Customer Success Software


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Delivering effective customer success with MindTouch to improve customer service. A new kind of CRM that is focused on product knowledge management.

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Customer Success Software

  1. 1. Customer Success Software
  2. 2. Business and Project Planning Delivering Customer Success for Leading Brands in Software, Technology, Manufacturing and Service.
  3. 3. Driving Customer Success by Solving Knowledge Fragmented - Solved “[Product knowledge] is spread over more than 30 systems and seven formats. Every department is using something different.” - Remington Inconsistent - Solved “I have no idea what we’re responding with across most of our support channels.” - HTC Hard to update - Solved “It takes us 18 months, maybe longer, to update knowledge across our support channels. We can’t say for certain that it has been updated.” – HP Collaboration and Feedback - Solved “The people closest to our customers need to contribute to and provide feedback on [knowledge], but we’re still using PDF and printed materials.” – Verizon No analytics, no SEO - Solved “I can tell you which articles support is using, but we have no clue what else is being used by customers and [prospects] or how this affects our business.” - Blackboard
  4. 4. Knowledge-as-a-Service Knowledge Center CRM and Case Management 4 In-Product Knowledge Ticket Deflection Community Integration Social Channels Chat Integration
  5. 5. Continuous Feedback and Collaboration Knowledge Center CRM and Case Management 5 Contextual Knowledge Ticket Deflection Community Integration Social Channels Chat Integration
  6. 6. Create a Self Improving Cycle Knowledge Request Proactive or Reactive Synchronize Transact In real-time, customer channels update Self-Service or Agent Optimize HelpRankTM and Collaboration 6 Continuously Improving: • Deflection • First call resolution • Average handle time • User adoption • Customer success • Happiness
  7. 7. Benefits 1. Buy faster and become advocates • Your best sales engineer and marketing tool 1. Continuously improving customer experience • • Collaboration and feedback HelpRank 2. Improve customer intimacy • • Brand control – consistent, quality and complete Analytics and automation 1. Improve support and lower costs • • Ticket deflection +20% to +35% Agent empowerment -40% mean time to resolution
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. Ticket Deflection 9
  10. 10. Agent Empowerment 10
  11. 11. Manageable Knowledge Collaboration 11
  12. 12. A Self-Service Apple Store Experience • Improve support • A virtual sales engineer • More effective support agents 12 • Self-service support that works • Increase user adoption and retention • Increase site traffic
  13. 13. Contact Us Get a 20 minute tour of live customers’ success sites and metrics and learn: • Best practices in customer success. • Proven techniques for improving user adoption and renewals. • New ways to improve customer service. • How to create a self-improving cycle of customer success as a by-product of supporting your customers. @MindTouch 13
  14. 14. Customer Success Software