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Lessons from life_2

Lessons from life_2






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    Lessons from life_2 Lessons from life_2 Presentation Transcript

    • Life is a wonderful gift,too short to experience all by ourselves….But long enough to learn from the ones who preceded us….. Here are some lessons from life…. www.funnybytes.net
    • IVELEARNED that heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of theconsequences. www.funnybytes.net
    • IVE LEARNED that our background andcircumstances may have influenced who we are. www.funnybytes.net
    • IVELEARNE .D that itstaking me a long time tobecome the person I want to be. www.funnybytes.net
    • IVE LEARNED that nomatter how bad your heart isbroken, the world doesnt stop foryour grief. www.funnybytes.net
    • IVE LEARNED that just because someone doesnt love you the way you want them to, itdoesnt mean that they dont love you with all they have. www.funnybytes.net
    • IVE LEARNED that maturityhas more to do with what types of experiencesyouve learnedfrom them, andless to do with how manyyears you have lived. www.funnybytes.net
    • . IVELEARNED that you can keepgoing long after youthink you cant. www.funnybytes.net
    • IVE LEARNED that two people canlook at the different thing as the same and see something totally different.www.funnybytes.net
    • IVELEARNED that we areresponsible for what we do, no matter how we www.funnybytes.net
    • IVE LEARNEDthat you should always leaveone with loving words, because someday it willbe the last time for her to hear that from you. www.funnybytes.net
    • IVE LEARNED that sometimes when Im angry I havethe right to be angry, but it doesnt give us a right to be cruel. www.funnybytes.net
    • IVE LEARNEDthat sometimes, its hard todetermine whereto draw the line between being nice and not to hurt peoples feelings, and stand for what we believe. www.funnybytes.net
    • IVE LEARNED that even whenyou think you have no more to give, when a friend cries out to you, you will find thestrength to help. www.funnybytes.net
    • Let us be wise enough to remember thesepriceless wisdom to decipher the meaningof life and its greatness. Lets always keep our face towards sunshine, so that all shadows fall behind. www.funnybytes.net
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