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Interactive Platform ENG

Interactive Platform ENG






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    Interactive Platform ENG Interactive Platform ENG Document Transcript

    • InterActIve AdvertIsIngPlAtforMby Mirco Pasqualininovember 2010 Interactive Advertising by Mirco Pasqualini Platform http://www.linkedin.com/in/mircopasqualini
    • IntroductionWe are at a turning point in the development of Advertising platforms, where technology, social behavior, analyticaldata in real time, design and Marketing converge to create a new multidisciplinary thinking of advertising.In many cases in recent years, campaigns on traditional media and digital communication have shown us how to havean interactive platform for Advertising shared asset appears to be the most important part of any strategy, capable ofdetermining the success or failure of each operation.the key elements of any interactive platform for advertising are:• Business and Product Integration• Multi-channel• game side• socialize / collaborative• customizablethis type of approach has produced great controversy and different opinions on what is a Platform for Advertising.for many people, an interactive platform is not Advertising, others are talking about the same thing, for others else isonly a tool to support the idea of Advertising but this certain that something new is growing, a new awareness and anew approach to the sector in which each element of eco-system works for the same purpose.that‘s what I call Global User Experience. Interactive Advertising by Mirco Pasqualini Platform http://www.linkedin.com/in/mircopasqualini
    • 01Business andProduct Integrationthe first thing to create a platform for successful advertising is customers can share training programs, schedules, invitedefine the largest number possible of points of contact between friends to join competitizioni both inside and outside of gymsthe campaign and the product. and manage their overall life fitness. But it’s not just the fitness industry to explore this approach. Many other companies constantly try to define new points of contact between the product and interactive platforms. CocoCola, PepsiCo, Ferrero has always offered prizes, access code of interactive products. In particular recently the exploitation of Augmented reality bythe operation most famous and in this case is Nike+, named by Coca Cola Zero for AvatarAdweek digital campaign of the decade.this success is not only due to the innovative use of technologybut also to have used the nike product as an integrated elementof the eco-system of the platform.the fitness industry is one of the markets more active in thisdirection.the recent introduction and starting point for companies suchas technogym with his VisioWeb, is another good exampleof product-integration in the global landscape of interactiveplatforms Advertising In the coming years with the introduction of integrated payment systems on mobile devices will offer even greater opportunity in this area as will represent ‘the beginning of Product experience’ by the user. Interactive Advertising by Mirco Pasqualini Platform http://www.linkedin.com/in/mircopasqualini
    • 02Multi channelWe should consider the platform as an independent advertisingeco-system, accessible from any interactive tools.this access is never the same but it is suitable to the specificdevice, time-on access, location, type of user and type of usemade of it.More are the devices and customizations, more touching-pointwe have with the platform.some of the most frequent mistakes in the existing platformsis groped to re-create the same UX in all devices withoutconsidering the real needs of the users.to better understand this topic we think to a traditional printedmagazine. If you buy a fashion magazine, you probably expectto browse a magazine printed on coated paper, but if you buy sample of google search engine in a tv devicea newspaper you will expect a more simple rough paper andspecific language.try to deploy the same UX of a website through a computer anda mobilephone is how to think selling a newspaper printed oncoated paper and with a bag-size format.finally, in any Interactive Advertising Platform is decise definethe most possible touch-points with the consumer and adapt toits fruition. sample of google search engine in computer Interactive Advertising by Mirco Pasqualini Platform http://www.linkedin.com/in/mircopasqualini
    • 03game sidethe ‘game-side’ of each platform is one of the most important But one of the most obvious examples in recent years areaspect. People love to play, compete, receive rewards and to platforms like Facebook, Foursquare and Gowalla.improve their conditions and possibilities action. In facebook the game of ‘collecting’ friends quickly turns into athis approach is not new, many of the traditional business kind of mission where most friends you pick up more you willusing this strategy like as the financial sector and in retail. be gratified.think of the Credit Card company and how many different this generates a huge viral traffic and self-promote for thecards offer to their consumers platform. foursquare and gowalla in fact often reward their users with Badge earned based on the type and quantity of places that identifies by each user with a’ check-in ‘, thus gaining a new level qualification.each card are different benefits, different models of rewardsbut most often the type of card rappresent your financialposition and availability.the consumer likes to think he can improve his condition,moving to a “next level”, acquiring the right to apply for a cardof greater prestige.Another good example is Shake Shack, one of the most famousnew York Hambugger because it uses a fun method for serve finally, expect the ‘game’ in a platform for interactivetheir customers. advertising is the most important to generate viral and loyaltythe customer having ordered and paid for is with a device that with the consumer.will play a ‘and illuminiera’ when your order is’ ready to bepicked up at the counter. Interactive Advertising by Mirco Pasqualini Platform http://www.linkedin.com/in/mircopasqualini
    • 04socialize & collaborativeshare, share and share, this is the secret to growth in every the new fiat500 before it was produced and sold in the market.business. the sharing of information, opinions and knowledge do not forget also PepsirefreshProject and It’s: my: time ofcreates more competition and more trade. Benetton in 2010.the customer must be part of the advertising platform andmake a contribution to share with his friends.the contents introduced in the users network must becustomizable, simple and create discussion or offeropportunities to the users to use it like as element forcollaborate and build something new.the recent solution for ‘check-In place’ in Facebook orFoursqure explains well as a concept, where the cooperation ofmembers and acquaintances to provide information on a storeor restaurant determines a low or a high rating. Another recent example of a successful business is represented by companies like as GroupOn and Gilt where many companies sell their products within this community of buyers like an Advertising investment. the success of these two company is given by the possibility of individual users to buy certain goods at reasonable prices or with an exclusivity access based on their frequency of purchase or by the amount of customers simultaneously present in the network. More participants more low price.In the past we have seen many successful “collaborative”campaign cases like as the FIAT 500 Wants You “, where thecooperation of customers to provide specific ideas and realize Interactive Advertising by Mirco Pasqualini Platform http://www.linkedin.com/in/mircopasqualini
    • 05customizabledifferent experiences for different people, tastes and pointsof view. that ‘s the final key to the success of any interactivecampaign.the “storytelling” campaign must be flexible and customizableto different interpretations of each person. once outside the shop every consumer has created such a personal experience with the product, sometimes only one thatWe must be able to move our consumers in the same place often leads to sharing with their friends and acquaintances.regardless of their age, culture, level of knowledge andintelligence. People love to be masters of their own lives and decide to follow a story or be free to choose and decide to change andevery consumer must be able to build and customize their what to do.experience with the brand and the campaign.think of Starbucks where people ordering specific productslists at the same time, they can customize them in all ways andat any time. Interactive Advertising by Mirco Pasqualini Platform http://www.linkedin.com/in/mircopasqualini
    • referencesIn this document we talking about:facebook www.facebook.comstarbucks www.starbucks.comMagic Kinder www.magic-kinder.comcocacola Zero Avatar http://bit.ly/dtvniushake shack www.shakeshack.comgowalla www.gowalla.comfoursquare www.foursquare.comtechnogym www.technogym.comnike+ nikerunning.nike.com/nikeos/p/nikeplusgroupon www.groupon.comgilt www.gilt.com500WantsYou www.fiat.comPepsi refresh Project www.pepsirefreshproject.comBenetton It’s:My:time casting.benetton.com Interactive Advertising by Mirco Pasqualini Platform http://www.linkedin.com/in/mircopasqualini