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Business model talk july 2013
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Business model talk july 2013


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Recent talk at Mums in Business group in East Dulwich. Introduction to business modelling, use of a business model canvas and discussion on a range of business models. …

Recent talk at Mums in Business group in East Dulwich. Introduction to business modelling, use of a business model canvas and discussion on a range of business models.
Based on the book "Business model generation" by A. Osterwalder / Y. Pigneur

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. Can I be a business model?
  • 2. YOUR BUSINESS MODEL what is that all about? 2013
  • 3. Many businesses fail Big& Small
  • 4. Small business failure: 4 out of 5 in year 1
  • 5. e.g. HMV Jessops Blockbuster Comet (2x) And let’s not talk about the … Big failures since 2010:
  • 6. Don’t blame the Economy!
  • 8. Business Model def: What you do How you do it Who you sell it to
  • 9. K E Y THE Value proposition Customers Money Practicalities People
  • 10. Answers on a post-it
  • 11. K E Y THE Value proposition What Needor Problem do you solve?
  • 12. No marketing blurb!
  • 13. K E Y THE Customers Who are your Customers and what’s your Relationship?
  • 14. What do you Really know about you Customers?
  • 15. K E Y THE Practicalities What do you NEED to Produce? Sell? Deliver?
  • 16. Does it fit your Value Proposition?
  • 17. K E Y THE People Who are the People in your business?
  • 18. Staff Partners Stakeholders
  • 19. K E Y THE Money Money Money Money
  • 20. Revenue less Costs = ???
  • 21. Popular Business Models
  • 22. Niche Expertise, small set of products / services, limited customer reach, straightforward exchange Most life-style businesses
  • 23. Longtail Selling less of more = large # of niche product, each sells infrequently e.g. Netflix, Ebay, Facebook,, Amazon
  • 24. Multi-sided Brings together two+ separate customer groups & facilitates the interaction e.g. Credit Cards, Google, Ebay, Amazon market place
  • 25. Bait & Hook Cheap/Free initial offer with a tie-in e.g. Mobiles on contracts, Gillette Razors, Printers & cartridges
  • 26. Free/Freemium Gives away product/service for free – financed by other products / services e.g. Skype, Google, Metro & Evening Standard, Museums in London, many mobile apps
  • 27. K E Y THE Value proposition Customer types Customer relationships ChannelsKey activities Key resources Key staff Key Partners Stakeholders Income streams Cost structures Profits Get the tools
  • 28. I see Change Scan the Future
  • 29. Grab opportunities
  • 30. Enjoy your business
  • 31. Acknowledgement Content and Canvas The business model canvas has been derived from the business model canvas developed by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur in their book “Business model generation”. The original canvas has been remixed based on my personal experience with clients. Link to the original source: The business model patterns are also based on the same book by Osterwalder / Pigneur Images Flickr, Urban Mogul Life Decca Records Design inspiration Eric Feng & SlideComet ( )