Growth strategy for Facebook (ideas)


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Growth strategy for Facebook (ideas)

  1. 1. Plan   Strategy   Facebook   has   became   the   #1   social   networking   site   which   poses   an   enormous   ques9on   about   how   to   sustain   growth   and   expand   more.   Being   the   internet   giant   means   be   innova9ve,  be  outstanding  to  the  world  and  to  create  be@er   products   for   people   and   also   to   deal   with   threats   from   compe9tors.   This   presenta9on   collects   some   interes9ng   insights   and   implement   some   prac9cal   ideas   to   turn   into   a   business  strategy  in  the  long  term.  Producer  at  GKIM  Pte  Ltd   Minh  Phan  |    
  2. 2. Content  •  Overview  •  Insights    •  Learning  from  Successes   i.  Google   ii.  Amazon  •  Business  Strategy  •  Product  Development  •  New  Products   i.  Facebook  Entertainment   ii.  New  Facebook  Searches   iii.  Facebook  –  Redefine  a  brand  new  society   Minh  Phan  |    
  3. 3. Overview  This   part   gives   a   brief   on   what   this  presenta9on  is  all  about   Minh  Phan  |    
  4. 4. Overview  •  Insights:  by  collec9ng  insighVul  trends  and  facts,  some   ideas  will  be  presented  to  implement  to  Facebook  •  Learning  from  Successes:  a  deeper  look  into  the  most   successful  Internet  companies:  Google  and  Amazon.   What  can  we  learn  from  them?  •  Business  Strategy:  summarize  all  ideas  and  turn  into  a   concrete  strategy  that  works  in  the  long  term  •  Product  Development:  make  a  be@er  product  for   users  •  New  Products:  suggest  some  ideas  that  could  make   Facebook  more  successful  and  profitable   Minh  Phan  |    
  5. 5. Insights  By   collec9ng   insighVul   trends   and  facts,  some  ideas  will  be  presented  to  implement  to  Facebook   Minh  Phan  |    
  6. 6. Android  OS  s9ll  #1   h@p://­‐of-­‐the-­‐day-­‐smartphone-­‐plaVorms-­‐2011-­‐7       Minh  Phan  |    
  7. 7. Android  soars  see  G+  increasing   22  July    1  July   Minh  Phan  |    
  8. 8. Increase  in  9me  spent  on  Mobile   h@p://­‐Apps-­‐Put-­‐the-­‐Web-­‐in-­‐Their-­‐Rear-­‐view-­‐Mirror       Minh  Phan  |    
  9. 9. Time  spent  per  Category  on  Mobile   h@p://­‐Apps-­‐Put-­‐the-­‐Web-­‐in-­‐Their-­‐Rear-­‐view-­‐Mirror       Minh  Phan  |    
  10. 10. Together  Android  &  Apple  contribute   to  touchscreen  devices  growth   h@p://­‐growth-­‐fla@ens-­‐2011-­‐6     Minh  Phan  |    
  11. 11. Mobile  opportuni9es  •  Growth  of  Android  &  Apple:  what  to  do  with   touchscreen  devices?  •  Increase  in  9me  spent  on  mobile  devices:  Facebook   mobile  developer   Minh  Phan  |    
  12. 12. Learning  from  successes  A   deeper   look   into   the   most   successful  Internet   companies:   Google   and  Amazon.   What   can   we   learn   from  them?   Minh  Phan  |    
  13. 13. Minh  Phan  |    
  14. 14. Google’s  Ubiquity   Google  has  built  a  plenty  of  products     Strengths   Weaknesses  -­‐  Increases  its  brand  awareness,  the  more   -­‐  Many  products  that  rarely  or  never  been  a  person  uses  Google  products  the  more   used  could  waste  lots  of  resources  Google  can  show  them  ads  -­‐  Generate  tremendous  experiences  and  learn  from  mistakes  to  create  be@er  products       Minh  Phan  |    
  15. 15. Google  ecosystem     High  traffic:  1  billion   users  monthly   Ads  systerm:  Google   Search   Adwords  &  Adsense    Android   G+   Minh  Phan  |    
  16. 16. Google  ecosystem:  mutual   rela9onships   •  Search  has  been  integrated  to  Android  OS  since  its  Search  &   debut.  Mobile  search  is  what  Google  want  to  do  to  Android   dominate  the  ads  market.  Android  growth  has  been   contribu9ng  to  the  increase  in  Search   •  As  Search  is  the  core  business  of  Google  and  has  Search  &   became  a  brand,  with  the  advantage  of  Gmail  account   contacts,  this  helps  G+  spread  to  Google  users  quite   G+   surprisingly  fast  by  the  very  basic  of  WOM,  through   mainly  social  networking  sites  and  other  media   •  G+  GUI  is  more  like  mobile,  and  Android  will  prove  its  Android   effec9veness  by  pitching  in  the  growth  of  G+.  And  of  course   &  G+   whether  G+  is  becoming  more  popular  it’s  gelng  more   Android  users  because  they  both  support  for  each  other   Minh  Phan  |    
