What is ultraviolet and why should i care


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What is ultraviolet and why should i care

  1. 1. What is Ultraviolet and why should I care? Or how I learned to love streaming movies on my Googletv and Android Tablets
  2. 2. How to watch your DVD/BluRay on Googletv and Android Devices *• Instant streaming is the new thing for movie watching• New DVD/BluRay come with an Ultraviolet codes which allow you to get a digital copy of the movie you purchased• You can also buy Digital copy of the movies you have for per disc fee – Allows you to upconvert your DVD to HD/7.1 instead of buying BluRay copy – You can also just convert disc to SD but that doesn’t seem very forward leaning * May also apply to iOS though I don’t know how Vudu/Flixster support iOS in terms of SD/HD but they do have apps
  3. 3. SD/HD Streams SD/HD purchasesHD Streams SD/HD SD rewards Conversions SD Streams SD/HD purchases SD/HD codes SD Streams Can download for offline
  4. 4. Rent and Purchase SD or HD movies and TV showsAlso convert Discs to Digital versions
  5. 5. Digital Locker System not the movie•Disney is not on board but most other studios are. •Fox is joining with Prometheus tomorrow and releasing digital movies before DVD/BluRay•Access on anywhere Android/iOS/HDTVs/Computers/BluRay/xbox360/PS3
  6. 6. •Ability to Add Friends and Family to your Ultraviolet Account•You can have up to three streaming sessions running simultaneously among themembers who share the account.•you can restrict your access and other members access to movies and TV showsbased on rating (e.g., PG, PG-13, R, TV-Y, TV-Y7, TV-G).
  7. 7. VUDU HD D2DGodfather 1 VUDU SD Free& 2,How to VUDU HD D2D DVD CodeTrain YourDragon arenotavailable forstreamingvia Flixster Flixster SD Free Flixster SD Free
  8. 8. Flixster SD FreeVUDU HD D2DVUDU SD Free VUDU SD Free Snake Eyes is not available for streaming via Flixster
  9. 9. Is the UV system perfect for Googletv• No but it is a good start – Allows for you to not rebuy all your DVDs in BluRay but instead move directly to SD/HD streaming • $5 cost of VUDU upconvert is cheaper than BluRay you would have to rip yourself or purchase digital copy from Play Store• Allows instant streaming access to some of your content but only in SD – Flixster doesn’t have the rights to stream all movies from your UV locker (seems to be limited to WB movies) – On android devices you can download the movie for offline viewing• A HD Vudu app would provide full access to content, but right now there is no announced plans for Googletv/Android support – Website in the browser doesn’t work to access your content• M-GO may provide unified UV app that has access to all the movies in your digital locker, but system has yet to launch even though they have dedicated button on the Vizio Co-Star Google tv remote• A nice to have would be for the Googletv TV & Movie app to pull from Flixster collection as part of the content agregation like it does for netflix, amazon, crackle etc