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2011 YLR Vision Plans
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2011 YLR Vision Plans


Published on

MCW's 2011 Youth Leadership Retreat: Participant Vision Plans

MCW's 2011 Youth Leadership Retreat: Participant Vision Plans

Published in: Education, Spiritual

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Vision: Students that are interested in reading recreationally. Mission: Encourage students to read by introducing them to non-curriculum materials that fit their interests. New York, USA Haris Chaudhry
    • 2. Vision: A world where people accept and are accepted for who and what they are without bias. Mission: To empower people to find innovative ways to prevent and diminish prejudice in their own lives and others using motivational presentations, spoken word poetry, digital media, and the arts. Idaho, USA Sheree Haggan
    • 3. Vision: School groups that support international students who achieve the ”American Dream.” Mission: To aid international people in their pursuit of the “American Dream” through Mundos, an organization that helps international students to succeed in school. New York, USA/The Dominican Republic Rocio Ventura
    • 4. Vision: Global unity through the power of film. Mission : To create a tradition of film that brings together worldwide communities and encourages them to take action towards sustainability. Maine, USA Dylan Howard
    • 5. Vision: Orphans that are empowered through leadership skills. Mission: To hold a summer camp for orphans that raises awareness, provides leadership training and enjoyable experience for orphans Daphine Batumuriza Rwanda
    • 6. Vision: A home for children who don’t have parents. Mission: To provide a place for orphans to live and learn. Israel/Ethiopia Asmare Ambaw
    • 7. Vision: Peace and friendship between Arabs and Jews in Israel. Mission: To facilitate workshops and exercises that bridge cultural boundaries and create cultural understanding resulting in long-term partnerships. Israel Pavel “Pasha” Martinovsky
    • 8. Vision: The elimination of child abductions and admission into the rebel armies in the Democratic Republic of Congo and see that they have a childhood. Mission: Increase awareness of forced childhood conscription through the Invisible Children Organization by holding interactive events and conferences. New York, USA Giselle Cesar
    • 9. Vision: A sustainable reliable volunteer team who are invested in the local branch of the Friendship circle, an organization that makes a difference in the lives of children with special needs. Mission : To ensure that participating in The Friendship Circle is a rewarding experience for both the volunteers and the children with special needs. New York, USA Ariella Reichman
    • 10. Vision: The spread of electrical power to developing communities. Mission: To spread renewable, efficient, and cheap energy to promote education and create jobs in developing communities. USA Angad Anand
    • 11. Vision : An informed and environmentally active community. Mission: To hold an art show that increases participation and awareness of recycling, composting, and sustainability. Vermont, USA Megan Ogden
    • 12. Vision : A content and sociable elderly community in Tel Aviv, Israel. Mission : To provide the elderly with company and comfort through weekly meetings with youth in an attempt to nurture the forgotten generation. Israel Inbal Pearlman
    • 13. Vision: An enjoyable and comfortable environment for orphans in Israel. Mission: To have young adults provide company, games and education to orphans. Israel Dolly Mazal
    • 14. Vision: Better lives for the homeless community in every city in the world. Mission: To feed homeless people each night using leftover food from restaurants. Iran/USA Daniel Hakakian
    • 15. Vision: A community that understands and consistently uses a composting system to support environmental sustainability. Mission: To work with my community to educate people on environmental sustainability by implementing a composting system in the community. Vermont, USA Casey Ogden
    • 16. Vision : A school that is educated and culturally tolerant, devoid of stereotypes and prejudices. Mission: To create a club to teach myself and fellow students about foreign cultures through non-traditional methods such as movies and TV shows that will interest them. New York, USA Jared Sossin
    • 17. Vision : Homeless musicians that regain self-confidence through music. Mission: To collaborate with homeless musicians tom produce a performance CD. New York, USA Alva Stux
    • 18. Vision : A Palestine where all students become college graduates who are productively contributing and positively reflecting their society. Mission : To help elementary students believe in the value and importance of completing their education through the mentorship of current college students. Palestine Dina Dajani
    • 19. Vision : The involvement of Russian-speaking Jews in Haifa, in the Reform Congregation’s activities and community life. Mission: To build or purchase an appropriate place for a community center dedicated to the Russian-speaking Jewish community. Israel Benny Minich