  17. 17. Google  ecosystem:  at  the  core  T h e   c o r e   i s   a l s o   i t s  compe99ve  advantages,  the  stronger   the   core   is   the  more  robust  the  ecosystem.   High  traffic   •  1  billion  users   monthly[1]  As   compe9tors   want   to  break   it,   they   must   have  more   advantages   than   the   Ads  system:   •  Googles  auc9on  rival’s   core.   So   in   order   to   Google   methodology[2]   Adwords  &  build   a   strong   ecosystem,   Adsenses  the  core  should  be  solid  and  inimitable     Minh  Phan  |    
  18. 18. Minh  Phan  |    
  19. 19. Amazon  ecosystem[3]     Kindle:  Kindle   onwers  buy  70%   more  books  than   prior  to  owning   device   Amazon   Prices:  Massive   selec9ons.  Low   price  for  users.  High   share  for  sellers     Sellers   Users   Minh  Phan  |    
  20. 20. What  can  we  learn?  •  Ubiquity:  Amazon  and  Google  both  make  relevant  products   to  create  their  ubiquity  to  increase  brand  awareness  but   without  serious  considera9ons,  it  could  be  a  severe  waste   of  resources.  Create  company’s  own  device  is  not  only   increasing  brand  awareness  but  also  having  a  9ed  bond   with  customers,  it  helps  create  a  be@er  ecosystem  among   Business  -­‐  Product  -­‐  Customers  •  Ecosystem:  Even  with  great  products  without  any  support   (from  outside  itself),  it’s  hard  to  secure  the  current  posi9on   because  there’s  always  threats  come  from  anywhere  •  Building  an  ecosystem  is  hard  because  it’s  something  really   new  that  can  independently  support  our  products   Minh  Phan  |    
  21. 21. Business  Strategy  "We   cant   solve   problems   by   using   the   same   kind   of  thinking   we   used   when   we   created   them."   –   Albert  Einstein  As   long   as   we   want   to   build   a   concrete   and   innova9ve  strategy  we  have  to  think  out  of  the  box   Minh  Phan  |    
  22. 22. Facebook   -­‐  Lots  of  apps  are  spams  -­‐  Simple,  friendly  and  easy  to  use   -­‐  Most  of  good  apps  are  games  which  are  from  big  -­‐  Lots  of  apps,  games  to  play   companies  like  Zynga,  other  smaller  developers  don’t  find  -­‐  Fun  place  where  lots  of  organiza9ons,  brands,  businesses   enough  incen9ves  to  contribute  really  cool  apps  to  and  stars  are  ac9vely  engaging   Facebook  like  many  are  doing  on  Android  Market  and  -­‐  Biggest  social  networking  site   Apple  Appstore  -­‐  Most  ac9ve  website  for  apps  developer     -­‐  Most  of  Facebook  apps  can’t  be  played  on  mobile   devices   SWOT  -­‐  Encourage  developers  to  create  great  apps  by  crea9ng  contests,  giving  rewards.   -­‐  The  rising  of  G+  could  decrease  number  of  Facebook  -­‐  Guide  developers  to  develop  games  in  Facebook  that   users  could  be  played  on  mobile  devices  (iPhone,  iPad)   -­‐  Enter  to  other  market  could  cost  a  lot  of  efforts,  means   waste  of  9me,  energy  and  resources  esp  with  China  -­‐  Expand  to  other  big  market  like  BRIC  to  gain  more  users   Minh  Phan  |    
  23. 23. Short-­‐term  goals  •  Develop  products   i.  Feeds   ii.  Photos   iii.  Notes   iv.  Videos  •  Integrate  and  build  more  products  that  works   well  with  Facebook   Minh  Phan  |    
  24. 24. Long-­‐term  goals  •  Build  a  “Facebook  ecosystem”,  which  can  support   and  drive  growth  each  other  •  Contents  for  mobile  &  touchscreen  devices:  apps,   games:   i.  Encourage  mobile  developers,  game  companies  to   develop  more  apps  and  games  that  could  be  played   on  mobile  &  touchscreen  devices.  Conferences,   contests,  rewards  might  help  to  get  their  no9ce   ii.  A  future  with  “Facebook  phone”  and  a  Facebook   appstore  might  create  a  stronger  ecosystem  among   Developers  –  Facebook  -­‐  Users  •  Enter  to  BRIC  market  (might  be  BRIIC)   Minh  Phan  |    
  25. 25. Product  Development   Minh  Phan  |    
