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Mkl infocv v2.5


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infocv update on april 2013

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Mkl infocv v2.5

  1. 1. MIRKO LALLI v 2.5 +CURRICULUM VITAE Polyhedric Lateral Thinker Human Network Router. Senior Digital Strategist. Passionate and visionary about Internet, Social Media and innovation. Creative mindset, 15+ Years of experience in web and digital communication. Strong background in P.R. & MKT mng. BRANDS SUMMARY: www.mirkolalli.net The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence. Reporting directly to the CEO Im responsible for the development of a comprehensive marketing, communications and brand strategy. Im also responsible 12ML for coordinating all media-relations initiatives and providing assistance in products + development. I oversee the company digital communications and social media presence; Im responsible for all plans and executions of internal and external communications. € planned in Before current job I worked as Chief of Marketing and Communications at Fondazione Sistema Toscana and GIUNTI Group after several years as a consultant. socialmedia & I am a Teacher and Senior Lecturer in private and public university on technological, webmarketing social and marketing dynamics tied to Social Media and contemporary in last 3 year communications. CAREER: CLOUDITALIA COMMUNICATIONS SpA: ACTUAL ACADEMICS: UNIVERSITA’ +200 DEGLI STUDI Articles written Director Marketing Comunications and Public about me and my Relations. I oversee the company communications DI FIRENZE projects in last year PR and digital strategy. Masters Degree 2.402 110/110 cum laude FONDAZIONE SISTEMA TOSCANA: CMO - Chief of Marketing and Communications. Responsible also for Public Relations and INTERACT: institutional Relations. Friends in facebook that follow my SCAN THIS Head of “ToscanaLab” project (www.toscanalab.it) update 2.798 Head of task-force for the new marketing and promotional campaign for Tuscany Regional Government best know as “Voglio Vivere Così", for which I have created the Social-media strategy and professionals in Im responsible for coordinating the web-marketing to see my blog my LinkedIn activities and the work of the “Social Media Team.” network SCAN THIS Senior Lecturer and teacher on digital 5.275 communication, web marketing, e-business, Social Media and Marketing2.0. Consultant & sales manager Number of Developing sales strategies & structuring Twitter #follower 3 commercial transactions - Member of Sales & Marketing Staff to see my personal dna Independent New Media Consultant (freelance) Languages I can order SCAN THIS food in New Media marketing manager SKILL DEVELOPMENT to see my vizify REACH ME ANYTIME: +39 3493539069 - mirko.lalli@me.com http://it.linkedin.com/in/mirkolalli1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 http://twitter.com/mkl - http://www.facebook.com/mirkolalli