 12.1 Total 99.9 100.0This holographic presentation was easily understandableMajority of 98,8% participants find that this holographic presentation was understandable, from which87,4% said it was very easy to understand. The percent of young man and woman who think presentationwas very understandable is equal. 32
  33. 33. Partly Very Not at all Age (%) (%) (%) Less than11 16.7 0 83.3 11-15 0.4 13.9 85.7 16-20 0.5 9.8 89.7 21-25 1.8 11.4 86.8 26 and more 1.2 9.8 89 Not at all Partly Very Gender (%) (%) (%) Male 1.2 11 87.8 Female 1.2 11.7 87.1Most of the participants (49,2%) said that holographic presentation had given them lots of newinformation, and 34,3% said holographic presentation had given them some new information.More than half participants (60,3%) said that holographic presentation had forced them to stop and think,while 13,9% said that holographic presentation had not forced them to do so.Holographic presentation is convincingOnly 3,2% of participants think that presentation wasn’t convincing, while 77,4% of participants findpresentation very convincing. More young women (79,5%) find holographic presentation more convincing,than the young man do (75,3%). 33
  34. 34. Gender Not at all (%) Partly (%) Very (%) Male 5.1 19.6 75.3 Female 1.5 19.1 79.5 Age Not at all (%) Partly (%) Very (%) Less than 11 0 0 100 11-15 3 15.6 81.4 16-20 2.2 17.4 80.4 21-25 3.6 31.7 64.7 26 and more 6.1 11 82.9The Awareness of the importance of presentation in the personal life was stated by 57,2% of participants,while 48,2% said that holographic presentation made them even more concerned for the use of drugs and29,1% said that holographic presentation made them bit more concerned about the use of drugs.Holographic presentation is effective against drug abuse Gender Not at all (%) Partly (%) Very (%) Male 11 33 56 Female 5 32.8 62.2 Age Not at all (%) Partly (%) Very (%) Less than 11 16.7 0 83.3 11-15 4.8 21.6 73.6 16-20 7.6 35.9 56.5 21-25 13.2 45.5 41.3 26 6.1 36.6 57.3 34
  35. 35. Holographic presentation rise awareness of risks Gander Not at all (%) Partly (%) Very (%) Male 12.2 21.7 66.1 Female 10 19.4 70.7 Age Not at all (%) Partly (%) Very (%) Less than 11 16.7 0 83.3 11-15 5.6 8.2 86.1 16-20 8.2 24.5 67.4 21-25 21 28.1 50.9 26 and more 12.2 32.9 54.9 35
  36. 36. Future Prospectsmaking the campaign self-sustainableIncluding sponsors and partners to create an ongoing movement, that will not be limited in time.Instead it will provide continuous support for action on drugs in Serbia.Developing contacts with the regional ministries of healthResponding to the interest of the Ministries of health in the region and continuing the holographic3D tour across borders of health organization (who) cooperationWorking together with WHO on new possibilities of implementing this unique educational andentertaining approach in other countries of the world. For the full project experience please view the enclosed cd 36