New Mac Mic Homes Ideas


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New Mac Mic Homes Ideas

  1. 1. Mactaggart & Mickel HomesOnline Recommendations & New IdeasMay 2012
  2. 2. i - IntroductionMine Digital have created a proposal detailing websiterecommendations based on an investigation intocompetitors and other ideas from the web.The proposal details recommendations of possible additionsto the Mactaggart & Mickel Homes site or Facebook page,with visual examples in some cases.
  3. 3. ii - Ideas
  4. 4. 1. Interactive TimelineThe inclusion of an Interactive Timeline of the brand’s 87 year history givesMac Mic an opportunity to tell their company story.Features: Interactive Timeline Images & captions on milestonesBenefits: Engaging Fun On trend Interactive Reinforces company heritage Highlights experience
  5. 5. 2. Find Your Perfect HomeA fun way to suggest the perfect Mac Mic home for a prospective customer whohas entered their ideal living criteria.Features: Small form Suggested home Add to Favourites Find anotherBenefits: Engaging Interactive Fun Different approach to sales
  6. 6. 3. Virtual Tours (Interior)Virtual Tours showcasing the interiors of different Home Styles with a 360-degree view.Features: 360-degree rotation Zoom in & out Key benefit highlightedBenefits: Interactive Key features highlighted Preview Re-visit Showcase house range & interiors
  7. 7. 4. Street View (External)A Google-style ‘Street View’ allowing customers the ability to explore aroundthe external of a house and the neighbourhood.Features: 360-degree rotation Zoom in & out Key benefit highlightedBenefits: Interactive Preview Re-visit Key features & facts highlighted
  8. 8. 5. Bespoke StylingOption 1 - COINS Phase 3 – Virtual styling & After Sales Experience.Integrating an individual’s customised design choices with COINS, offeringcustomers an enhanced post-purchase experience and giving Mac Mic theopportunity to cross sell & upsell.Features: Interactive key Cost calculator Visual mock-up SubmitBenefits: Interactive Fun Budgeting Fast selection method Opp for upselling Industry leader
  9. 9. 5. Bespoke StylingOption 2 – Fixtures, Fittings, Upgrades & Extras page.A simple Bespoke Styling page could be created detailing information on thefixtures, fittings, upgrades and extras customers can add on when buying theirMactaggart & Mickel Home.Features: Explanation of products Images of productsBenefits: Personalise Reassure Customer involvement Offers choice
  10. 10. 6. Starter PacksMactaggart & Mickel used to offer customers a ‘Starter Pack’ when they movedinto their new home. It is the proposal that this ‘Starter Pack’ be reintroducedand displayed online.Features: Highlights added extras to customerBenefits: Extra mile Gives customer one less thing to worry about
  11. 11. 7. New Home Gift ListNew home owners create a ‘New Home’ gift list via MyMacMic along the samelines as wedding gift lists..Features: MyMacMac Links to retailers eCommerce sites or Retailer’s products on MacMic site Highlights when purchasedBenefits: Catered list in Mac Mic environment List all in one place Extra mile New visitors
  12. 12. 8. Swap Old Appliances InitiativeMactaggart & Mickel Homes could do a ‘Swapping’ initiative with old householdappliances - customers gain vouchers towards the costs of fitting their new housefor every item they hand in.Features Website or Facebook app to monitor progressBenefits On trend PR on CSR work Build community
  13. 13. 9. Personal Moving ScheduleMyMacMic customers set their moving agenda prompted by questions from thesite on moving dates etc.Mac Mic would send either email or text alerts as deadlines approach.Features Personal MyMacMic login Question prompts Schedule alertsBenefits Extra mile Smooth transition
  14. 14. 10. Stylist Tips & SessionsThe addition of a page on the website to offer Stylist Tips.Features Stylist Tips Book stylist sessionsBenefits Guidance Extra mile Customer satisfaction On trend Chance to upsell Competing with Muir Homes & Taylor Wimpey
  15. 15. 11. Event PageEvent Page (calendar + new ideas)The addition of an Events Calendar would enable Mactaggart & Mickel theopportunity and platform, to showcase Development or Local based events, onthe developments themselves or in the communities surrounding.Features Calendar Optional alertsBenefits Outlet for local activities Connect with neighbours Promote on-site events Create sense of community Highlight CSR Showcase launches & open days
  16. 16. 12. Meet the NeighboursOnline, interactive neighbourhood. New occupants of each plot, log in andregister their details with the opportunity to use message boards and chat to theirregistered neighbours.Features MyMacMic log in Message board Update ‘status’Benefits Interactive Welcoming community Social networking Encourage interaction Creates feeling of security Encourages buying into community Highlights CSR Selling tool for Sales Consultants.
