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  • 1. Vietnamese New Year overview for tourists | Best Vietnam Tours Beach Vacations Go to... Home / History and Culture / Vietnamese New Year overview for tourists Vietnamese New Year overview for tourists Posted by: admin in History and Culture 2 days ago 0 39 Views Vietnamese New Year (Tet) which is also known as Lunar New Year in Vietnam, is very deep meaning. Tet is an occasion Like[12/27/2013 2:56:21 PM]
  • 2. Vietnamese New Year overview for tourists | Best Vietnam Tours for those who away from home for family reunions. Only the Asian people have “Tet”. The original meaning of Tet is “section”. Vietnamese culture is rice farming civilization. As the demand for agricultural cultivation, time of year is divided into 24 different sections. Each has the moment of “transition”, in which the most significant is the beginning of a cultivation period. It is Lunar Section, later known as the Lunar New Year. Vietnamese new year According to Vietnamese custom, Lunar New Year is firstly the family’s festival. In the afternoon in the 30th day of the eve of Tet, people hold a ceremony to “welcome” the ancestors, showing spirit of “When you eat a fruit, think of the man who planted the tree”. As the most sacred and sustainable habit, when the New Year comes, wherever you are or whatever you do, most people want and try to return to their motherland to reunite with family. The meaning of Vietnamese New Year The Vietnamese celebrate Tet with the sacred trust: New Year is the day of the reunion and hope. This is the expectations of family members, and people who live far from home in the New Year. All are keen to meet and gather with family. Tet is also the day that the dead can revisit their loved ones. From the dinner of the 30th day, before midnight, the Buddhism family incenses to invite the deceased ancestors to return and have dinner with their children.[12/27/2013 2:56:21 PM]
  • 3. Vietnamese New Year overview for tourists | Best Vietnam Tours In New Year, people have the opportunity to review old stories, renew everything and bring the best wishes for the New Year to each other. Renewing may be a form of cleaning, painting and repairing houses, or refreshing people’s soul and sentiment for the relations between relatives being more sympathetic, or for the spirits more comfortable and fresher. Floors are cleaned; incense burners and candle holders are polished. Both adults and children wear new clothes. All debt will be paid before the start of the New Year to release bad luck or to create the trust with the creditor. All the sorrow and the argument are aside. At least, in three day of Tet, people smile, speak calmly and do politely to expect the relationship will be good during the upcoming year. Tet is also the birthday of everyone, people are one year older, so when people meet, they wish for other’s new age. Adults congratulate children on advancing in years and wish the elderly healthier. Several Vietnamese customs in New Year’s Eve After celebrating the New Year’s Eve, there are several customs that so far, from rural to urban areas, many people still do in respectfully. Visit pagodas: After finishing all ceremony of New Year’s Eve, people go to the pagodas or temples to pray for good luck.[12/27/2013 2:56:21 PM]
  • 4. Vietnamese New Year overview for tourists | Best Vietnam Tours Pick godsend: People also pick a young branch in front of the pagoda. The meaning of this is “pick godsend” from Buddha. This branch will be put in front of the altar until it’s faded. First-footer: Usually, people choose a “facile birthday” person from family. He will go out before the New Year’s Eve, and return home with a “pick godsend” from pagoda. When he’s coming back, the New Year came and he will be the first-footer for his family, bring all good to the family throughout the year. If don’t have relation, people will ask other “facile birthday” for being a first-footer on the very soon of the 1st day of New Year before guests coming. This person will bring good luck to the host. First visit during Tet Lucky money (Lishi): Adults usually give money to children in a red envelop with the wishes of good at studying and living. According to Chinese fairy tale, in the red envelop, there are 8 coins (symbolizes 8 fairies) will be put under children’s pillows to protect them from evil spirits.[12/27/2013 2:56:21 PM]
  • 5. Vietnamese New Year overview for tourists | Best Vietnam Tours Main features of Vietnamese New Year Tet Season From the 23th day of December of Lunar calendar, it is coming to the busy Tet season, count from the event “take Kitchen God to the Heaven” (a ceremony to take the Kitchen God to Heaven and he will report all situations of the homeowner in a year to the Lord). Then, people will buy things for Tet, especially clothes and food. It feels that Tet season is coming to everywhere. Tet market Going to Tet Market is one of special pleasure of Vietnamese. It is also one of Vietnamese traditions. Tet market is to satisfy the demand shopping for enjoying and for presenting the altar the flowers, trees, fruits, especially several fruits which believed that can bring luck such as: coconut, mango, papaya and custard-apple (In Vietnamese, their names mean “rich enough to live”). All Tet market will be closed before New Year’s Eve. Vietnamese New Year Cuisines Squared-shape sticky rice cake and some other kinds of rice-cakes are typical cakes of Vietnamese New Year cuisines. Tet is an occasion for big parties, including bamboo shoot soup, chicken, frozen meat and pork bologna… many kinds of jam and other candies for worshiping and inviting guests, such as: ginger jam, dry preserved squash, sugar coated lotus seeds, and melon seeds…. Color of Tet The color of Tet is red. Red means rich and luck with red envelopes, red watermelons and red clothes… some red flowers are favorites of Vietnamese in Tet, such as:  red roses and red cherry blossoms…[12/27/2013 2:56:21 PM]
  • 6. Vietnamese New Year overview for tourists | Best Vietnam Tours Notions of time in Vietnam New Year In Tet season, everyone returns to use lunar calendar naturally. Lunar calendar revives miraculously to remind Vietnamese people of Vietnamese traditions of this important and sacred festival. At this time, tourists from all over the world are coming to Vietnam for participating in Vietnamese New Year 2014. Tet season is the most beautiful time in a year in Vietnam with temperature climate, wonderful landscapes and the happiness all around the country. Tweet 1 Tagged with: Like 2 VIETNAMESE CUSTOMS 5 VIETNAMESE NEW YEAR Share VIETNAMESE NEW YEAR 2014 VIETNAMESE TRADITIONS WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR « Previous: Vietnam Bike Tours: Basic principles to remember Next: Guideline for foreign tourist or things to do in Vietnam on Tet Holiday RELATED ARTICLES Vietnam Family Adventure Tours November 13, 2013 Hat making villages in Hue October 5, 2013 Experiences in visiting daydreaming Hue October 2, 2013 Google+ Facebook[12/27/2013 2:56:21 PM] »
  • 7. Vietnamese New Year overview for tourists | Best Vietnam Tours Loading Google+ Comments ... FEATURED VIDEO CATEGORIES Adventures Tours Beach Vacations Culinary Tours Cycling Tours History and Culture Luxury Holidays News Trekking Tours RECENT POSTS BACKACKING TO THE BEST HIGHLANDS – VIETNAM TOURISM Guideline for foreign tourist or things to do in Vietnam on Tet Holiday Vietnamese New Year overview for tourists Vietnam Bike Tours: Basic principles to remember Top Tourist Attractions Of Vietnam December 2013 M T W T F S   S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 « Nov RECENT COMMENTS ARCHIVES December 2013 November 2013 October 2013 September 2013 © Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved.[12/27/2013 2:56:21 PM]