The New Wave of Marketing Technologies
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The New Wave of Marketing Technologies



"The New Wave of Marketing Technologies" - an Adobe webinar on 05.06.09 by The1stMovement\'s CEO Ming Chan, and Creative Director David Schell

"The New Wave of Marketing Technologies" - an Adobe webinar on 05.06.09 by The1stMovement\'s CEO Ming Chan, and Creative Director David Schell



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The New Wave of Marketing Technologies The New Wave of Marketing Technologies Presentation Transcript

  • The New Wave of Marketing Technologies
  • Passive, One way Experience Interactive, Engaging Experience
  • Poll #1 Have you or your client’s interactive budgets gone up, down or stayed the same this year? a) Increased b) Decreased c) Stayed the same d) No budget for interactive marketing
  • Technology enables story-telling to be more interactive and engaging, and creates an emotional and memorable user experience
  • About The1stMovement
  • Multiple Consumer Touchpoints
  • Your Brand’s Digital Footprint
  • • There are so many channels now to spread a brand or push out a campaign • Flash reusability – more bang for your buck! • Match to your audience • Drive traffic appropriately • Track and measure!
  • What We’ll Be Covering 1) Social Media Technologies 2) 3D Explosion on the web 3) Going Beyond the Web 4) Mobile Technologies 5) Blurring the Line Between Online/Offline 5) The Future of Desktop Marketing 6) Integrated Campaigns (How to Use it all Together)
  • Social Media Technologies
  • Blogs
  • • Brands use Blogs to communicate with their customers directly • They offer a more honest and personal view than traditional marketing channels •  Thought-leadership / Credibility •  Low-cost or free Blog Platform (Blogger, WordPress, MoveableType) Blogs
  • • Even more personal when CEO’s host their own personal blog • Thought-leadership both externally and internally Blogs
    • Blogs are not limited to just text
    • Photo / Audio / Video blogs (vlogs)
    • Utilize the same low-cost or free platforms
    • Use YouTube, Flickr and more to blog
  • Poll #2 Do you tweet under your personal name or your company/brand? a) Personal Name b) Your Company/Brand c) Both d) I don’t use Twitter
  • Twitter
  • • The new blog (Micro-blogging) • Zappos: CEO Tony Hsieh has personal conversations and gives away product • Connects locally for events, giveaways, etc. • Fits perfectly with their customer-centric approach Twitter
  • Twitter
  • • Apple vs. Skittles example • Apple using consumers to do marketing for them • Skittles pulling real-time “#skittles” tweets into their corporate site • Lack of filtering had a negative effect Twitter
  • Offered free shipping and promoted in three ways: Twitter – Real Results – The Wine Library Twitter - Real Results - The Wine Library Initiative Cost Result
    • Direct marketing mailing
    $15,000 200 new customers
    • Billboard ad
    $7,500 300 new customers
    • Tweeted the promotion on Twitter
    free 1,800 new customers
  • Widgets
  • • Excellent extension channel to any marketing campaign • Rich interactivity and “Viral” • On the Web with MySpace, Facebook, and Blogs • Also for Desktop (Yahoo, Apple, Google, AIR) • Not just B2C - also a strong tool for B2B marketing Widgets
  • Putting it all together on the Web
  • AT&T Team USA Soundtrack Campaign
    • • Most-recalled sponsor feature during the Olympic game broadcast (Nielsen IAG, 8/18 – 9/14/2008, reported in AdWeek 9/22/08) • Download proceeds generated $1 million for Team USA • Over 20k visits per day on English & Spanish Microsites • 27k downloads of Soundtrack widgets on Facebook and MySpace.
    • Over 3k iTunes click through per day on iPhone site • Video content received over 2 million views throughout AT&T’s 3-screens
    AT&T Team USA Soundtrack Campaign
  • 3D Explosion on the Web
  • Papervision 3D and Away 3D
  • 3D Navigation
  • Virtual Interaction with Product
  • 3D Viral Campaigns / Games
  • Augmented Reality
  • BMW Z4 in 3D Augmented Reality
  • / Going Beyond the Web
  • Interactive Exhibition
  • • Motion detection • Multi-touch ability • Collaboration with other users • Projectors, touchscreens, floor-based, tables, etc. • Tradeshows, in-store, store windows, museums, conferences, etc. Interactive Exhibition
  • 3D Immersion
  • Multi-touch Interactive Display
  • • “ Minority Report” type interaction • Microsoft Surface / Apple iPhone technology leading charge • No keyboard, no mouse • The future of digital interaction! Multi-touch Interactive Display
  • The Future of Interaction
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Poll #3 Does your brand have a reachable presence via mobile device? a) Absolutely! b) We have a mobile site c) We have some neat mobile apps c) I don’t think we have anything
    • Mobile Applications / Games / Music / Ringtones
    • • WAP sites
    • • GPS enabled
    • • Mobile Video increasingly popular
    Mobile Technologies
  • • Each month, 10.3 million U.S. mobile phone subscribers access video content via their phones — up 14% from 2007 • Among mobile video users, Apple’s iPhone is the most popular phone: as of Q3 2008, 11% of all streaming video users were using an Apple iPhone, and 35% of iPhone users reported regularly using mobile video (compared to about 5% of all mobile subscribers) Mobile Video
  • iPhone Interaction
    • • iPhone Penetration to grow 164% by 2010, as opposed to Blackberry dropping 7%
    • 67% of total mobile internet traffic
    • 36k apps and counting
    • • Redefining mobile games with Peer-to-Peer Bluetooth in Version 3.0 (Multiplayer games)
    • •  GPS enabled applications
    • ObjectiveC is the #2 most popular “new” language (behind ActionScript)
    iPhone Interaction
  • • PDA, Mobile gaming, etc. • Thirty-six percent of heads of households play games on a wireless device, such as a cell phone or PDA, up from 20 percent in 2002 • 190 million households will use a next-generation video game console in 2012 • Of the above, 148 million households will have this console connected to the Internet Other Mobile Devices
    • • Over 800 million mobile devices have a Flash player installed
    • Flash is supported on mobile devices including mobile phones, PDAs, gaming devices (PS3, Nintendo Wii, PSP and more), music players, and digital cameras
    • Flash 10 player and AIR player coming soon (increases reusability and promotes an engaging interactive experience while lowering the production costs)
    Flash on Mobile
  • Blurring the Line of Online/Offline
  • Interactive TV / Web Synchronizations
  • Interactive TV / Web Synchronizations • Data / Animations / Videos real-time synchronizations between TV and Web • Turn passive TV watching experience into interactive • More user experiences increase time spent with your story, and your brand
  • The Future of Desktop Marketing
  • Adobe AIR
  • • Bring the Web to the Desktop • Endless possibilities! • Leverage existing Web technologies like Flash, HTML, JavaScript, and Flex • Customized and personalized applications • Also a great tool for internal marketing communications and sales team Adobe AIR
  • Integrated Campaign
  • Integrated Campaign
  • • Technology channels really play along with the rest of a traditional marketing campaign • Critical in building awareness • Builds “viral” quality both online and offline • Holistic and integrated • R.O.I. trackable and measureable Integrated Campaign
  • Poll #4
    • As a marketing professional, are you dedicated to pushing your brand with emerging technologies?
    • Yes
    • No
  • Thanks! Q&A