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  • 1. Place Value Quiz by Minjoon and Edward Place Value is very important and you need to know it by 3 rd Grade. It is very important because you need to know it to do harder math.
  • 2. This is the first question you got to face! 190,432,123 What digit is in the tens place? A) 3 B) 4 C) 12 D) 2
  • 3. Answer The answer A)! The tens place is located right here. 190,432,123 Tens Place
  • 4. Here's the next question. 189,283,341 Which digit is in the millions place? A) 32 B) 1 C) 3 D) 123
  • 5. Answer The answer is B)! This is the millions place 189,283,341 Millions Place
  • 6. Whoop! The next question! 913,328,389 Which digit is in the ten thousands place? A) 3 B) 13 C) 321 D) 2
  • 7. Answer The answer is D)! Here's the ten thousands place. 913,328,389 Tens Place
  • 8. We are moving on! What is one thousand two hundred ten in standard form? A) 1,201 B) 1,210 C) 3,609 D) 2,345
  • 9. Answer The answer is B)!
  • 10. Hut! The next question. 456 What is this number in word form? A) four hundred fifty-six B) four thousand fifty-six C) five hundred fifty-six D) six hundred fifty-two
  • 11. Answer The answer is A)!
  • 12. This is the final question! What is the standard form of one thousand two-hundred sixty-seven? A) 4,532 B) 4,123 C) 1,276 D) 1,267
  • 13. Thank you for doing the test! You Rock!