  17. 17. 13. ‘From Start to Finish’ videoTo feature a speeded-up video of the construction of a Mac Mic Homes build fromstart to finish.This video could also be showcased within other Mac Mic divisional websites.Features Video highlighting the building process from start to finish.Benefits Highlights workmanship & quality Insight into building process Shows Mac Mic as open & honest
  18. 18. 14. MacMic Green CalculatorProspects calculate their carbon footprint by filling in theircurrent home; hours of heating usage, Showers usage etc.The Calculator then determines the prospects carbon footprint and suggests waysin which they can make savings and improve their footprint.Features Question & Answer Calculator Hints & TipsBenefits Highlight CSR goals Highlight sustainability and build Shows Mac Mic savings
  19. 19. 15. Mortgage CalculatorOption 1A Mortgage Calculator allowing customers to check their mortgagerepayments on a particular property, calculating it according to theircircumstances & the current standard interest rate which applies to them.Features Text based or interactive Results & adviceBenefits Easy first step Convenience Crucial factor Inform of repayments & basic living costs Interactive
  20. 20. 15. Mortgage CalculatorOption 2‘Benefits and Savings Calculator’ based on the incentives which Mactaggart &Mickel offer to customers.All Mac Mic incentives would be listed in an interactive form feature, allowingprospects the opportunity to select the incentives, benefits or savings they wish tomake.Features Form Savings calculator resultsBenefits Promote offers & incentives Highlight possible savings & assistance plans
  21. 21. 16. Revamp homepageThough great attention was put into making sure the right layout, design andmarketing messages are contained within the Mactaggart & Mickel Homeshomepage, Mine Digital propose to do a redesign of this page in order to keepcontent fresh for repeating visitors. The new design would be in-keeping with thecurrent design theme but provide a fresh design approach.Features Consistent with branding and key marketing messagesBenefits Opportunity to re-evaluate Fresh content for repeating customers
  22. 22. 17. Email MarketingOption 1Mine Digital propose that email marketing be utilised as a more focusedmarketing communications tool. The number of prospects is extensive andtherefore should be utilised to maximum effect.Features Branded Email Templates Campaign Planning Landing Pages Campaign Reporting & Hot ProspectsBenefits Consistent marketing Immediate results & feedback Identify potential “hot prospects”
  23. 23. 17. Email MarketingOption 2In addition, Mine Digital propose that a more visual and marketing orientatedapproach should be considered across all email channels including auto-respondersand email produced via COINS. New templates would be produced that wouldpromote the current offers and reflect ongoing marketing campaigns as well ascommunicating the appropriate message.Features Branded Emails Landing Pages Campaign Reporting & Hot ProspectsBenefits Consistent marketing Opportunity to include calls to action Immediate results & feedback Identify potential “hot prospects”
  24. 24. 18. The Art of Mac Mic LivingMine Digital suggest that Mac Mic encourage home owners to upload their ownphotos of living in their Mac Mic house or living in Scotland to the website or MacMic Facebook page.Mac Mic could have a monthly amateur photography competition, with thewinner voted for via Facebook ‘Likes’.Features Facebook wall with tagged images Monthly winner announcedBenefits Give back to home owners Create PR buzz New visitors Highlights sense of community
  25. 25. 19. Augmented RealityOption 1Mactaggart & Mickel Homes could use the latest ‘augmented reality’technology to scan a Mactaggart & Mickel Homes ad using an Aurasma appand bring the ad to life through a virtual representation on their phone screen.Feature Ad designed to be scanned by phone app Virtual representation shown on phone screenBenefits Interactive On trend Ahead of the competition Visual demonstration not constrained by print
  26. 26. 19. Augmented RealityOption 2 Mactaggart & Mickel Homes could use the latest ‘augmented reality’ technology to view a virtual representation of the nearest Mac Mic Homes site to them on their phone screen. The App would direct users in the direction of the closest developments. Feature Visuals of nearest Mac Mic Homes site. Search by Postcode / Area Favourite Homes / Development Benefits Interactive / Fun On trend Ahead of the competition Highlights Mac Mic sites close to the user
  27. 27. iii - ConclusionMine Digital can provide more in depth detail and costing forany of the above projects in this proposal if consideredsuitable for Mactaggart & Mickel Homes.Mine Digital have also attached the Visuals when sendingthis proposal to allow Mactaggart & Mickel the opportunityto see the visuals in a bigger scale enabling the option tozoom into the visuals.