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Procedures presentation


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Published in: Education

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  • 1.  7:30 – 8:00 Morning Work, Daily Data, Daily Agenda  8:00 – 9:30 Reading Block • Whole Group • Small Group & Reading Centers • Tier 2 Intervention  9:30 – 10:00 Enrichment/Library/Computer, etc.  10:00 – 10:05 Restroom Break/Water  10:05 – 11:00 Language Arts  11:00 – 11:30 Science  11:30 – 11:45 Prepare for Lunch/Restroom Break  11:45 – 12:15 Lunch  12:15 – 1:00 Math  1:00 – 1:30 Social Studies  1:30 – 2:15 P.E.  2:15 – 2:30 Restroom Break/Water  2:30 – 2:45 Snack  2:45 – 2:50 Pack Up/Clean Up Area/Dismissal
  • 2.  Sign-in Indicate Lunch Plan  Put Important Notes/Money in the “IN” Box › Located at front of class › Make sure to use appropriate drawer  Hang Up Coats in Lockers/Hooks  Take Two Sharpened Pencils from the “Careful I’m Sharp” cup › Located near pencil sharpener  Place Unsharpened Pencils in the “Please Sharpen Me” cup
  • 3.  The Book will be taken up at 7:50 when the tardy bell rings  Students arriving after 7:50 will have to Check-in at the Office and bring tardy slip to teacher  After Check-in students should begin working on their Morning Work  Any uncompleted Morning Work will be completed during the students snack time  Please see school policy for excessive tardiness procedures
  • 4. Name Lunch from Home Lunchroom Lunchroom Option Jane Doe John Doe Pizza
  • 5. Teacher Responsibilities  All work for the week will be kept in accordion folder on teacher’s desk  Teacher will provide work to students  Teacher will verify work is completed within the allowed time Student Responsibilities  Excused Absence › Provide excuse to teacher › Complete work within one day longer than absence › Example: students out for 2 days will have 3 days to complete work › Full Credit will be given  Unexcused Absence › Complete work within one day › Half Credit will be given Parent Responsibilities  Check School Handbook for Excessive Absences
  • 6.  Daily Dashboard › Daily Behavior › Daily Assignments  Weekly Newsletter  Notes/Notices  Homework › Completed › Uncompleted  Etc.  no homework will be assigned on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • 7. School Responsibilities  Notify parents promptly via email, phone, text, etc.  Place bus riders on bus and follow normal procedures  Follow normal schedule until dismissal Parent Responsibilities  Notify the school of any change to normal routines  Ensure car riders and after school care students have a ride home
  • 8.  Teacher will pass out folders with dashboard at 2:30  Students will place homework in folder  Cleanup and Packing up will begin at 2:45 › Teacher will call students one at a time to retrieve personal belongings from locker  Students will line up  Dismissal bell will ring at 2:50  Teacher will escort students › Class will follow teacher to busses first › Car riders will accompany teacher to busses before continuing to pickup location › After school care participants will accompany teacher until car riders are reunited with parent/guardian
  • 9. Assignment  All assignments will be placed in folders distributed at 2:30  No homework will be assigned on Wednesday or Friday  Homework will be kept to a minimum Collection  All homework should be completed to the best of the student’s ability  Homework should be placed in the labeled homework bin at the front of room  Homework not in the bin before bell will only be eligible for half credit  Students who complete all homework for the week will receive a prize from the treasure box on Friday
  • 10.  Each week a student will be chosen by Mrs. Littleton to be the special helper for the week  The student will be chosen based on hard work, dedication, ability to follow directions, etc  This position will include being the leader of the line, running errands to the office, etc.
  • 11.  Birthdays will be celebrated once a week on Friday  Please contact the teacher ahead of time if you wish to bring food  Birthdays will be celebrated the Friday before or after the student’s birthday  Celebration will be during Snack Time  Teacher will notify parents of any allergies or special concerns  Please provide alternative celebration food to meet those needs so no child is left out
  • 12.  Any administration of medications will be according to school policy  In the absence of a school policy medications will be administered by the nurse
  • 13.  Visitors are welcome!  Please notify the teacher at least 24 hours prior to visit to allow any necessary schedule modifications  All visitors must adhere to school policy and sign-in at front office to receive visitors pass  Visitors will not be allowed in the classroom without a visitors badge/pass
  • 14.  We always appreciate any help parents/teachers can provide  Please contact Mrs. Littleton via email: or phone: (205) 867-5309  We can always use the help with party planning, carnivals, PTO activities, and even helping the teacher with tasks around the classroom  Please be respectful of classroom schedule and help Mrs. Littleton ensure that everyone is doing his/her job  Your help is greatly wanted, needed, and appreciated!
  • 15.  Respect others and yourself  Keep your hands and feet to yourself  Always raise your hand and wait for signal from teacher before speaking  Keep your area clean  Always do your best and never give up  Bullying will NOT be tolerated! This is a bully free zone and Mrs. Littleton has a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior!
