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  1. 1. Television COMMUNICATION 20092653 Choi Mi Ri
  2. 2. TelevisionTelevision is means Television What is thethat you can see the name of the Greekvideo anywhere tele meaning far andThe electrical signal sees in Latin meansreaches the vision combinedequipment words
  3. 3. Mechanical television screen to display the disc rotation 1843s, Alexander Bain of Scotland technician changed the image into electrical signals to transfer technology announced In addition, not affecting a certain part in the development of television after the fax has its roots in the development of this technology, which has been estimated Paul Nipkow Topics announced by the German inventor of the foul nipko mechanical device that can be converted into electrical signals moving images display scanning disk aka nipko disk called This disc brightness varies depending on the electrical signal to the light by firing light through the hole, moving images that appear on the opposite side of the principle
  4. 4. A full-fledged emergence of electronic television Development of electronic television that can display moving images without injection plate 1897, the German physicist Karl Ferdinand Braun CRT, while collectively, CRT development in earnest began. Karl Ferdinand Braun Engineers of Japan, Dhaka 1926, Yanagi genjiro announced the first televisions using cathode-ray tube. However, the lack of an electronic display screen of the imaging process, but still mechanical injection plate because complete electronic television called Television
  5. 5. A full-fledged emergence of electronic television Of the United States is recognized as the inventor of the first complete electronic television Philo farnsworth.Farnsworth imaging and award process in 1927, both CRT television made ​electronically released to the public to disclose. Farnsworth television all since the advent of television, the traditional mechanical and electronic television broadcasts began in 1936 from Britains BBC television was rapidly disappear.
  6. 6. Bright color in the drab black-and-white Did not show the initial black-and-white television screen outside the picture quality was very coarse. However, due to advances in technology, you can express a full-color picture quality, enhanced color television was introduced. Color television was also the first time a mechanical John Lodge, who invented the first mechanical television Baird mechanical color television broadcasting in 1928, the experiment was a success. And at the same time, four from the United States in 1953, RCA color CRT practical use, and the following year released, went into the U.S. NBC and CBS for electronic color television began broadcasting the electronic color television in earnest in the world came Established in our country in 1956, the United States owned by RCA Saga HLKZ-TV broadcasters first black-and-white television broadcasts began in 1966, the domestic television for the first time came up with the current GoldStar (LG Electronics). And since 1980, Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) and Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), some of the color television broadcasts began from 1984, all broadcast in color transmission began.
  7. 7. Thank you