Corporation Training Consulting Report
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Corporation Training Consulting Report Corporation Training Consulting Report Presentation Transcript

  • _ CREDU & KBI Corporation Training Consulting Report _TEAM4 NAM, YOU KYOUNG SEO, MIN HWI KIM, EUNA PARK, HYUN HEE PARK, NAEUN
  • 1 Introduction 2 Commercial _ CREDU 1. About Organization 2. Training Program 3. Reflection 4 Conclusion 3 Non-commercial _ Korea Banking Institute 1. About Organization 2. Training Program 3. Reflection
  • 1. Introduction According to 2013 American Society for Training and Developing (ASTD), 2013 HRD Issues are • Content • Community • Global perspective Learning program designer & implementer Strategic HRD partner for organization
  • 1. Introduction Data Analysis Method • ISD model from Employee Training and Development (5th Ed.) to general approach • transfer of training model to transfer design • Kirk-Patrick’s evaluation model to evaluation design
  • 2. Commercial : about CREDU vision mission core value slogan Learning Designer for Your Value We contribute to increase customers’ value by creating the best learning services based on creativity and expertise. People – Respect each individual’s personality. Challenge – Always challenge to meet higher goals. Excellence – Be passionate and become the best in each field. Customer – Satisfy customers with differentiated products and services. Design Your Value
  • 2. Commercial : about CREDU A basic direction of employee training The settlement of CREDU Value/ Culture Connection between Vision and Business strategy The improvement of performance by Developing Expertise Competency For new staff For managers For general directors CLP (CREDU Leadership Program) PerformanceBased building infrastructure
  • 2. Commercial : about CREDU Need Assessment 1. Organizational Analysis : Output Oriented, Affluent Training Resources 2. Person Analysis : 그룹장 (Team directors) 3. Task Analysis : development of leader’s competency Like performance management and leadership skills
  • 2. Commercial : about CREDU Training Program CLP (CREDU Leadership Program) Process a half month Pre-test Opening session Lesson planning two months Performance management Leadership turn-around online offline informal Actual task workshop Actual task workshop WisePOP service Leadership vitamin a half month Post-test Action planning Closing session
  • 2. Commercial : about CREDU Training Program Evaluation Design 1. Pretest on Degree of Leadership 2. Online test after each module : 20 multiple-choice questions(50%) + reports (50%) 3. Posttest on Degree of Leadership Pre-test Performance Leadership management turn-around Post-test
  • 2. Commercial : about CREDU Training Program Transfer Design 1. Trainee Characteristics : Motivation (Opening Session, Lesson Planning) Opening Lesson Session planning 2. Training Design : Create an Learning Environment (Online, Offline, Mobile) : Use Self-Management Strategies (Self Evaluating Checklist, Developing Action Plan) Action Planning
  • 2. Commercial : about CREDU Training Program Transfer Design 3. Work Environment : Manager and Peer Support (360 degree feedback) : Opportunity to Perform (Case Study, Actual-task Workshop) : Technological Support (WisePOP, Leadership Vitamin) Actual-task Workshop WisePOP Leadership Vitamin
  • 2. Commercial : about CREDU Reflection Strength _Great leaders lead to Performance(output)-oriented. _Hybrid learning that integrates online+offline+mobile / formal+informal learning that came from experiences of many years Weakness _ Because they are already education specialists, it is easy for them to fall into mannerisms of corporate training paradoxically. ⇒ So they need to become strategic HRD partners.
  • 3. Non-Commercial : about KBI vision Cultivate financial experts who can enhance competitiveness of the financial industry in Korea mission Develop Korea’s banking and financial industry by providing financial education services to industry professionals core value Symbol & character Customer centered - provide training programs fit customers' needs Excellence - maintain top-quality lecturers Professionalism –enhance capacity to manage top-class training programs
  • 3. Non-Commercial : about KBI A basic direction of employee training Opening new strategy courses for training global financial experts reinforcing cooperation training business with foreign organization creating separated organization for developing high-quality training. reinforcing training management services publishing financial books and advancing financial qualification system Foreign Exchange Transaction Courses - Cyber
  • 3. Non-Commercial : about KBI Training Program Need Assessment 1. Organizational Analysis : Pursuit of high quality 2. Person Analysis : All employees of some departments (Planning&Coordination Department, U-learning Department, Faculty Office) 3. Task Analysis : Learning expertise about Foreign Exchange Transaction
  • 3. Non-Commercial : about KBI Training Program Foreign Exchange Transaction Course Process a month a month Period 1 Offering CDP & Recommending programs offline online informal orientation Diagnostic Evaluation Understanding Of Foreign exchange transaction Period 2 First Formative Evaluation Property and Administration Of Foreign Exchange transaction A Variety of CoPs a month Period 3 Second Formative Evaluation Financial accident Cases and prevention Third Formative Evaluation Summative Evaluation
  • 3. Non-Commercial : about KBI Training Program Evaluation Design 1. Diagnostic Evaluation (Pretest) 2. 3 times Formative Evaluation (Monthly) 3. Summative Evaluation (Posttest) Diagnostic Evaluation First Formative Evaluation Second Formative Evaluation Third Summative Formative Evaluation Evaluation
  • 3. Non-Commercial : about KBI Training Program Transfer Design 1. Trainee Characteristics : Intrinsic Motivation (Developing Lesson Plan, Knowing the importance of learning the knowledge for themselves) 2. Training Design : Use Self-Management Strategies (Developing Action Plan) Orientation
  • 3. Non-Commercial : about KBI Training Program Transfer Design 3. Work Environment : Manager Support (Planning & Coordination Department offers CDP and recommends education programs) 4. Organizational Environment : Knowledge Management – Sharing (Use communities of Practice - CoPs) Offering CDP & Recommending programs A Variety of CoPs
  • 3. Non-Commercial : about KBI Reflection Strength Weakness _ Offer Financial job-speific contents made by 700 fianacial specialists and reliable evaluation system. _ The program is not customized targeting only employees. ⇒ Employee-customized training program should be produced and offered.
  • 4. Conclusion Strategic HRD Perspective CREDU KBI -education about organization culture Sharing and spread of culture -proclamation ceremony in every August -choose major talents in advance -leadership training Training next leaders and the telanted -20% Leadership training and perfuntory -360 degree evaluation -education program solve and prevent various problems Supporting business performance and achievement of goals -learning paradigm, not performance paradigm. -various resources -not until 2013 Supporting and leading change and innovation -culture is not flexible -hard to change and innovate
  • Thank You!! Any Question?