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My idea came from the slogan of McDonald “Perfect simple, Simply perfect”.
Liz is really good at brand selling so every brand under its organization has very good story and strong images for customers. For example, Juicy Couture is irreverent fun brand for every age girls and women, and Kate Spade is a woman who is culturally curious.

However, when I am a customer, shop around the shopping mall, and those brands stand in front of me, I still have no idea which brand is the most suits for me. Every time I shop, I still have to walk in every store to look and see what should I buy, and think about does this hat go well with my dress, or does Juicy Couture’s sneakers match to Kate Spade’s dress.

Every one is a combination of brands. Take a photo of me for example, I wear bebe’s jump suit with Juicy couture’s outerwear, Ninewest’s bag, and KOKKO’s shoes.
So why a company like Liz put so much effort to create a story for every single brand. I do not think consumer would think “oh! Yes I am a culturally curious women so buy from Kate Spade.”
Why not Liz, a company has so many brands in different style and product lines, do customers a favor? “Mix and Match”

When I went to Macdonald for lunch I was happy with the fast order process and the easy meal combination; therefore, I thought McDonald has “Happy meal” why not Liz has “Happy set”.

How if chees quarter pounder and big mac change to Juicy Couture and Kate Spade?

It reminds me how I learn to order meals by numbers. McDonald taught me the best and the most appropriate meal in the fast food restaurant is a burger + French fries + a cup of my choice of icy soft drink= extra value meal. Until now I do so even when I go to other fast food store.

So why does not Liz have a extra value set = a piece of jump suit + a necklace + a pair of sneakers.

When it comes to “fast food” I always think about “easy, fast, and happy”. The way of ordering meal is easy so the registration is fast and as a consumer as I am very happy. That is how I see the future of “Liz” fast cloth equals to easy, fast, and happy.

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Inspiration Organization Project- Fast Cloth Retail

  1. 1. Inspiration Organization Project Fast Cloth Retail Ming Tsun Lee
  2. 2. Do customers really care about which brand story tells about them?
  3. 3. JUICY COUTURE NINEWEST KOKKO bebe In fact, customer is actually a combination of brands. Why not “Liz” do us a favor?
  4. 4. I had happy experience with “Happy Meal”, so…. Why not have fun with “Happy Set” ?
  5. 5. This is what McDonald has, what the next for “Liz” …
  6. 6. Instead of ingredients of burgers, we talk about materials of apparel
  7. 7. + + = Extra Value Meals McDonald “You must have those when you dine with us”
  8. 8. + + = Extra Value Set Liz “You must have those when you shop with us”
  9. 9. Emotions are reminded from
  10. 10. Emotions are reminded from