  • 16. Recognition  I love to give praise  Positive comments will be received throughout the day for good behavior, staying on tasks, meeting expectations, etc.  Stickers, erasers, and pencils will be given for meeting classroom expectations Rewards  Rewards must be earned  Students will receive a trip to the Magic Hat for exceptional behavior throughout the week  Going above and beyond classroom expectations may result in additional trips to the Magic Hat  Good behavior is not Asked it is Expected!
  • 17.  The Strip Method will be used in Mrs. Littleton’s class  When a student misbehaves he/she must pull a strip of paper from their pocket  The first offense will result in a verbal warning  The first strip will result in one point off the conduct grade and 10 minutes taken from Free Center Day  The second strip will result in one additional point off the conduct grade, a note home written by students and signed by teacher to explain behavior and an additional 15 minutes taken from Free Center Day  The third strip will result in three additional points off the conduct grade, a note home from the teacher, and NO Free Center Day  The fourth and final strip will result in an additional 5 points off the conduct grade and an automatic office referral
  • 18.  Conduct issues will be included in Daily Dashboard once a student pulls the Blue (first) strip  Pulling the Green (second) strip will include a note from the student to parents explaining the issue  Mrs. Littleton will write a note in the student’s folder when the Yellow (third) strip is pulled  The office will notify parents/guardians when the Red (fourth) strip is pulled  All notes and dashboards must be signed daily by parents
  • 19.  Many assignments throughout the year will require working in groups  Working in groups can be fun and very helpful  Students are expected to maintain appropriate noise levels at all times  When the time comes to change groups/centers the signal will be “Clap, Clap, Snap, Snap, Hands on Lap”  Students who cannot behave themselves during group assignments will be given an alternative assignment  The alternative assignment will not be as fun as the group assignment  Groups will be decided by Mrs. Littleton and placed in a chart inside the room  Students will walk to their center, read directions, and begin work  Centers will be in progress while Mrs. Littleton meets with small groups
  • 20.  Notify Mrs. Littleton if there is an emergency  What is an emergency? › Bleeding › Choking › Broken bones › Strangers  A paper cut is not an emergency
  • 21.  Some assignments will require Solo work  During these times students are expected to follow classroom rules  Seat work is whisper time (when needed) all talking should be kept to a whisper and only when asking/providing help  If students need help they will use the “Ask 3 before me rule”  They should ask three other students at their table  If a student still needs help after the ask 3 he/she should raise a hand  Wait for Mrs. Littleton to come to them or give permission to leave their table  When a student completes an assignment they should double check the assignment  After double checking the assignment the student should finish any other unfinished assignments or read their AR book
  • 22.  Small group centers will be used to provide learning experience while Mrs. Littleton works with specific groups  The students groups will be displayed on the wall of the classroom for students to see  Students will rotate to their centers in the order that the appear on the wall  When the Clap, Clap signal is given students will clean up their center and rotate to the next center  When the signal is given Mrs. Littleton’s next group for small group guided reading instruction will come to the guided reading table
  • 23.  Centers are activities aimed at providing small groups of students learning opportunities  Centers could include computer time, Read to self, Read to a Buddy, Journal writing, etc.  Students are expected to follow all classroom rules during center time  Students should always walk to the next center
  • 24.  Students are Never allowed to use the pencil sharpener or Mrs. Littleton’s computer without prior permission  Students will treat all classroom resources with respect  Students will Only use classroom resources for the purpose they were intended (no making airplanes from paper or playing reading games during Math time)  Students will use resources at appropriate times  Students will ask with respect and courtesy to borrow something  If students must ask Mrs. Littleton the student will raise a hand and wait for permission  Students should not need to borrow anything from Mrs. Littleton because all materials they should need will be available at all times
  • 25.  If a student needs an emergency bathroom break during instruction time they will signal Mrs. Littleton by holding up the number one  Once they receive recognition from Mrs. Littleton they will move their indicator on the “Where am I” board  When the student returns he/she will replace the indicator in the appropriate location  Water will be available during regularly schedule bathroom/water breaks  If a student has a medical condition requiring frequent breaks a note from the parent/doctor must be provided to Mrs. Littleton
  • 26.  Effective parent/teacher communication is essential to the educational process  Weekly newsletters will be included in the daily folder on Monday and may be retained by the parent or kept in the folder  Daily Dashboards with important information will also be included in the daily folder  Mrs. Littleton will also send out bi-weekly emails specific to each child  Upcoming events will be included in the newsletter and permission slips for any trips will be in the daily folder
  • 27.  All work will be graded for accuracy and effort  Graded work will be returned to students ASAP in the daily folders  Parents will be asked to return the work after review  All work will be kept by Mrs. Littleton during the year  All work will be returned to students at the end of the year
  • 28.  Miss Carter  Ms. Morrison  Miss Talley  Mr. Conte  Ms. Kakoliris  Ms. Mims  Ms. Locke  Maria Clark  Dr. Moore