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Discussion on how auto dealers in the US are adding Accessories Sales to their stores and increasing their revenues profits, CSI. Accessories is an untapped market for auto-dealers. Shows like pimpmyride show consumers the options. SEMA confirms that this is a $40B industry.

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  • What compels your customers to buy accessories when buying a vehicle?Has accessory sales negatively affected your F&I revenue?How do you motivate your sales staff to sell accessories?Which accessories are the most sold accessories in your dealership?What are your future plans and goals?How are the current economic conditions affecting your accessory sales?What message will you give to other dealers?
  • Ask the Experts: Accessories Best Practices

    1. 1. Expert Panel Moderator Sidney Haider Vice President, AddOnAuto, izmocars Email: Panelists Mike O’Neil Bob Duffin Bob Andrews Accessory Manager Customer Operations Parts & Service Falmouth Toyota Manager Director Toyota Boston Region Falmouth Toyota
    2. 2. Topics for discussion • Why Accessories • Accessories Operations at Falmouth Toyota • Accessory Sales at Toyota Motors, Boston • Panel Q & A • Lessons Learned • Setting up to Market Accessories
    3. 3. It’s Time to Accessorize! • 10 % of the $40 Billion accessories and aftermarket parts market is sold through auto dealerships. • 75% of Customers Surveyed prefer to buy Accessories from Dealers • 92% new car buyers will buy accessories within 90 days of making that vehicle purchase. • 61% spends more than $1500 • Consumers typically buy that accessory from and have it installed at a third- party reseller and installer
    4. 4. In these challenging times, dealers are looking for new ways to draw traffic to their dealerships and generate additional revenue… quot;Accessorizing does both.quot; “It is the dealer who does something different beyond price that attracts customers’ attention,” Ellen McKoy, Senior Director of Dealer Relations, SEMA
    5. 5. Accessories Operations At Falmouth Toyota • Situated on MacArthur Boulevard in the town of Bourne on Cape Bob Andrews Cod, Falmouth Toyota has been Parts & Service Director owned by Tom Murphy since Falmouth Toyota 1982. • From its humble beginnings on Route 28 in East Falmouth, Falmouth Toyota has grown into one of the New England Region's Mike O’Neil Accessory Manager premier Toyota dealerships. Falmouth Toyota
    6. 6. Lessons Learned Three Main Factors that helped Falmouth Toyota increase Bob Andrews Accessory Sales goals: Parts & Service Director Falmouth Toyota 1. Right Tools 2. Management Focus 3. Proper Training Mike O’Neil Accessory Manager Falmouth Toyota
    7. 7. Accessories Operations At Toyota Motor Sales, Boston • Boston Region for TMS covers ME, NH, VT, MA and RI. • There are 72 Toyota dealers in the region • 102,000 vehicles sold in 2008 Bob Duffin Customer Operations • #1 Region in US for parts sales Manager achieving the highest percentage Toyota Boston Region of objective for year to date 2009.
    8. 8. Lessons Learned • Dealer has to be Committed to sell Accessories. They have to believe that Accessories offer huge profits. • If you ask for the sale you will Bob Duffin Customer Operations get it. Manager Toyota Boston Region
    9. 9. Q & A with the Panel Moderator Sidney Haider Vice President, AddOnAuto, izmocars Email: Panelists Mike O’Neil Bob Duffin Bob Andrews Accessory Manager Customer Operations Parts & Service Falmouth Toyota Manager Director Toyota Boston Region Falmouth Toyota
    10. 10. Summary of Lessons Learned • Dealers have to be committed. OEMs should help dealers get in the business of Accessory sales. • If you ask properly and have tools to present in the right manner you will sell a lot of Accessories. • Offering Accessories not only helps in more business, it provides a very positive conversation compared to vehicle repairs that customers hate to talk about in Service.
    11. 11. Accessory Sales 1- Day Date Deal # Loan/ Lease Status Salesperson Brand Retail 3/17/2009 PARRISH1421 Loan Open DEREK V Toyota 0.00 3/17/2009 637267AA Loan Completed RON G Toyota 599.00 3/17/2009 N593 Loan Completed BRIAN Toyota 1494.00 3/17/2009 2532LOCATE Loan Open KEN C Toyota 399.00 3/17/2009 7845 Loan Completed jo Toyota 215.00 2707.00 Accessories offer 50% to 70% profit margins. Guarantee 100% ROI or your money back.
    12. 12. Profit Machine Loan/ Sales Date Deal # Status Brand Vehicle Total Cost Retail Profit Lease person Prius 3/13/09 109449 Loan Completed Jeff Toyota $333.90 $770.00 $436.10 2009 Prius 3/11/09 109402 Loan Completed Sam N Toyota 2,441.40 $4830.00 $2,388.60 2009 Prius 3/6/09 109269 Loan Open 7423 Toyota $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 2009 Prius 3/5/09 109241 Loan Open 7423 Toyota $628.20 $1,359.40 $731.20 2009 $3,403.50 $6,959.40 $3,555.90 The report above is an excerpt from one of our clients and shows you only the total number of Prius cars sold for the month and the figures represent accessory sales from the showroom sales alone.
    13. 13. Introduction to AOA • PRODUCT - AOA Virtual Showroom, enables you to sell tens of thousands of accessories using a web based system without the need for expensive build-out of kiosks or showrooms. • PRESENTATION - AOA gives your Customers the ability to virtually add or remove accessories, instantly view them on their vehicle of choice, and make their decision in minutes. • POWER - AOA gives you access to your own Admin Control Panel, enabling you to select the Accessories you want to sell and the Prices you want to sell them for. • PROCESS – AOA provides you with complete business consultation including Process Maps, Training, Follow up, Advanced Courses and Point-Of-Sale Collateral Material so you can concentrate on Sales.
    14. 14. AOA Success Stories Sun Toyota Yesterday, Stephanie Wall and Jennifer Rodgers came to Sun Toyota to launch AOA and WOW! What a team, sir. Together, those ladies swiftly and proficiently trained, motivated, and befriended our staff in such a manner that had me and the rest of our dealership very proud of our decision to do business with! I look forward to being yet again a pilot store for a new web based product and continuing to report sales increases because of it to S.E.T. I would be happy to be a reference to any dealership on behalf of AOA and would gladly endorse the professionalism and courtesy that your staff employ. Michael Chaparro Internet Department Sun Toyota
    15. 15. Schedule Demo Today The first 3 Demos scheduled get a free iPod Shuffle Schedule Now!
    16. 16. Questions? Please Contact: Sidney Haider Vice President 415-694-6006 Email: