Understanding apps


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This was presentation at Media Mantra:Magic of Apps event by Students of PG Diploma in Communication and Media in 2014.

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Understanding apps

  1. 1. What are Apps? In a layperson’s Ianguage Mira K Desai Associate Professor University Department of Extension Education SNDT Women’s University
  2. 2. Telephonic Conversations over time 1876 Alexander Graham Bell “Watson, Come here . I need you” was the first voice message to be electronically transmitted. July 1969 U S President Richards Nixon called up Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz who were on Apollo 11. Said ”the most historic telephone call ever made” April 1973 Martin Cooper of Motorola called Joel Engel at Bells Labs from his portable cellular telephone, said “Guess who this is, you sorry son-of- a-bitch”
  3. 3. The FIRST commercial Cell phone….. • Marketed in 1983 • Motorola DynaTAC 8000X • 13 x 1.75 x 3.5 inches • Weighed about 2.5 pounds • Could talk for about 30 min. • Cost $3,995+monthly service fees+ per-minute charges • Had simple contacts App in OS
  4. 4. Mobile Phones…invention as is! Not only technology but livelihood, life, luxury….
  5. 5. The mobile phone Generations…. 1G to 2G to 3G
  6. 6. Players…..Parties • OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturer • OS- Platform keeps mobile breathing • Mobile Service Provider  keeps connectivity • Mobile App developer  Creates value • App Stores  Sell you what developers made • USERS  who wants to reach you through your mobile for selling or helping or entertaining • YOU for whom the equipment exists or WHO owns that mobile equipement
  7. 7. Apps…… for WHAT? Socialize Fool around Manage money Make work easy Sell something
  8. 8. Apps from need to…..necessity 2008 2014 Handset Manufacturers providing utility to attract customers
  9. 9. The Space…. Mobile Phone Manufacturers • Apple • Nokia • RIM (BlackBerry) • Samsung • HTC HARDWARE Mobile Operating Systems • Palm OS now Garnet • Mac iOS • Windows • BBM • Android • Symbian SOFTWARE Apple is not a software only but a platform also as they make their own OS
  10. 10. The App STORES
  11. 11. apps….. • Applications….are software. • In the past were provided by hardware manufacturers • Has Become products rather than utilities • Already are Spaces for advertising • May become marketing devices and independent industry in near future
  12. 12. Apps Everywhere now…… Source- http://www.mobilemoxie.com/2012/02/develop-mobile-web-or-phone-app/ PHONE Apps Web Apps iphone, Android, Nokia, Palm applications must be developed separately. Work on ALL smart phones! This includes iphone, Android, Nokia, Palm and others. iphone, Android, Nokia, Palm applications must be developed separately. Web applications have to be updated once when there is an enhancement. Apps have to be submitted to the App stores separately and updates too be submitted separately as well. You never have to submit a web application for approval to separate App Store.
  13. 13. The Good • Offer the most predictability for development. You will always know what size screens to design for, and what the input mechanism will be. • By being included in app stores you get access to a great targeted marketing opportunity in a semi- controlled marketplace. • Your developers can be great at one particular programming language, rather than adequate at many different languages. • Work better when there is a slow data connection because they rely more on pre-loaded content rather than content from the web. The Bad • Limited audience (only users of one phone) OR you must develop multiple apps, (one for each mobile OS). • Can get expensive as it costs additional money to submit your app to the various app stores. • There is a chance that the marketplace can reject your app, and then you will have to make updates. • Updates must be resubmitted through the app stores to be approved. This can really add up in time and effort if you have multiple phone apps and multiple updates. • Crowded marketplace, frequently with bad copycat apps, so it can be difficult to make quality apps stand out. The Mobile Phone Apps Source- http://www.mobilemoxie.com/2012/02/develop-mobile-web-or-phone-app/
  14. 14. The Web-based Apps The Good • Websites optimized for mobile phones perform well on all types of mobile phones that have Internet browsing capabilities. • Web apps are easy to manage – you only have to make updates once and they do not have to be created, submitted, and approved through multiple App Stores. • More freedom and flexibility because App Stores do not have to approve your application. • You won’t have to learn bunch of new development languages. • HTML 5 allows your web app to have phone-like qualities like location awareness and drag and drop. The Bad • Different mobile browsers work differently so you will want to do testing on several different phones and browsers. • The rendering environment is very unpredictable because there are so many mobile browsers and screen sizes. • Web apps will not be perfect all the time – there are too many variables. • There is very limited interaction with phone stuff – like the shake feature on the iPhone. • You miss the opportunity for representation and a presence in highly visited app stores. Source- http://www.mobilemoxie.com/2012/02/develop-mobile-web-or-phone-app/
  15. 15. Source: http://www.slideshare.net/MobileMoxie/app-v-web
  16. 16. Presence of Apps today….. 2,35,000 Apps Largest per App revenue 142,000 apps iOS revenue hit record $10 billion in 2013
  17. 17. Paid versus Free….on iOS Top Paid Top Free 1 Airmail OS X Mavericks Bloop S.R.L. Apple 2 Duplicate Detective GarageBand FIPLAB Ltd Apple 3 Battle Supremacy Flap Flap Atypical Games Sprakelsoft 4 Disk Doctor OneDrive FIPLAB Ltd Microsoft Corporation 5 Cheque Print . RAR Extractor Free Jayanti Katariya qing qing yu Source: http://www.apple.com/in/osx/apps/app-store.html on March 10, 2014
  18. 18. Apps are here to stay….. 62% of Indian mobile phone users prefer Android based smart phones Nielsen survey on a sample size of 10,000 consumers in September and October 2012, across 46 cities in India. On average, smart phone owners have 27 apps on their phones, up from an average of 22 apps in 2009, and the typical Apple iPhone owner has 41 apps (Nielsen poll of more than 4,000 mobile subscribers in 2010). Women use online chatting Apps 3 times more than men whereas men install 16 Apps per month compared to 11 by women (Nilesen, March 2012 data) Indian smart phone users are in 18 to 29 years of age, more active than their US counterparts but number is 50 percent than US. (Google- Ipsos-MMA Survey)
  19. 19. Apps are here to stay……March 2012
  20. 20. App Challenges USERS Proprietary (Apple, Windows) OR Free (Google, Linux) DEVELOPERS Platform, screen sizes, hardware specifications and configurations MANUFACTURERS OS with the best selection of Apps for making it most attractive to consumers
  21. 21. more References • www.uky.edu/ • http://www.mobilemoxie.com/ • http://johnnyryan.wordpress.com/ • http://trak.in/tags/business/2012/05/10 • Handbook of mobile communication studies edited by James E Katz (2008), MIT, Cambridge. • Google GOD