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Venecia Alegre Flores Mierez Osuna Suarez
Venecia Alegre Flores Mierez Osuna Suarez
Venecia Alegre Flores Mierez Osuna Suarez
Venecia Alegre Flores Mierez Osuna Suarez
Venecia Alegre Flores Mierez Osuna Suarez
Venecia Alegre Flores Mierez Osuna Suarez
Venecia Alegre Flores Mierez Osuna Suarez
Venecia Alegre Flores Mierez Osuna Suarez
Venecia Alegre Flores Mierez Osuna Suarez
Venecia Alegre Flores Mierez Osuna Suarez
Venecia Alegre Flores Mierez Osuna Suarez
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Venecia Alegre Flores Mierez Osuna Suarez


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  • 1. Venice Welcome to “ the best city in the world”
  • 2. History - Cronology
    • The barbarian invaded of the 5th and 6th centuries AD
    • The bloody barbarian forced people of Roma to go to Venice town.
    • In the 8th century people of Venice elected the first doge (duke).
    • In the 11th century Venice went through a crisis because the first crusade began in 1095.
    • In 1904, kinner built the Gran Canal. He chose many architects to design this big plan. With the new canal the people were ready to celebrate with parties, games, running, swimming, and concerts.
  • 3. Venice is in the North-Eastern region of Italy. When can you go? The best weather to visit is in spring . Summers are hot, sticky and crowded Winters are relatively cold, and frequently rainy and cloudy. It’s not very gorgeous.
  • 4. Transports We arriveat the Venice Marco Polo Airport. The airport is located 12km (7,5 miles) from Venice by land, 10km (6 miles) by water. Its address in Venice is Via le Galilei 30/1 between 30173 Tesseria Venezia street. A Venice tourist information office number is (04) 15415887, located in the Arrivals area.
    • Gondola is used specially for tourists, weddings, funerals and other ceremonies.
    • The waterbuses names as vaporetti. This boat travels around the major canals and the city’s islands .
  • 5. You can choose the Public transports in Venice. The name is Azienda Conzorzio transport veneziano. The cost for a short time is six and half euros, for 48 hours is 20 euros, and 72 hours is 38 euros. This is the best deal that you can do and are cheaper than water taxis.
  • 6. We choose for you the more elegant and gorgeous restaurants and hotels our travel agency work with
    • All Gatto Nero da Ruggero Restaurant is located in Fondamenta della Grudella 80 street, Burano, Venice. The number is 041730120.
    • Price: It’s variable depending on the menu that you choose.
    • Italian cusine or sea food
    • They have the best fish in the whole region.
    • All pastas and desserts are home made
  • 7. Hotel Palace Bonvecchiati is located in San Marco 46809 street, exactly behind San Marco’s square and five miles (9km) from Marco Polo international airport. -In the hotel you can see: The Riacho Bridge, Doge Palace and the Gran Canal. Wow! It’s a very good localition. The package includes cocktail, lounge, terraza, room service and 24 hour front service. In the room you have many amenities: plasma TV, cook, radio, dataports, air conditioning and private balconies.
  • 8. During the tour you can go to :
    • Basilica San Marco: you can see the largest crowds. It's the tallest tower in Venice
    • Mesco Archeologico: you can see coin collections, statures and get information about them.
    • Museo Oriental is located on the top floor of the modern art museum. In this museum you can see displays, clothes, musical instruments and erotic Chinese porcelain and guns from the Japanese period. This art pieces are the 17th and 13th centauries.
  • 9. Ca’d’ oro is the most beautiful palace in Venecia. Galleria de lla Academia: this building was built in the 12th century. In this one there is an instructor who offers a tour guide. In this gallery you can see paintings from a lot of excelent and important artists for example Andrea Montegria, Tintoretto, Piero de lla Francesca, and others.
  • 10.
    • We offers you three sites where you can go at night and enjoy the last day.
    • Videoteca Passinetti : you can see classical films. You need membership, that cost E25 for one year.
    • All Vapore: you can listen jazz, blues and other music. Concerts starts at 21:30 and finish at midnight. Generallythey are on Friday and Saturday
    • Teatro Goldini you can see contemporany Italian drama. You can enjoy the events, and concerts. This is the city’s main drama theathe in Venice.
  • 11. Finally you'll never forget this adventure in Venice. This is a place full of secrets,it's romantic and you will have lot of pleasure . Alegre Perla; Flores Ma.Del Mar; Osuna Eugenia; Mieres Fátima; Suárez Erica. 3º4ºC