Relationships and Connections Worksheet


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Relationships and Connections Worksheet

  1. 1. TBA LinkedIn: Are you connected?Our Goal: To build connections and relationships!(teacher to student, student to student, teacher to parent, parent & student to thelarger TBA community)Keep in mind: Every time you interact with a parent or student you have the opportunity to strengthen or weaken your connection with that person. Use the person’s name! Instead of “Good morning!” to a student, say “Good Morning Susie!” People like being addressed by name. It makes them feel known Relationship-building can occur in person, on the phone, via email. Interactions have to be authentic. Kids can tell when you are dialing it in! Only do things that you feel comfortable doing!Teacher to student Student to student Teacher to ParentGetting to know you sheet Community Builder “Nachas Notes” – sendwith specifics that you can Activities (see long list of email/phone call to parentkeep referring to throughout possibilities pgs 9-10) about something good a childthe year (make your own or did in classsee pgs 3 & 4)Greet students at door as Group kids ahead of class to Send absencethey come in make groups of kids not note/email/phone call “oh we from the same school district missed X today in school. Hope everything is ok!”Make a point to ask a kid a Create collaborative, At traffic duty, catch a parentspecific question about discussion based activities in for a moment and tell themhis/her life on way to tefillah class so kids get to interact something their child said oror music or during pizza with one another i.e. have did.time them create a skit, song or poster together. This forces them to interactInvite students over for Send HW assignments that Invite parents over fordinner/Shabbat/out to make one kid call another to dinner/Shabbat/out toicecream/challah baking get an answer icecream/challah bakingUse Mensch strips for Ask older students to friend Call parents of each newreinforcement (see pgs 5-8) one another on Facebook student to the school just to introduce yourselfFor older students, start a Show & Tell – ask kids to Use Family Ed programs,closed facebook group or bring in something mitzvah projects etc to talk togoogle plus group for your meaningful to them (Jewish parents one on one about theirclass. Post questions for or not) and let them tell the lives. Check in with parents.them to answer during the class about it. Do a few kidsweek each week Temple Beth Abraham, 2011-2012
  2. 2. Offer to meet a kid on skype Create groups based on Send home monthly orfor ten minutes to review something simple like biweekly newsletters with infosomething favorite color, favorite food. Then give the group something to do - either curriculum driven or just fun (i.e. ask the purple group to come up with 10 things that are purpleHave a “Ask the Teacher” Have students tutor one Start a closed facebook groupsession – similar to “ask the another or google plus group for theRabbi’ let kids right down parents in your class. Postquestions on an index card questions for them to talk toand when you have time, you their kids about during the wkpull one out and answer it!Put a “Mailbox” in the room Create a shared experiencewhere kids can write you for the class – i.e. a class tripletters about things. And ofcourse, write them back! Have a student call out the names for attendance. Switch who it is every week ` Temple Beth Abraham, 2011-2012
  3. 3. CONNECTIONS / RELATIONSHIPS WORKSHEETEvery Teacher is asked to do at least one idea from each column every month in everyclass. In order to help, I have created this handy dandy little worksheet for youTeacher Name_______________________________________________ Class___________________________________Month: (circle one)Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr MayBelow, write specifically what you did in each box.Teacher to student Teacher to Student:What I did was… The response / effect I saw was…Student to student Student to studentWhat I did was… The response / effect I saw was…Teacher to parent Teacher to parent:What I did was… The response / effect I saw was… Temple Beth Abraham, 2011-2012