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MN AMA 2010 Conquering Chaos Conference Breakout Session Presentation "B2B Research and Analytics" by Chris McLaren, Director of Emerging Media, Gage Marketing; in association with Terry Collier, Business Development Manager, 3M Commercial Graphics, and Cory Hartlen, Agency Strategist, Radian 6

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B2B Research and Analytics - Chris McLaren

  1. 1. B2B Research & Analytics Ch iChris McLaren, Gage Marketing
  2. 2. IntroductionsIntroductions • Chris McLaren – Director, Emerging Media Gage Marketing • Terry Collier• Terry Collier – Business Development Manager 3M Commercial Graphics • Cory Hartlen – Agency Strategist Radian6
  3. 3. AgendaAgenda • Terry Collier Overview of 3M VAS and B2B analytics • Cory Hartlen Overview of Radian6’s new integration capabilities withOverview of Radian6 s new integration capabilities with Omniture and/or WebTrends data • Chris, Cory and Terryy y Q&A on impact of new social media analytics on interactive marketing strategy
  4. 4. About GageAbout Gage • Founded in 1992 by Skip Gage • Built on a foundation of technology and analytics • One of top 100 interactive agencies in the country and the 3rd largest web development agency in the Twin Citieslargest web development agency in the Twin Cities
  5. 5. Sample of Current ClientsSample of Current Clients 5
  6. 6. Terry CollierTerry Collier Business Development Manager 3M Commercial Graphicsp
  7. 7. Achieve your visual goalsy g 7
  8. 8. • Images are everywhere• Images are everywhere • 600 – 5,000 ads per , p day • Exposed to ads – 20  seconds • What do you  remember in these adsremember in these ads
  9. 9. How do you get your visualHow do you get your visual  content? d di h h i lUnderstanding how the visual  system works and using it to get y g g people to look at your ads!
  10. 10. Is there any real estate left?Is there any real estate left?
  11. 11. How Visual System WorksHow Visual System Works • Light hits eyes g y causing a reaction • Only a certain  number of reactionsnumber of reactions  can be received by  the brain • Brain determines  priority of what is  seen or not seen in aseen or not seen in a  limited amount of  time
  12. 12. Change Blindnessg Used with permission – R. Resnik Univ of British Columbia © 3M 2010.
  13. 13. Click the screen  to start the demo.
  14. 14. Our Sales ForceOur Sales Force
  15. 15. 3 /www.3m.com/vas
  16. 16. Cory HartlenCo y a e Agency Strategist Radian6
  18. 18. Most conversational andRADIAN6 Most conversational and service transactions don’t happen overnight but as a RADIAN6 INTEGRATIONS result of successful long- term customer l ti hi B drelationships. Brands now have to look at how someone interacts onlinesomeone interacts online with their company, brand experience, and community.p , y
  19. 19. Radian6 provides a next- generation listening platform that fincludes the integration of social media monitoring and analysis with social CRM and web analytics.
  20. 20. Radian6 is pleased to offer li t i t ti ithclients integration with: • WebTrends • OmnitureOmniture • Google Analytics • SalesForce.com
  21. 21. Radian6 allows users to i t t ith G l SOCIAL integrate with Google Analytics, Omniture and WebTrends giving users MEETS WEB ANALYTICS WebTrends, giving users the power to combine their social efforts with the power ANALYTICS p of web analytics.
  22. 22. Web analytics allow you to: merge valuable web analytics and social mediaanalytics and social media metrics, connect social mediaconnect social media conversations to specific objectives on your website, and compare types of social media.
  23. 23. The Power of Social Metrics Combined With Web Analytics
  24. 24. content shares
  25. 25. Product Release AnalysisProduct Release Analysis ntent shares
  26. 26. Find Your Brand AdvocatesFind Your Brand Advocates
  27. 27. Radian6 provides a next-RADIAN6 Radian6 provides a next generation listening platform that includes the RADIAN6 INTEGRATIONS integration of social media monitoring and analysis ith i l CRM d bwith social CRM and web analytics. It offers your organization a completeorganization a complete social web solution.
  28. 28. Q&A B2B Research & Analytics Chris, Terry, and CoryChris, Terry, and Cory