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Interviewing skills script
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Interviewing skills script


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Talking to the DuffyScript2011
  • 2. Scene 1: Walking into officeZU hallway + officeUpbeat/happyFatima: walks confidently into office, sits into chair, marks first day in calendar, sips hercoffee.Scene 2: AssignmentOfficeCalmJanis: Enthusiastic. Good morning, did you hear Zayed University has a new president?I need you to write an article on his profile by 5 pm.Fatima: Sure boss, I’ll have it in no time.Janis: Here is his contact information, get started!Scene 3A: Booking the interviewOfficeBuzzerFatima: I love my job. I’ve got his email, so I can simply interview him via email.Fatima: Dear President Duffy, I am writing an article… (fades out)----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 3B: Booking the interviewOfficeBuzzerFatima: On second thought, I better interview him in person for him to understand myquestions better.Fatima: Pick up and dial number. Hello, this is Fatima from ZU Mirror, I’m writing anarticle on President Duffy. I need to book an appointment. Pause. In an hour would begreat; at 10! Pause. OK that’s perfect, let him swing by my office. I’ll be waiting.----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 3C: Booking the interviewOffice
  • 3. Fatima: Actually, it may be better for me to go over there. He’ll feel more comfortableand I can take notes on his background.Fatima: Pick up phone, call president’s office again. Hello, this is Fatima again, from theZU Mirror, I just wanted to let you know that I will come by to meet the presidentmyself. Thank you, bye.Scene 4A: Hour to killOfficeBuzzerFatima: Excited. Oh my god! I’ve got an hour to kill, I can go shoe shopping.----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 4B:Fatima: Since I’ve got an hour, I should do some research on his background andprepare my questions.Scene 5A: Late > 10:05 amOfficeBuzzerFatima: Finally done preparing, time to freshen up and leave.----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 5B: Early > 9:45 amFatima: Perfect! I have 15 minutes to get there, reporters should never be late.Scene 6A: On the goCampus outdoorsUpbeat/happyBuzzerFatima: Look at mirror (too much makeup)----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 6B: On the goFatima: Ok I look gorgeous and I’m ready to go.
  • 4. Scene 7A: ReceptionReception deskBuzzerFatima: Hey, I’m here from the ZU mirror. I have an appointment to see PresidentDuffy.Amal: Ok, just a second I’ll check the schedule.Fatima: Rush. Oh by the way, I need a paper and a few pencils and a sharpener and aneraser.Amal: DisbeliefFatima: Blink eyes. Please----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene7B:Fatima: I’m sorry, I actually have everything I need in my bag. I’m always prepared.Scene 8A: RecordingOutside president officeBuzzerFatima: Oh my god! I almost forgot (pull out recorder from bag). I will secretly recordthe whole interview so I won’t have to take notes.----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 8B:Fatima: Actually, maybe I should ask him for permission first.Scene 9A: InterviewPresident officeBuzzerFatima: Hey, I’m Fatima from the ZU mirror.Duffy: Hello I’m Matt Duffy, have a seat please.Fatima: Thank you.Scene 9B:Fatima: Ok I’m going to write a very important article. The interview will takeapproximately 2 hours and I will ask you personal and slightly maybe just a littleawkward questions.
  • 5. Duffy: Confused, shocked, uncomfortable----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 9C:Fatima: Thank you for taking time to sit with me. We’ll just have a nice chat about yourbackground and your first day so far.Duffy: Smile, relaxedFatima: So, to begin with, can you tell me how you spell your name?Duffy: M A T T D U F F Y, and I prefer President Duffy.Scene 10A: Off the recordPresident deskBuzzerDuffy: Before we start, I want everything to be off the record.Fatima: Sure, whatever you like.----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 10B:Fatima: I’m sorry, I can’t promise you it will be off the record without discussing it withmy editor. And since the story is about you, it’s important it have your name in it.Duffy: I understand, it’s not a problem.Scene 11A: Ambush questionPresident deskBuzzerFatima: Ok, why did you leave your previous job? You failed at it didn’t you?Duffy: Shocked----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 11B:Fatima: Maybe I should start with simpler questions. Do you like your job so far?Duffy: Yes.Fatima: Are you comfortable here?Duffy: Yes.Fatima: Do you like my shoes?Duffy: Dumbfounded. Um, yeah.
  • 6. Fatima: Laughs shyly. Aww you’re so sweet.----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 12A: Open ended questionsPresident deskBuzzerFatima: I should ask you about the university. What do you think of it so far?Duffy: I think it’s great.Fatima: Don’t you think the students at Zayed University are a hopeless case?Duffy: No, I wouldn’t say that…Fatima: Yeah but haven’t you realized that many of the girls here just don’t botherstudying and are all about looking good instead of worrying about academics?Duffy: Pause. I don’t know how to respond to that.----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 12B:Fatima: Oh wait, I shouldn’t be putting words in your mouth or ask you biasedquestions.Scene 13 A: Background informationPresident deskBuzzerFatima: So, tell me, where did you get your degree?Show degree certificate on wall----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 13 B: Background informationPresident deskFatima: I’ve already done some research and I can take notes on things around youroffice. Let’s move on. What changes do you wish to make in ZU?Duffy: Well there are a few things I’d like to change.Scene 14A: Doodling!President deskBuzzerFatima: Doodling on notepad
  • 7. Duffy: Shouldn’t you be taking notes?Fatima: Nooo are you serious? I have a pretty good memory. Laugh----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 14B:Fatima: You know what, I should be taking down notes to make sure I have the rightinformation.Scene 15A: InterruptionPresident deskBuzzerFatima: So, how do you like your first day here in Zayed University?Duffy: Oh, well it has been a bit stressful …Fatima: Oh my god, I know!! I totally remember my first day!----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 15B:Fatima: Sorry for interrupting you, please go on.Duffy: Well, it’s been good so far, but I’m having a few problems with some of the staffmembers.Fatima: Bored. AhaDuffy: They don’t seem to be putting much effort in their work.Fatima: Aha.Duffy: Actually, it’s the most difficult and stressfull job I have ever had.Fatima: Really, why?Duffy: Well, counting the expenditures as well as the residual of what is left of the pastdecade and outsourcing essential services for the university is difficult.Fatima: Confused. Okay, I totally get what you’re saying.----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 15C: ConfusionFatima: Excuse me, but can you explain that in a simpler way, so that I cancommunicate with a general audience.Duffy: Oh, yeah sure. Basically we are having problems with the budget.Scene 16A: End of interviewPresident deskBuzzer
  • 8. Fatima: Get up. We’re pretty much done. I’ve asked you everything I need to know.See you (Heads to door).----------------------(WRONG) ---------------------Scene 16B:Fatima: Oh, I almost forgot. Can I give you a call if I need to follow up on something?Duffy: Of course, my number is 555 774Fatima: Thanks. Is there anything else I should know before leaving?Duffy: Umm, yes actually you helped my realize how much I hate my job!Fatima: Confused. Ok, anything else?Duffy: (raging, red face)Scene 17: Paper outZU OfficeHallelujah TuneJanice: Holding paper: President of Zayed University Quits on First Day. Great jobFatima, you were born to do this job.Fatima: Thanks boss, I loved it. Big smile, wink.