KIC on Raw Materials – Creating innovative solutions and new business opportunities - Timo Haapalehto, VTT


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KIC on Raw Materials – Creating innovative solutions and new business opportunities
Dr Timo Haapalehto. Senior Advisor, VTT EU Affairs

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KIC on Raw Materials – Creating innovative solutions and new business opportunities - Timo Haapalehto, VTT

  1. 1. 19/11/2013 1 KIC on Raw Materials – Creating innovative solutions and new business opportunities Mining on Top, Helsinki, 16-17 September 2013 Timo Haapalehto VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  2. 2. 19/11/2013 2 • What is EIT KIC Contents • Why KIC on Raw Materials • What KIC on Raw Materials could deliver • Case Finland
  3. 3. 19/11/2013 What is EIT KIC? 3
  4. 4. 19/11/2013 4 THE EIT PROPOSITION FOR INNOVATION: INTEGRATING THE KNOWLEDGE TRIANGLE Research & technology Higher Education ENTREPRENEURIALLY DRIVEN INNOVATION Industry & SMEs Actors within the knowledge triangle are at the core of the innovation web beyond the traditional collaborative R&D consortia
  5. 5. 19/11/2013 5 THE OBJECTIVES OF THE EIT Its aim is to boost the innovation process: from idea to product from lab to market from student to entrepreneur in areas of high societal need through its Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs).
  6. 6. 19/11/2013 6
  7. 7. 19/11/2013 7 Current and new KICs The EIT designated its three first KICs in December 2009: Climate KIC (Climate Change) EIT ICT Labs (Information and Communication Technologies) KIC InnoEnergy (Sustainable Energy) Calls for 5 new KICs will be launched as follows: 2014 : healthy living and active ageing and raw materials; 2016: food4future and added value manufacturing 2018: urban mobility
  8. 8. 19/11/2013 Why KIC on Raw Materials 8
  9. 9. 19/11/2013 9 Why KIC on Raw Materials* Modern society is totally dependent upon access to raw materials. Access to affordable materials is essential for the effective functioning of the EU economy, whilst achieving a resource efficient economy that meets the needs of a growing population within the ecological limits of a finite planet KIC suitable tool to introduce to the markets technologies improving the sustainability of the whole product lifecycle KIC approach responds to the requirement of interdisciplinary work involving several areas of knowledge, such as geology, economics, environmental sciences, chemistry, mechanics and multiple industrial areas (construction, automotive, aerospace, machinery and equipment, and renewable energies) * EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda
  10. 10. 19/11/2013 What could KIC on Raw Materials deliver? 10
  11. 11. 19/11/2013 11 KIC on Raw Materials should*: foster a knowledge hub and centre of expertise on academic, technical and practical education and research in sustainable surface, subsurface and deep-sea mining, material management, recycling technologies, material substitution and geopolitical trade in raw materials, trigger the expansion of existing markets and creation of new ones, namely in the areas of sustainable extraction and processing, materials management, recycling technologies, and materials substitution, boost technical innovation to develop a host of complementary technologies that could change the shape of traditional mineral and raw material value chains, develop innovative, cost-effective adaptation and risk prevention measures for particularly sensitive habitats, such as the Arctic. * EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda
  12. 12. 19/11/2013 Case Finland 12
  13. 13. 19/11/2013 13 Role of mineral raw materials for Finnish economy Mineral raw materials play an important role for an Finnish economy Mining sector Turnover now 1,16 billion €, expected to growth 2,5 billion € up to 2015 Metal production Turnover in Finland 10,8 billion € Part of Finnish export is 14% (7,9 billion €) Machines and vehicle production Turnover in Finland 18.5 billion € Share of export is 14,5 % (9,4 billion €) Role of minerals is very strong through the whole value chain Role of material management and design is essential
  14. 14. 19/11/2013 14 Raw materials in Finland 1 948 M€ (80%) 57 M€ (20%) 8 483 M€ Metal processing in Finland 14 153 M€ 5 497 M€ Products End-users in Finland EXPORTED IMPORTED Current alimentation of the Finnish upgrading chain
  15. 15. 19/11/2013 VTT creates business from technology 15