    • 20. Vision : A more peaceful New Haven where community members feel safe. Mission: To utilize the New Haven community center to provide services such as guidance counseling, homework help, sports activities, peer mentoring for at risk youth to fight violence and strengthen the community. Connecticut, USA Jacob Duchen
    • 21. Vision : Educational partnerships that facilitate learning for underprivileged kids. Mission: Hold fundraisers and community gatherings that encourage the spread of information and build teamwork between schools. Botswana Wabo Ntwaagae
    • 22. Vision : Grassroot action that leads to international empowerment. Mission: To create economic stability in our populated communities by using green technology. New York, USA/Colombia Carlos Tamayo
    • 23. Vision : An MCT Community Center that offers vocational training and social activity centers and is registered by the government. Mission: To provide vocational training skills to young people in Tanzania and social skills in different sectors so they can survive the competition of life. Tanzania Abdu Mohamed
    • 24. Vision : Every child in Zimbabwe is computer literate by the time they reach college. Mission: To teach students in elementary to high school to use professional software such as Microsoft Office. To lobby to the government to introduce a mandatory course in computer for all primary schools. Zimbabwe Praise “Tanya” Mangemba
    • 25. Vision : Internationally standardized housing built by Rwandan civil engineers. Mission: Start a building company that will build quality houses and train people in Rwanda to become engineers. Rwanda Innocent Nizeyimana
    • 26. Vision: Youth that are educated on the struggles of disabled orphans and acknowledge them as valued members of the community. Mission : Create a group of youth that travels to orphanages throughout the world using their talent and skills to provide help and comfort. Pennsylvania, USA Julie Carr
    • 27. Vision: American Jewish students involved in their Jewish culture. Mission: To hold classes at Baruch College teaching them about the Jewish culture and the current life in Israel using the Hebrew language. Israel Sgula Saidov
    • 28. Vision : That kids with disabilities will be integrated into society and will be “cool” like the other kids. Mission: To have designers collaborate and donate their designs for practical and fashionable items used by the disabled. Israel Inbar Fruchsad
    • 29. Vision : A reduced number of teenagers with HIV. Mission: To teach teenagers sex education and to investigate the extent to which teenagers lack this information. Zimbabwe Nancy Mangemba
    • 30. Vision : That young children in urban areas grow and aspire to be future leaders. Mission: To provide an educational and well-directed after school program run by young professionals. USA Dalia Elachi
    • 31. Vision : The presence of local entrepreneurship in the Bronx that have the confidence to become self-sustainable and successful enterprises. Mission: To ensure that my school becomes a long-term client of a few local entrepreneurs. USA Jill Chatzinoff
    • 32. Vision : A prosperous Zimbabwe with well trained and entrepreneurially equipped citizens. Mission: To instill an entrepreneurial mindset through workshop trainings and mentorship in the youths of Zimbabwe helping them to realize their potential to positively impact the economy. Zimbabwe Ngoni Chihombori
    • 33. Vision : College age Palestinians access all forms of knowledge and use that knowledge to becomes more active in their communities. Mission: Empower Palestinian youth to claim their positive role in society by learning from books, movies and each other. Palestine Tala Qadourah
    • 34. Vision : Youth in Kosovo with the ability to speak English at a young age. Mission: To create a community center that provides kids ages 8-10 with free English lessons provided by volunteers. Kosovo Përparim Kryeziu
    • 35. Vision : A community of deaf youth that are supported and valued by the community. Mission: To provide the youth with resources to help them grow, develop their talents and their potential to succeed in society. Kyrgyzstan Meerim Baktybekova
    • 36. Vision : A sewing machine factory that provides more economic opportunities for uneducated women. Mission: Empower women and make them and make them an active part of their communities able to work alongside men. Afghanistan Ziaulhaq Zia
    • 37. Vision: Awareness of educational opportunities beyond high school Mission: To speak to seniors in high schools to encourage awareness of continuing education. Palestine/Israel Antoinette Hinnawi
    • 38. Vision : That the Arab minority have equal rights in Israel. Mission: Advocate for the Arab minority in Israel using my legal training. Israel Sandy Emerezian
    • 39. Vision : A strong union between commuting students and boarding students at the St. Johnsbury Academy. Mission: To cultivate commuter-boarder bonding through student run, campus based events and by empowering younger students to continue the vision year to year. Vermont, USA Elizabeth “Liz” Baker
    • 40. Vision : Mutual respect in the school environment from preschool through college. Mission: To establish positive relations in schools and reduce conflict. New York, USA Steven Dellamore