Gamification (2010)


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Foundamental Elements in the digital eco-system

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Gamification (2010)

  1. 1. GAMIFICATIONGamification Elements& Mechanisms by Mirco PasqualiniGAMIFICATION
  2. 2. OverviewThe process of Gamification in Digital Advertising & Community is undoubtedly a hot topicexplored by the interactive business.In the Gamification ecosystem is build based on three basic pilars: Game Mechanism, VisualElements and Reward. by Mirco Pasqualini GAMIFICATION
  3. 3. 01 Game Mechanism The first and fundamental step is to create and adopt a mechanism of play that defines the relationship be- tween the users and content and offering a fun and positive experience with the brand. Some models: The Discovery: The mechanics Survey: (UserCentric) Get advices, Sharing and collaboration: Since of the discovery is fun because opinions, suggestions and feed- prehistoric time, man has always everyone loves to explore. Be the back and improve thanks to these clustered in tribes since relation- first to discover something can critical success factors for a brand, ships with other individuals and be exciting knowing that there but it ‘s also true that involving a active participation in the groups are more reasons for a player to user in this process is rather diffi- produces a high degree of sat- continue browsing. Earn points cult. The simplest way to motivate isfaction the human nature. The each time you discover something engagement is to reward the user active participation of the user in or a badge for loyal users to visit for his/her participation. the collaboration process becomes with more often your sites and/or a strategic choice for every brand. applications. by Mirco PasqualiniGAMIFICATION
  4. 4. 02 Visual Elements The visual elements are part of the Gamification ecosystem. The audience aspect these specific of visual ele- ments in any game mechanism world: Notifications object: the object instant feedback provided by the Profile: The user profile is the provides instant feedback for user progress bar visually motivates the “home” user. View the details of actions thus involvement in- user to complete activities despite his identity, his badge and more creases dramatically. The Notifier of the time that these require. information relevant to show in his informs the user about the points stats. and badges earned, levels that Leaderboard: The Leader-board al- he/she has reached and all other lows users to confront each other Social: Sharing and invite friends information important to the users. and create competition. The Lead- in the same game environment. The user chooses which informa- erboard normally includes a variety tion to receive and how often to of formats, comparing only friends, Avatar: An avatar is a visual repre- receive it. users of any platform or users who sentation of the player. The avatar share a relationship with the player can be a simply picture (like Face- Progress Bar: The progress-bar is (usually people in proximity to the book) or a more structured. Giving a simple concept in the process of player) a face to a player is a key factor in determining the gamification. The engaging with others. by Mirco PasqualiniGAMIFICATION
  5. 5. 03 Rewards The reward system is the last element to close the Gamification process circle. The aspected form of rewards are: Points: Points are a reward for nity. The players are motivated to Virtual goods: The virtual goods players who purchase through ac- hear what action they need in the prizes are virtual or “accessories” tions and are allocated according game to earn points necessary to for the avatar. These items add to the player’s achievement. advance the level and unlock new depth to the project and motivate Rewarding a player with more benefits. people to socialize and express points for specific actions is a themselves. The virtual prizes in method to influence the actions of Badges: Badges are the motivation the process of gamifcation can be the user. The definition of points is for unlocking and completing cer- added late. one of the first things to do in the tain actions. The easiness or the project preparation. difficulty to earn badges are not Coupons: The Coupons are a sort relevant but become an attraction of special prize for the player’s Levels: The levels represent a to share with friends. achievement and emphasize the method for players to show their connection between the user and status and seniority in a commu- the brand. by Mirco PasqualiniGAMIFICATION
  6. 6. See Also Interactive Advertising Platform InterActIve AdvertIsIng Writen by Mirco Pasqualini PlAtforM by Mirco Pasqualini november 2010 Interactive Advertising by Mirco Pasqualini Platform by Mirco PasqualiniGAMIFICATION