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    484-Baha'i gardens 484-Baha'i gardens Presentation Transcript

    • Amazing Bahai Gardens - the eighth wonder of the world . http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/mireille30100-1597684-484-baha-39-gardens/The northern part of Israel, and the third largest in the country, the port city of Haifa. Here, onthe slope of Mount Carmel is equivalent to a "eighth wonder of the world" the main localattraction - the so-called "Bahai Gardens." Clic for texts only
    • .Terraced gardens in the northern Israeli city of Haifa is surrounded by the golden-domed Shrineof the Bab, the founder of the Baháí Faith. Here is the worlds administrative and spiritualcenter of the Bahai religion, the number of practicing that globally, less than six million. Clic
    • .In addition to the temple-tombs and beautiful gardens in the center of the complex is theUniversal House of Justice, the International Centre for Archives and texts. It also isavailable and the headquarters of the International Training Centre. Clic
    • Universal House of Justice
    • International Archives
    • The entire complex was built Bahai decade. Its cost bahaytsam cost $ 250 million. Baha‘iare voluntary donations from around the world. They dream that soon the people of thewhole earth will unite in a single religion to be peaceful and preach tolerance toeverything that exists on earth. Clic
    • justice
    • Center for the Study of texts
    • .Nine and nineteen - sacred to the followers of the Bahai faith. The total number of terraces -19, nine of which lead down from the Shrine of the Báb, located on 10th terrace, nine - up.Number of members of the Universal House of Justice is also nine.19 terraces on which the complex of gardens, which make up a "ladder." Currently, visitors areallowed to go down on it, and can only go up Bahai pilgrims. Clic
    • Many objects of the Baháí World Centre, including the terraces and the Shrineof the Báb, in July 2008, were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
    • Nine inputs are in the temple, symbolizing the unity of all religions. Thegardens around the temple - the living embodiment of harmony and universallove. They, like the waves, apart from the church down the mountainside. Clic
    • Even plants in the gardens chosen symbolic. Olive tree - a symbol of peace andthe blessings of God, the carob tree, called the bread of St. John (according tolegend, the fruit can substitute for bread), the fig tree, as described in the Bibleand is a symbol of prosperity, a palm tree, depicted on ancient Jewish coins.
    • To witness the gardens, penetrating half the city from top to bottom and just to come torest in Israel, tens of thousands of tourists. Bahai temple in Haifa with their territory - this isa separate state, it does not belong to Israel, but belongs to Italy Vatican. You can get hereonly at certain times of the day (in the morning), and only in the group, accompanied bylocal guards.
    • .Many objects of the Baháí World Centre, including theterraces and the Shrine of the Báb, in July 2008, wereincluded in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
    • Mireille 30100