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Holocaust i movie
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Holocaust i movie

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  • 1. Name: ______________________________________ Date: ____________ Pd: __________NBA#__________Ipad # _______ Holocaust iMovie Topic Choice: Choose one topic for today to research online. Our class website will have some links to online encyclopedias to use. Use at least 3 sources and cite them here: 1. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Answer all of the questions in the box and place your answers and notes on your index card. Find other information related to the topic you find interesting and take notes on them too—at least 5 interesting facts. Find at least 10 pictures related to the topic you chose and save them to the desktop. Add audio clips from the iMovie app and add them to your movie. Hitler: When did he come to power? What message did he spread? What made him angry at the Jews? Auschwitz: When was it established? Purpose of camp? What went on there? Concentration Camps: When did the Germans open the first one? What was it called? Where was it located? What things happened there? 1936 Olympics: When were the Olympic Games held in Berlin? What hopes did Hitler have for the Olympics that year? What happened to upset Hitler? Ghettos: When were ghettos first established? What was their purpose? What were they like? NAZI Killing Squads: What ere these? What did they do? Where did they go? How did they deal with prisoners? Babi Yar: What happened to the Jews at Babi Yar? When did this happen? Death Camps: When did the NAZIS begin to deport Jews to death (extermination camps)? What happened to them there? Euthanasia: When did the NAZIS begin their Euthanasia program? What was it? What happened to people in it? NAZI experiments: What types of experiments were done? What groups were they conducted on? What did the NAZI scientists hope to accomplish? Warsaw Ghetto Uprising! When did it start? What happened during it? When did it end? D-Day: What was D-day? When did it occur? What does it stand for? What happened on this day?