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Sports school dobrich_bulgaria

  1. 1. Sports School “G.S. Rakovski” Dobrich, Bulgaria
  2. 2. Sports School “G.S. Rakovski”
  3. 3. History ➢ The sports school in Dobrich is thought of as one of the most prominent in the region and has built up a reputation for a quality and care school organization. ➢ It was established 01.09.1984and enrolls students from north-east part of Bulgaria. ➢ It is named after the famous Bulgarian revolutionary - Georgi Stoykov Rakovski who was an important figure of the Bulgarian National Revival and the resistance against Ottoman rule. Georgi Stoykov Rakovski
  4. 4. Nowadays ➢ The school trains more than 220 students grouped in 10 classes from 5th to 12th grade. ➢The school develops nine (9) kind of sports: artistic gymnastics, athletics, boxing, cycling, football, handball, volleyball, weight-lifting, wrestling.
  5. 5. Sports facilities
  6. 6. Sports facilities
  7. 7. Sports facilities
  8. 8. Our school motto Citius, altius, fortius Faster-Higher-Stronger The school strongly believes in the importance of physical and character-building and the inculcation of values in the pupils . Our aim is to support pupils to develop their sports skills and talent in different kind of sports.
  9. 9. Our proud ➢ During the years of its establishment our Sports school boasts of hundreds sports triumphs, prouds of many eminent sports personalities, wins innumerable medals, cups, prizes, diplomas and in different kind of sports . Our students have won: ➢ 23 medals in European championships for junior, men and women; 9 students ranked among sixth. ➢ 9 medals in World championships ( 3 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze medals; 7 students ranked among sixth
  10. 10. Best wrestlers in Sports School history ➢ Our sports school has strong traditions in wrestling. ➢ The wrestler Plamen Paskalev won many times the national championships for boys and men. He took part in two Olympic games: 4th place in Atlanta and Sydney 74 kg. ➢ Our wrestling team won the championships in 87, 88, 89, 91.93 and 2003. Petar Petrova wrestling coach Plamen Paskalev
  11. 11. Nowadays
  12. 12. Best boxing players in Sports School history ➢ Sports School has a traditional boxing ring success. Yuliyan Strogov is a boxer who won 10 times the National championships, 3rd in the World Cup in Sydney, 2nd place at European Championship for Men's 51 kg. He took part in two Olympic Games: Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996. Marian Momchev is a world champion for 2003 cadets., a lot of times a national champion for youth and men. Not only boys, but also girls win boxing titles. Stoika Petrova is 7 times a champion of Bulgaria. In 2000 the boys and girls from the school won 5 gold and 4 silver medals from the national championship. Yuliyan Strogov Marian Momchev Mihail Georgiev
  13. 13. Best weightlifting athletes in Sports School history ➢ Our weightlifters brought much glory and prestige for the school. ➢ Siika Stoeva has won 2 silver and 3 bronze medals from World Championships, 9 gold, 12 silver and 2 bronze medals at European Championships and five-time champion of National Championships for women. ➢ Radostin Dimov took 3rd place in the World Cup 1994 in Istanbul, 2nd place at the European Championship in 1994. ➢ Stoyan Eremiev is a winner at the European Youth Champion 1989, Sarajevo, won 3 golden medals from world championships. ➢ Svetlin Ivanov won 4th place at the European Championship in Italy, silver medalist of European Championship in Spain. ➢ The coach is: Todor Kirkov.
  14. 14. Nowadays
  15. 15. Handball ➢Sports school handball team has also successful games on the sports ground. In 1991 it won 2nd place, 3rd place in 1992, 1st place in 1993. ➢National players are Svetoslav Bozhkov, Daniela Obretenova and so on.
  16. 16. Best track and field athletes in Sports School history ➢ There are dozens athletes who have brought fame not only on national level, but also on European and World Championships. Sports School is proud of his long and triple jumper Galin Georgiev who won 2nd place on the World Championships for 17 years old in triple jump with a world record in the same discipline; took place in two Olympic Games: Barcelona 1992 (11th) and Atlanta 1996 (7th). Miroslav Kostov is six times champion of Bulgaria in shot put and 3 times in discus throw. A great number of medals sports school athletes have won in the disciplines: hammer throw, 20 km walk 400 metres., 1500 metres and 3000 metres. ➢ Some of the prominent coaches at schools: Plamen Papazov, Nadejda Hlebarov, Nikolay Yankov, Emanuela Yankova. Galin Georgiev Plamen Papazov Emanuela Yankova
  17. 17. Nowadays
  18. 18. Best football players in Sports School history ➢ The football team for boys won silver medal in 1985, silver medal in 1990 for the youth team, gold medals in 1992, 1993 for boys and youth teams’. ➢ National players are Milen Petkov (20 matches), Galin Ivanov (14 matches), Svetoslav Todorov (10 matches). Svetoslav Todorov Milen Petkov Iliya Dyakov Valentin Peichev
  19. 19. Best cycling riders in Sports School history ➢ There are many successful cyclists who won many prizes for our school and country. ➢ Krassimir Koev has won a great number of road and track championships. In 1998 he was the winner for Tour of Bulgaria. ➢ George Drumev is also famous with his great achievements for our school and town. He’s a coach in our school now.
  20. 20. Artistic gymnastics
  21. 21. Welcome to Bulgaria