Talking about the wieliczka salt mine

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Klaipėdos Simono Dacho progimnazija …

Klaipėdos Simono Dacho progimnazija
Pamoka 4-8 klasėms
,„Įžymios vietos“.
Parengė anglų kalbos vyresnioji mokytoja Rima Norkienė
2012 m.

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  • 1. Klaipėdos Simono Dacho progimnazijaMetodinė medžiaga anglų k.pamokoms Parengė: anglų k. vyr. mokytoja Rima Norkienė
  • 2. Speaking:The Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • 3. Working in groups, pairs and individually, using pictures on the com- puter, we will learn to talk about the Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • 4. We will talk about1. Place/Location2. Things to See/Do3. Legend4. History of Place5. Recommendation
  • 5. PLACE / LOCATION The Wieliczka Salt Mine is near Cracow, in southern Poland.
  • 6. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is in Poland.
  • 7. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is in southern Poland.
  • 8. The Wieliczka Salt Mineis near Cracow,in southern Poland.
  • 9. Wieliczka Salt Mine Theonly salt mine in the world preserved in this condition! 135 meters underground! Visited by more than 1 million tourists a year!
  • 10. Things to SeeWe can see enormous chambers.
  • 11. Things to See We can see chapels.
  • 12. Things to See We can see chapels with beautiful carvings.
  • 13. Things to See The Chapel of St. Anthony is one of the oldest chapels at Wieliczka. It is about 300 years old.
  • 14. Things to See We can see underground caves.
  • 15.  What are we learning now?
  • 16.  What is the aim of our lesson today?
  • 17. Things to See We can see underground caves with salt sculptures.
  • 18. Things to See We can see underground lakes.
  • 19. Legend Princess Kinga threw her ring into a salt mine in Hungary. She travelled from Hungary to Cracow. She told her servants to dig a well at Wieliczka.
  • 20. Legend Saltwas discovered. A miner found Kinga’s ring.
  • 21. History of Place Until 1620 miners dug salt by hands. Miners lifted salt to the surface.
  • 22. History of PlaceDuring the 16th and 17th century, horses were usedto lift the salt to the surface
  • 23. Recommendation Don’t miss the chance to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine. You should see unforgettable sights.
  • 24. What have we learnt today?
  • 25.  What is your English homework?
  • 26.  THANK YOU?