Scala IDE 3.0 - Present & Future


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In this session we will have a round at all new functionalities introduced in the latest sand greatest Scala IDE V3.0 release, and outline the future direction of the tool.

Semantic highlighting, implicit highlighting, and a new shiny Scala debugger are the spotlights of version 3.0. Scala code is now easier to read, write, test and debug. Furthermore, a growing ecosystem of plug-ins is available right at your fingertips for customizing your Scala environment just the way it fits you best.

The focus of the next releases is on enhancing the Scala debugger, further improving the editor's responsiveness, and add first-class support for both Play2 and Sbt.

Sounds too good to be true? Come and see for yourself the Scala IDE in action!

(Scala Days 2013, NYC)

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Scala IDE 3.0 - Present & Future

  1. 1. Scala IDEPresent & FutureMirco Dotta@mircodottaScala Days 2013NYC
  2. 2. Scala IDE 3.0120,000+ downloadssince March 21, 2013
  3. 3. Synopsis• 15 months• 853 commits• 685 files changed, 38278 insertions(+),6297 deletions(-)• 647 closed / 347 fixed / 405 new tickets• 25 contributors• 6 with more than 10 commits
  4. 4. New FeaturesSemanticHighlightingImplicitHighlightingShow Type ofSelectionScalaDebuggerImplicitHyperlinkingEditorResponsiveness
  5. 5. Pick your flavor• Scala IDE 3.0 available for• Scala 2.9 and Scala 2.10• Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo) and Eclipse 4.2 (Juno)• Or...
  6. 6. Scala IDE SDK• Prepackaged Eclipse with Scala IDE• No configuration needed• Available for Windows/Mac OSX/Linux!•
  7. 7. Ecosystem• A world of plug-ins to boost yourproductivity inside Eclipse• Tailored to your Scala IDE flavor• Plug-ins are available via the same update-siteused to install the Scala IDE
  8. 8. Available NowInSynthScalaTestPlay2 WorksheetScala Searchonly for Scala IDE 3.0.1-RC1
  9. 9. Coming SoonScalastyle AndroidProguardScalajava-to-scala
  10. 10. Demo
  11. 11. Play2 for Eclipse
  12. 12. History• First commit: July 21st, 2012• Brilliant work by Amir Shaikhha during hissummer internship at Typesafe• Typesafe Scala IDE Team continued theeffort after Scala IDE 3.0 was released• Some really great community contributionfromVincent Munier and Alden Torres
  13. 13. Current State• Latest release is 0.3.0 (shipped June 7th)• Supports both Scala and Java Play2projects• First-class support for Route and Templatefiles• Code Proposals, Hyperlinking, SyntaxHighlighting, Quick Assists and more!•
  14. 14. Demo
  15. 15. Scala IDERoadmap• Scala IDE 4.0 ~ October/November 2013• ScalaDoc integration• Find References / Type Hierarchy (ScalaSearch plug-in)
  16. 16. Play2 for EclipseRoadmap• Integration with Eclipse Web Tools Platform• Structured Source Editing• Run Play2 inside Eclipse• Debugger support for templates• Play2 Eclipse IDE?
  17. 17. Sbt for Eclipse• First-class support for Sbt in Eclipse• Sbt Editor, e.g., Code Completion,Hyperlinking, ...• Let Sbt drive the build inside Eclipse
  18. 18. One Scala IDE forboth Scala 2.11 & 2.10
  19. 19. Wanna help?• Get in touch!• scala-ide-dev google group• IRC channel on freenode• join scalaide room• Integrate your plug-in in theScala IDE Ecosystem!
  20. 20. Wanna help?• Get in touch!• scala-ide-dev mailing list• IRC channel on freenode• join scalaide room• Integrate your plug-in in theEcosystem!Thanks@mircodotta