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  1. 1. InternshipPresentationMira JamalM80000771
  2. 2. One of the world’s most prestigious advertisingagencies. 186 offices in 90 countries Over 6000 employees globally 57 offices across MENA 30 employees in ADMission: balance intellect with creativity toprovide clients with solutions that will differentiatetheir brand in the marketplace and generatebottom-line results.CompanyY&R MENA Website
  3. 3.  Global Clients:Ford, Land Rover, Colgate-Palmolive, VirginAtlantic, Chevron, and Xerox. Regional ClientsClientsY&R MENA Website
  4. 4. Client-servicing department Senior Account Director and Strategic PlannerCreative department Creative director Associate creative director CopywriterDepartmentsZorziCreative Director
  5. 5. Client-servicing departmentResearch Companies Employee feedback Websites Blogs Reviews Press releases Advertisements Brand ideas Taglines Tone of voice, look and feel Interview employees around the officeTasks
  6. 6. Creative department – Big Ideas Poster ideas for Al Ain zoo mother’s day.Tasks
  7. 7. Creative department – Big IdeasPhotoshop pointers from graphic designerTasks
  8. 8. Creative department – Big Ideas Ideas to create awareness for earth hourTasks
  9. 9. Creative department – Big IdeasBig idea to raise awareness for the abudhabi.aewebsite Read through the brief then come up with “bigidea”Tasks
  10. 10. Creative department – Big IdeasBig idea to promote buying high quality productsfor safety reasons. Develop ideas Choose an idea Apply todifferent concepts Assist graphicdesignerTasks
  11. 11.  Senior Account Manager: explained thedifferent positions in the company andwhat each is responsible for. He thenspoke about how an advertisingagency works, what to expect, andhow it is appropriate to act. Creative Director: showed me theprocess a campaign goes throughbefore it is finalized. Graphic Designer: showed me thewhole process of creating a brandidentity for a client.ChallengesEveryone was busy, so I had to take initiativeand ask.
  12. 12. CompanyMomentum MENA WebsiteA global marketing agency.Operate in over 50 places including New York,Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, Dubai, and AbuDhabi.Employees in MENA: Majority in Dubai 15 in Abu DhabiMission: we make the digital world tangible and thephysical world limitless. In doing so we add a newlayer, a Phygital dimension, that creates greatervalue and engagement, for our clients andconsumers.
  13. 13. Core ValuesMomentum MENA Website
  14. 14. ClientsMomentum MENA WebsiteClients:
  15. 15. Creative Department English copywriter Art Director Graphic DesignerDepartmentsBojan PreradovicCopywriter
  16. 16. Creative department – Copy WritingTasks Logo Ideas Recreate logos – Illustrator Write out content for leaflets and websites Headlines for an ad copy, brochures, and leaflets Taglines for hoardings Proofread brochures, glossaries, leaflets, voice mailmessages and invitations Emailer for a bank Synopses for Coke Studio episodes RJ mentions for a radio station.
  17. 17. Things I learned Process of a campaign Different job titles, and who isresponsible for what Tricks I can use with Photoshop Process of creating a brandidentity How to write a synopsis Hoardings Understanding what wordswork and what do not Paraphrasing and proofreading The amount of stress there is inan advertising agencyLearned
  18. 18. Things I learned Importance of professionalism Sticking to deadlines Being on time Showing interest Wanting to learn Asking questions Taking advantage Standing up for yourself Proving your talent ListeningLearned
  19. 19. How my internship affected my career objectives Realized the importance of experience Will be applying as a Copywriter Art Director Creative DirectorAffects
  20. 20. Additional Comments/RecommendationsTo ZU:Take third/fourth year students on a trip to anadvertising agency or a PR company, wherethey can be given a tour to have a greaterunderstanding of how it all works and what toexpect.Comments
  21. 21. Additional Comments/RecommendationsStudents:Make sure to visit the company before youapply.Intern in 2 places Different experience Learn more Greater opportunities Expand social circleComments