Trends In Ya Literature

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  • 1. Trends in YA Literature “ Books won’t change anything if they’re formulaic, problem-driven fiction inhabited by cardboard characters who only skate across the surface of reality” Michael Cart
  • 2. How should we define YA Literature?
    • Definition one: Books written specifically for teens. They have teen protagonists and are about issues teens deal with or may have to face in the future
    • Definition two: What teens are reading during their free time on their own time. This also includes adult authors such as Michael Crichton, Stephen King, Danielle Steel and John Grisham
    • Definition three: any book marketed as YA by a publisher. Could be an adult book pushed to the YA audience of vice versa.
    • Wilder, Ann and Alan B. Teasley. “High School Connections: YA: FAQ (We’re Glad you Asked!).” ALAN Review.
  • 3. What do they look for?
    • Common Characteristics:
    • Conflicts
    • Themes are of interest to young people
    • Protagonists and most characters are young adults
    • The language
    • The length of novels
    • The diction and syntax
    • from Literature for Today’s Young Adults by Kenneth L. Donelson and Alleen Nilsen)
  • 4. Trends in YA lit
    • Moving away from “what’s good” and onto what teens really want to read
    • Writing about all types of truths, though they may be ugly
    • YA novels written in poetic verse
    • Books about multiculturalism in our day and age
    • Graphic novels
    • Hybrids of genres
    • Re-emergence of fantasy and historical novels
    • Adult books for Young Adults
  • 5. Bookcovers Will Appeal to YA
  • 6. Teen Appeal Publishers Watch for publishers like Simon Pulse and Push
  • 7. Age Range??
  • 8. Multiculturalism
  • 9. Current TAYSHAS Nominations
  • 10. YA Literature