Cricket match


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Cricket match

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT SUBJECT: - Management Practices and Organizational Behaviour LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT TOPIC: - cricket match in your company.Submitted by: Submitted to: Mr. .Mir Adil Altaf Miss. Alka sharma Regn. No. 11004019 Lect. LIM Sec: RT1001 LPU Roll no. A-16 DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY
  2. 2. 1. PLANNINGPermission from authority- This is very important, without permission it is not possible toorganize any event in the organization because of the bureaucratic control. In planning weassign work to different members of our group in order to integrate and coordinate the wholeactivity.1. Selection of venue/place- The place where the match will be held must be selected. It canbe within the organization or outside the organization, so it has to be decided where the matchwill be played . 2. Advertisement {within the company} - The proper advertisement should be there so as tocreate awareness as well as create interest among the members of the organization and thespectators . 3. Timing- The schedule time should be allotted. In this the starting times as well as duration the match because we have to. 4. Prizes- This is very important part of the game. The winners must be awarded. The prizecan be in terms of cash or trophy. 5. Selection- Selecting among the various available alternatives present.
  3. 3. 6. Security and discipline- proper arrangement of security must be there because withoutsecurity concerned we cannot even think of organizing the match. Security will be in thevenue so as to control the audience and proper discipline must be taken care.7. Budgeting: - in this step we calculate overall budget of the game. The cost on variousactivities and things incurred and over assessment of the total cost. BUDGETARY CONTROL TEAM. Whose main task is to make a budget and always tries to control extra ordinary expenses and wastages so as to minimize the cost. We make 2 type of budget are: 1. Total budget. 2. Functional budget . MASTER BUDGET: it is consolidation of various functional budgets. Our master budget is RS. 1, 80,000 For this we got RS. 1, 00,000 from the university and RS. 80,000 we arrange by selling of ENTRANCE PASSES. FUNCTIONAL BUDGET: IT is various other functional budgets are: • Financial budget • Overhead budget. • Material budget. • Labor budget. • Marketing budget. • Refreshment budget. 8. Review: - Review the overall planning process.9. Alternatives
  4. 4. a) If one alternative {place}fails then what should be next alternative.-in this we have toidentify the alternative as contingency plan suppose if the venue which we have decidedmay not be suitable for the match due to any reason that may be of bad weather or anysecurity concerned. In that case we must have option of another place.b) Involving political leader for publicity. - This is also one important part. Because he isthe one who is able to gather the crowd as well as he will provide publicity to the matchwhich is very important for the success of match.c) Option of organizing match in nearby stadium. - In this we will select the bestalternative out of the available alternatives.2. ORGANISING1. No. of equipment: - All the equipment’s and things need for the match are to be keptat proper place and are to be properly utilized.2. Fair umpires- umpires should be hired from outside the organization so that fairdecision can be made.3. Arrangement of camera, commentator, mike. - This is very important because it isthe heart of organizing a cricket match without camera and all this equipment it will belike a myth. All the spectators get excited with when they hear commentary and this willbe good for the game and the organization.4. First aid box, ambulance. - Prevention from injuries should also be in the top mostpriority because it is very obvious to get an injury during the match. So first aid and ambulance facilities should be provided and a specialist doctor should available so as to treat the injuries on spot.
  5. 5. 5. Refreshment. - During the match so as to reduce the harassment the properarrangement of refreshment should be there. So that the players can play continue withenergy. During drinks break glucose should also be there so as to keep players fresh inthe game.6. Managing the field. - It is very necessary to manage the field this task will be done bycurator. The field should be managed before the game and during the break in the game.7. Organizing vacant place. - We should maintain the field for that we will have toappoint a curator.8. Organizing the equipment. - we should provide the proper equipment like pads ,bats,balls, stumps, etc. to players and also determining number of required equipment.3. STAFFINGSelecting the team players- after the announcement the team players should be selectedfrom the various departments and team will be formed. Further two or more team will beselected.4. LEADING {CO-ORDINATION}A function that includes motivating employees, directing others, selecting the mosteffective communication channels, and resolving conflicts In this we will focus onfollowing things: 1. IMPROVES MOTIVATION AND MORALE.2. ACT AS A MOTIVE POWER TO GROUP EFFORT.3. PROVIDE AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILITY .4. PROVIDES THE BASIS FOR CO-OPERATION.5. LINK BETWEEN MANAGEMENT AND TEAM WORKER.6. RECTIFIES THE IMPERFECTNESS OF ORGANISATIONAL RELATIONSHIP.
  6. 6. 7. COMMUNICATE EACH PERSON IN ALL1. Motivating all to play. - There should be someone who will motivate the teammembers or encourage them to perform well. He is the one who will build the team spiritamong the team members to perform well in order to give their best.2. Practice timings. - Practice time for each team will be scheduled so that each team gettime to prepare themselves for the game.Organising Admn. Top levelcommittee Dept.SubordinatesStep 1:- sending the plan to Admn. Department.
  7. 7. Step 2: - Admn. Dept. will send this plan to top authority.Step 3:- top level will approve the plan and send it back.Step 4:- now Admn.dept. Will send this back to the committee.Step 4:- this plan will be taken into action by subordinates.