Mẫu thiết kế hồ sơ năng lực công ty cơ khi HTMP


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Giới thiệu mẫu thiết kế hồ sơ năng lực công ty cơ khi HTMP do Sao Kim thiết kế.


VP. Hà Nội: P.1403 - Tòa nhà 29T1 - Hoàng Đạo Thúy - Cầu Giấy . Tel: (04) 6282 4370 / 8585 1515

Vp. Tp.HCM: Lầu 4, số 49 Hoàng Văn Thụ - P.15 - Phú Nhuận . Tel: (08) 399 58 189 / 399 58 190

Email: contact@saokim.com.vn
Website: www.SaoKim.com.vn

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Mẫu thiết kế hồ sơ năng lực công ty cơ khi HTMP

  1. 1. Chi Dong Town AESC Company BTM Garment Company 5th crossroads VIT Company Viet Thanh Steel JSC Hanoi Centre Noi Bai Airport Me Linh Plaza MOULDS & DIES AND JIGS Company: VIETNAM HTMP MECHANICAL.,LTD Address: No 27, Lot D1, Dai Kim New Urban Area Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam Factory: No 43, Lot D3, Quang Minh Industrial Park Me Linh Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam PLASTICS PARTS Company: VIETNAM HTMP JOINT STOCK COMPANY Address: No 43, Lot D3, Quang Minh Industrial Park Me Linh Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam Tel: Fax: Website: E-mail: (84-4)3525.1113/14/15/16 (84-4) 3525.1112 www.htmp.com.vn htm-mechanical@htmp.com.vn WE ARE MO VING FO RWARD >>>
  2. 2. THE MARKING JOURNEY BY HTMP INTRODUCTION - In 2006, Vietnam HTMP Mechanical Co., Ltd. was officially established and it HTMP – The pride of the mold and plastic manufacturing industry in Vietnam mainly designed and manufactured molds. Its factory was located in the small and medium-sized industrial park Tu Liem - Hanoi. The legal capital was VND 10 billion and the personnel included 47 workers. During the economic restructuring, the mold manufacturing and plastic production industry is one of the relatively new industries in Vietnam. From a country mainly importing technological goods, Vietnam is now gradually able to meet the domestic - In 2010, a new mechanical factory was completed, HTMP moved to Quang Minh demand, as well as to provide for regional and world markets. Vietnam HTMP Co., Industrial Park in Me Linh district, Hanoi and started building and completed the Ltd, with nearly 10 years of presence in the market, has contributed to promoting plastic injection molding factory. Vietnamese mold and plastic products to international customers. - In September 2012, the Company met the quality certification ISO 9001:2008 for HTMP Vietnam’s factory was built on a large area at Quang Minh Industrial Park - one manufacturing plastic products. of the modern industrial parks in the Northwest of Hanoi. With its machinery and - In December 2012, the Company met the environmental certification ISO equipment systems and professional operating workers, HTMP Vietnam has become 14001:2004 and the quality certification ISO 9001:2008 for the field of molds and jigs. - Currently, the company has a legal capital of VND 70 billion, the personnel includes 270 staff and seven departments / units with an annual revenue of over VND 150 billion. a trusted partner of the world’s leading corporations such as Honda, Samsung, Panasonic, Yamaha, Nissin, Stanley, Tsukuba, Roki, ... With the motto "Quality - Delivery - Cost", HTMP Vietnam has constantly made efforts to mark on the world map of mold and plastic products by its own name and reputation! Vietnam HTMP Company 03
  3. 3. HTMP VIETNAM THE BRAND OF TRUST In the context of integration, trade barriers are gradually removed, a lot of new opportunities open up, but there are a number of the difficulties and challenges for enterprises. "Sustainable development" is required for HTMP to take advantage of opportunities, overcome challenges and secure its position in the international arena. With the solutions of personnel restructuring, infrastructure, equipment and quality control processes, HTMP always strives to deserve "the brand of trust" that we have jointly developed for nearly a decade. - Human Resources: HTMP always pays attention to training and improving qualifications and skills for its engineers and workers, while creating a favorable environment for every worker to develop their creativity. - Infrastructure and equipment: HTMP comprehensively invests in a system of machinery imported from advanced countries, focuses on technology transfer and applies the most advanced sciences to production. - Quality Management: the Company applies ISO standards to its quality management processes to create HTMP-branded quality products. 04 Vietnam HTMP Company 05
  4. 4. MOLDS PRODUCTION CAPACITY 06 Vietnam HTMP Company 07
  5. 5. MOLD PRODUCTS 08 Vietnam HTMP Company 09
  6. 6. QUALITY CHECK DEPARTMENT Mitutoyo Quick Vision Apex Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S Zeiss Contura G2 10 Vietnam HTMP Company Vietnam HTMP Company 11
  7. 7. 12 Vietnam HTMP Company Vietnam HTMP Company 13
  8. 8. PLASTIC PRODUCTION CAPACITY 14 Vietnam HTMP Company 15
  9. 9. 16 Vietnam HTMP Company Vietnam HTMP Company 17
  11. 11. CÔNG TY TƯ VẤN VÀ SÁNG TẠO THƯƠNG HIỆU SAO KIM VPHN: P.1403 - Tòa nhà 29T1, Hoàng Đạo Thúy - Q. Cầu Giấy | Tel: (04) 6282 4370 VP TP. HCM: Lầu 4, số 49 Hoàng Văn Thụ, P.15 - Q. Phú Nhuận | Tel: (08) 3995 8189 / 3995 8190 Email: contact@saokim.com.vn | Website: www.saokim.com.vn