Google Glass collaboration lab concept


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short pitch I did to management to try and get them onboard with developing use cases for Glass across the center with the pockets of folks who already have them in the different orgs.

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Google Glass collaboration lab concept

  1. 1. Google Glass/Wearable computing CoLab concept Tuna
  2. 2. What is Google Glass • A wearable wifi enabled, voice and touch controlled computer • Glass is always there when you need it and out of the way when you don't. • It was a POV camera for capturing pictures, recording 720p video and video calls • The screen is equivalent to a 25” screen from 8’ away
  3. 3. What is Glassware • The software that you build for Glass, is called Glassware • It should draw from the same inspiration to give your users the best experience possible. • To build the next great mobile computing experience, you'll use the Google Mirror API, a set of RESTful services that transmit information to and receive notifications from Glass devices.
  4. 4. What would the CoLab do “I would rather fly Glass sooner on the ISS rather than later to see just how it can help the crew” – Ellen Ochoa during conversation at CoLab innovation Day event • CoLabs is about breaking down the institutional silos to enable collaboration, communication, and technology development • Currently ER’s Glass units and development has been advertised to a limited community (DX) • There are others who have stopped me onsite from SA, DA8, JA and elsewhere that see the benefit of Glass • Bringing together interested folks to brainstorm about Glass and find near term applications for the technology • Not trying to force ER to develop for the whole center, but just open the technology up to other interested parties to brainstorm and understand the near term and long term capabilities • I have access to the API as a Glass Explorer that would allow real world testing of uses since I wear my Glass all day long.
  5. 5. ISS use cases from my #ifIhadglass Entry
  6. 6. Possible use case • Telepresence – During IFM(or medical procedure) get hands free crew POV streamed to the ground for aiding repair and augment their image via something like Open Glass – For Flight Control team get console POV streamed to Top Gun regardless of location and talk through malfunction • Inventory management – using QR code scanning or image recognition – Already capability to use Glass as QR scanner for shopping - Crystal Shopper Glassware • Procedure steps/aids/pictures hands free in Glass – Instead of rewriting/adapting e-procedures for Glass is there a simple way to just add screenshots of the procedure that the crew could view on their Glass timeline • System status/alerts sent to Glass – Think new alerts like CNN/Times app only ISS Live data • Public Outreach – ISS flyover Glassware – skymap of path with compass and gyro aides to help orient user to right portion of the sky – ISS Live data – nominal, news (upcoming events) and off nominal Cars
  7. 7. ISS Flyover concept • Card sent midday alerting user of upcoming pass and asking if want reminder If user selects reminder then 10 min prior to AOS Skymap card is sent for current location • • • • • Skymap card includes compass and elevation data User can go outside and as head tilts and rotates, arrows help orient user to right portion of the sky At AOS Glass says “ISS now in View” At LOS Glass says “ISS Pass complete”