  26. 26. Photo   Current  features     SuggesEons  Photo  upload  is  pre@y  cos9ng  a  lot  of   -­‐  Only  drag  photos  into  browser  and  processes   upload  op9ons  will  appear   -­‐  You  can  minimize  the  current   uploading  to  upload  another  album    To  add  new  photos,  user  has  to  go  to  the   -­‐  Only  drag  photos  into  browser  and  it  album  >  edit  album  >  …   will  ask  you  to  create  a  new  album  or   add  to  an  exis9ng  one   -­‐  If  user  is  in  current  album  and  wants  to   add  more,  user  just  only  drags  new   photos  to  the  current  window   Minh  Phan  |    
  27. 27. Photo  editor  •  As  the  number  of  photos  uploading  on  Facebook  is   enormously  increasing  due  to  user  growth,  the  current   photo  upload  is  s9ll  missing  photo  editor,  which  can   make  an  album  more  beau9ful,  more  stylist,  more   personalized,  more  fun  to  share  with  friends.  A  simple   photo  editor  with  some  effects  or  maybe  even  with   frames  is  what  users  expect,  so  they  don’t  need   another  edi9ng  so{ware  to  do  the  job  •  More  notes  are  being  shared  on  Facebook,  so  this   photo  editor  can  also  help  users  insert  more  nicer   photos  into  their  notes   Minh  Phan  |    
  28. 28. Case  study:   Minh  Phan  |    
  29. 29. Photo  loca9on  tagging  •  Why  loca9on  tagging:   creates  more  fun,  can  be   integrated  with  Places  •  What  more:  we  have   albums  categorized  into   loca9ons  on  new  feeds.  We   can  integrate  this  feature  to   be  displayed  with  Places   (right  panel  on  the  new   feeds).  This  could  turn  into   real-­‐9me  sharing  like  (see  the   screenshot  mobile  version   in  the  right)   Minh  Phan  |    
  30. 30. Videos  •  Sharing  videos  on  Facebook  is  very  popular   now.  What  happens  if  Facebook  could  turn   this  into  a  something…even  bigger  than   YouTube.  It  could  have  more  op9ons  for  users   to  enable  videos  go  publics  or  not,  make  their   own  channel  with  tags,  etc  •  Increase  ubiquity:  This  could  generate  more   users  and  traffics  for  Facebook   Minh  Phan  |    
  31. 31. Notes  •  Enable  more  emo9cons  of  Facebook  chat,  this   would  make  Facebook  notes  more  fun  and   interes9ng,  this  poten9ally  creates  a  trend  in   teenager  (or  even  adults  who  know?)  tex9ng   language,  which  could  make  Facebook   become  more  popular    •  Enable  tagging  people  in  note  @[friend  name]  •  Enable  tagging  photos  in  note   Minh  Phan  |    
  32. 32. More  products  to  build  •  Take  an  example  of  sharing  slides  on   Facebook,  knowing  how  o{en  and  the  need  of   Facebook  users  sharing  slides  on  Facebook   could  turn  into  a  huge  opportunity  to  create  a   slide  upload  feature     Minh  Phan  |    
  33. 33. New  Products  Suggest   some   ideas   that   could   turn   into  exci9ng   products   that   make   Facebook  become   more   successful   and   more  profitable     Minh  Phan  |    
  34. 34. New  Facebook  Search  •  Facebook  has  nearly  700  million  users,  this  is  a   huge  informa9on  store  in  house,  everything  of   700  million  people  •  The  current  Facebook  Search  is  currently  used  by   Facebook  users,  a  redesigned  version  on  another   separate  site,  basically  with  the  same  func9ons   as  the  current  Facebook  search  but  with  more   displayed  results.  A  person  and  brand  profile   could  be  display  with  more  info  •  This  could  draw  more  traffics  and  create  a  chance   to  mone9ze  more  ads   Minh  Phan  |    
  35. 35. Photos  Search  •  Imagine  you  have  lost  connec9on  with  a  close  friend  for  years,   what  you  have  is  only  an  old  photo  of  him,  you  start  wondering   how  to  re-­‐connect  with  your  close  friend.  Then  you  go  to   “Photos  Search”,  a  search  engine  powered  by  Facebook  which   enables  you  to  search  the  Facebook  profile  base  on  his  picture.   You  drag  that  photo  into  the  search  bar,  without  hilng  enter  it   automa9cally  shows  lots  of  results  by  analysing  all  photo  albums   and  tagged  photos.  A{er  checking  some  results  you  find  your   long  lost  friend,  you  send  him  a  message  and  he  reply  with  a  big   surprise…what  an  amazing  story,  right?  •  Compare  to  Google  Images  Search,  Photos  Search  is  more  about   people,  this  make  Facebook  not  only  to  connect  people  to  their   friends  but  also  to  find  and  re-­‐connect  to  their  lost  ones   Minh  Phan  |    
