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See how you can accelerate your business as a system integrator becoming a Share2B partner

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Share2B Partnering

  1. 1. Why Partnering with Share2B accelerates your business March 2013 © Share2B Inc. / Partnering / March 2013
  2. 2. Share2B is a Unique Product What is the difference?  Flexibility You can use Share2B in a PrivateCloud, PartnerCloud or OnDemand.  Interaction There is no other ESN, that can be integrated in other systems so easy and in so many ways like Share2B.  Standards Share2B is based on well known standard frameworks like CodeIgniter, jQuery, Doctrine... These standards are known by many people.  Open but structured The software is based on open source software, you can access nearly every part of the system and customize it upgrade safe.ESN = Enterprise Social Network © Share2B Inc. / Partnering / March 2013
  3. 3. Business Consulting Setup knowledge to help customers using Share2B  Conception & strategy Help customers to setup and plan the project.  Process consulting Define typical ESN processes with the customer.  Customizing & development Extend or change Share2B (Themes, Languages, Functions, Views)  Project management, Training & Roll out Help the customer to do a successful project, migrate data and train the employees.  IT Services & Hosting Serve the customer with updates, new functions and other services.ESN = Enterprise Social Network © Share2B Inc. / Partnering / March 2013
  4. 4. Extend your consulting Internet CRM ERP ESNESN = Enterprise Social Network Intranet Extend your current business with new processes and functionality beyond / CRMMarch 2013 © Share2B Inc. Partnering / or ERP or Intranet.
  5. 5. Extend your license base Sales IT Customers Vendors HR Marketing Support Partner CEO PR Extend your current business with new users and licenses beyond / Partnering / March 2013 © Share2B Inc. CRM or ERP or Intranet.
  6. 6. OEM PartnershipBuild your own Share2B system or integrate Share2B White Label Version Give Share2B your own look & feel, logo, name and resell it. Extended Version Extend Share2B to a special version and resell it. Vertical solution Build a vertical or special industry solution based on Share2B. Integration Integrate Social Business Functionality into your solution. Use parts of Share2B or the whole solution inside of your application. © Share2B Inc. / Partnering / March 2013
  7. 7. ConnectorsBuild Connectors to other systems Data Integration Use the REST API to store information into Share2B activity streams. SSO Use our API to create a Single Sign On between Share2B and the other system and to exchange users, groups, messages, pages, tags... WebView Logic Use the Share2B WebView Logic to show Social Business Streams and Functionality inside of CRM-Systems, ERP-Systems or your Intranet. Resell Resell Connectors as additional features to Share2B or give them for free to push your application. We help you to promote! © Share2B Inc. / Partnering / March 2013
  8. 8. Share2B App Development Integration Apps Build Apps to integrate other applications into Share2B like the Facebook, Twitter or RSS Feed App. Functional Apps Build Apps to extend Share2B with new functionality like the SocialMap App. Customer Apps Build Apps for special projects and customers to realize individual functionality and processe. Open Source Apps Integrate or extend existing free apps from the Share2B AppstoreMake money without effort: The Share2B Appstore is theperfect Sales and Marketing Platform for your developed © Share2B Inc. / Partnering / March 2013
  9. 9. A Pool of Ideas for Usages Use Share2B as a Customer Portal Instead of setting up a complicate website or portal, you can use Share2B to talk to your customers as an extranet. Use Share2B as a Partner Portal Build Partner Portals based on Share2B with extranet pages and groups for the partners to discuss. Use Share2B as a live Chat on your Website With the WebView Logic you can integrate a stream to your website and talk to leads and customers.More Ideas? Then Let‘s Talk about them! © Share2B Inc. / Partnering / March 2013
  10. 10. Accelerate your Business! USA 800 Casey Key Rd, Nokomis, FL 34275 © Share2B Inc. / Partnering / March 2013