  36. 36. Case  study:  Google  Images  Search   Minh  Phan  |    
  37. 37. Privacy  Concern  •  You  can  give  op9ons  for  users  to  enable/ disable  your  profile  to  be  displayed  on  New   Facebook    Searches,  which  means  their   friends  or  anyone  could  find  them  on  People   Search  or  not   Minh  Phan  |    
  38. 38. REDEFINE  A  BRAND  NEW  SOCIETY   Minh  Phan  |    
  39. 39. Concepts  •  Facebook  machine:   i.  What  is  it:  like  a  ATM,  a  Internet-­‐connected  machine,   connects  to  the  Facebook  servers   ii.  How  it  works:  when  a  Facebook  connect  card  slide  thru,  it   connects  to  the  person’s  Facebook  account    •  Facebook  connect  card   i.  What  is  it:  like  a  ATM  card,  uses  for  accessing  the  person’s   Facebook  account.     ii.  How  to  use  it:  slide  it  into  the  machine,  the  machine  will   connect  to  the  Facebook  account  and  pull  necessary  info  like   name,  age,  gender,  interests,  etc  depends  on  how  much  we   want  to  limit  them  Tracking  buying  history  is  also  enabled  on  a  fanpage  and  customer’s  Facebook  account   Minh  Phan  |    
  40. 40. Concepts   Connect   Brand  A  Facebook  connect  card  could  look  like  above.  More  integra9ons  will  be  payment,  deals  (coupons),  all  via  Facebook  account  and  without  any  brand  (one  Facebook  connect  card  for  all).  Facebook  will  become  a  main  channel  for  every  ac9vity  of  a  business,  from  selling  to  marke9ng.  This  is  a  brand  new  society!   Minh  Phan  |    
  41. 41. Concepts  chart   User   Business   Facebook   Facebook   connect   machine   Facebook  servers  Buying  history   Buying  history   Facebook   Fanpage   account   Minh  Phan  |    
  42. 42. How  this  machine  works  •  Imagine  on  your  birthday,  you  walk  in  a  store.  When   you  slide  the  Facebook  connect  card  thru  the  machine,   it  immediately  responses  with  a  so{  voice:  “Hello   Minh,    welcome  to  our  store,  happy  birthday  to  you!”.   It  even  might  ask  you  whether  to  check-­‐in  and  let  your   friend  know  you’re  in  the  store.  The  store  could  offer   you  a  discount  on  your  birthday.  And  because  it  knows   your  music  taste,  playing  your  favorite  song  makes  you   feel  like  more  than  home…  •   Your  buying  ac9vi9es  will  be  recorded  in  your   Facebook  account.  You  can  even  track  this  and  it  may   help  to  manage  your  budget   Minh  Phan  |    
  43. 43. Brand  new  Society   Connect   …   Connect  brands  to  customers  See  top  100  global  brand  h@p://   Minh  Phan  |    
  44. 44. How  could  this  machine  create  new   shopping  experience   • Say  hello,  ask  to  check-­‐in,  play  favorite  music   Welcome   • Analyze  profile,  suggest  buying  op9ons,  give  special   Order   offers  via  buying  history  or  for  birthday,  holidays   • Record  buying  items  into  buying  history  of  the  Out  of  store   business  and  the  customer   • Any  issues,  refunds,  lost  &  found,  etc  could  be  sent   Customer   Services   via  Facebook  account   Minh  Phan  |    
  45. 45. How  to  make  this  happen?   •  Chose  poten9al  businesses  to  do  first,  can  do  this  by  direct   Choose   contact  or  register  on  web   partners   •  A{er  agreement  btw  two  par9es,  have  a  trial  period  with   loyal  customers  or  with  volunteers  (of  partner)  then  do  with   Start  small   the  rest   •  A{er  analyse  and  learn  new  experiences,  do  with  other  Grow  bigger   businesses   Minh  Phan  |    
  46. 46. Benefits  for  Facebook   •  Leverage  brand  awareness.     Ubiquity   •  Create  a  new  and  more  sturdy  ecosystem  Ecosystem   between  businesses  and  customers   Minh  Phan  |    
  47. 47. Facebook  ecosystem     700  mil  Facebook   users    with  Facebook   connect  card   Integra9on:   Facebook   payments,  coupons     Customers   Businesses   Minh  Phan  |    
  48. 48. Facebook  The  future…   machine   Store   ...   Hang-­‐ Deals   out   Facebook   Facebook   Phone   Facebook   Store   Phone   Phone   Store   Facebook   Facebook   machine   machine   Check-­‐ in   Connect   Minh  Phan  |    
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