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Social Recruiting & Employer Branding - Key to attracting and engaging Gen Y
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Social Recruiting & Employer Branding - Key to attracting and engaging Gen Y


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  • 1. Social Recruiting & Employer BrandingSolutions from MindTickle All Rights Reserved, MindTickle, 2012 Concept Document
  • 2. OPPORTUNITIES: 1. Pre Placement Employer Branding & Buzz Generation 2. Post Hiring Engagement for New Hires2
  • 3. Employer Branding & Buzz Generation3
  • 4. OpportunityHow to attract and engage quality applicants?1. Cut through the clutter and position itself with an innovative image2. Attract top talent by communicate its true values and benefits to prospective applicants – Employer Branding 4 All Rights Reserved, MindTickle, 2011
  • 5. Proposed Solution Create an online competition across colleges or disciplines  Gamification – increases participation  Gold medal winners can be awarded shortlisting or some other tangible incentive  Social / integration with Facebook creates virality and buzz  Content can be kept generic or also have light weight assessment5
  • 6. Success Stories – Gamification for SAP Labs Campus Hire Engagement for all campus hires across India 1% 100% I learnt new things about SAP, and am 85% 19% now even more excited about joining SAP 66% I increased my general knowledge and 45% had fun I networked and got to know about my fellow new hires 35% Users Emailed Users Users Other Registered Completed Gold Medal Winners 27% Silver Medal Winners 32% Bronze Medal Winners 35%6
  • 7. SAP Success Story - Continued 89% of participants displayed high degree of social engagement Elite Networker (50+ invites) 89% Expert Networker (25+ invites) Explorer Networker (10+ invites) 11% Newbie Networker (<10 invites) Social Interaction Total Number of Invites initiated by users 1400+ Number of instant messages exchanged 5400+ Number of mouse-over mini-profile views 70K+ Social Integration hugely increased adoption – participants were inviting others to join to increase their social score7
  • 8. Post Hiring Engagement for Fresh Hires8
  • 9. OpportunityHow to attract, engage and retain fresh hires?1. Engage hires between day-of-offer and day-of-joining?2. Fresh hires can demonstrate their skills and get classified into roles most suited to their strengths3. Reduce pre-join churn 9 All Rights Reserved, MindTickle, 2011
  • 10. Proposed Solution Provide a web portal that allows new hires to show off skills Dashboard Programming Critical Thinking Problem Solving Self Motivation Service Orientation Grammar & Collaboration Integrity Planning Results Comprehension Skills Orientation ILLUSTRATIVE10
  • 11. Gamified Assessment of Each Skill When selected, each topic presents an gamified assessment ILLUSTRATIVE11
  • 12. Gamified Assessment of Each Skill The gamified assessment can present a series of topics ILLUSTRATIVE12
  • 13. Gamified Assessment of Each Skill The assessment is presented as an interactive quiz with lifelines Lifelines Attempts ILLUSTRATIVE Scoring is designed such that it differentiates the participant who is guessing vs. a knowledgeable/skilful participant13
  • 14. Gamified Assessment of Each Skill Badges, medals and leaderboard creates healthy competition ILLUSTRATIVE14
  • 15. Dashboards for Insights Real-time charts that show summary and drill down views ILLUSTRATIVE15
  • 16. About MindTickle16
  • 17. Introducing MindTickleMindTickle is an online platform that makes learning and engagementdelightful, efficient and effective by providing a blend of gamification & social Most popular use cases :  New Hire training (pre-joining/post-joining)  Product and sales training  Customer training  Policy and compliance training More than 20K users have been engaged  Culture and values training by MindTickle  Instructor Enablement (Blended) Training Our Customers: 17
  • 18. Why MindTickle?MindTickle can absorb existing training content and transform it into anengaging interactive learning experience  SaaS platform makes it easy to keep the training content kept up to date  Game like format and social features motivate learners to actively participate in the training and engage with the content  Logistically convenient secure SaaS platform  Cost effective  Secure access anytime anywhere  Self-Serve 18
  • 19. Product FeaturesFeatures BenefitsInteractivity Content Presentation Game format with audio-visual engagement Quizzes Test-to-teach enhances absorption and engagement Gamification Leaderboard, medals and badges engage the userConvenience Secure Hosting Hosted on MindTickle’s private cloud, no IT/deployment required Easy Administration MindTickle can manage end to end operations – invitations, reminders or self-serve interface allows easy administrationROI Analytics Dashboard Provides a cockpit view of the overall success of the program, with drill down views available for each new hire performance 19
  • 20. How is MindTickle different from E-learning? E-Learning AllAboard from MindTickleInteractivity Animation, quizzes & Game mechanics and social features voice provide higher engagement levelsAgility Vendor needs new SoW Customizable platform that is very easy for any content to update as content changes updates, and it may take and turn around time can be < 1 day weeksDo-it-yourself/ None Self-serve/ admin interface allows yourself-serve experts to update content themselvesROI measures None Detailed analytics and reports on user participation & content absorptionContent Delivery Typically restricted to Designed in HTML5; portable across devices that support Flash devices including the iPADCosts One time upfront Low upfront cost with valued based pay as you go (per user subscription model)Ops & Support Limited Subscription includes 24x7 support 20
  • 21. SecurityMindTickle’s private cloud solution provides three layers or securityand conforms to the industry standardsState‐of-the-art data center Application Access Security Content Securityservice provider Completed SAS70 type II  Validated domains: user  SHA-256 encryption audits registrations is verified at time of form filling to ensure correct  Identity access ISO 27001, SOC 1/SSAE company domain management system 16/ISAE 3402 certifications  Validated email: users have  HTTPS protocol to verify their email by clicking on Successfully validated as a Level 1 service provider the activation link sent in the registration email  Secure downloading under the PCI Data and streaming of video Security Standard (DSS)  Users credentials are content encrypted using one-way FISMA Moderate, ITAR encryption technic before compliance, FIPS 140- storing into the database 2, HIPAA certification 21
  • 22. Appendix22
  • 23. Features & Benefits Benefits  Classify fresh hires according to their strengths on different skills  Increase conversion of offers to joiners; reduce pre-joining churn  Improve Branding on Campus – your would be recognized as an organization that employs innovative methods of employee engagement  Reduce turnover that occurs in the first 30-90 days  Employees that are engaged earlier are more productive and will stay longer23
  • 24. Online Pre-joining New Hire Engagement  Online platform for orientation training that combines the power of social interactions and gamification  Your campus hires can be invited to participate in an online game  All the new hires can compete with your other new hires from same campus or across campuses  Top scorers win badges/medals, and can be recognized through leaderboards and rewards  The content of the game can be designed around skills / tracks that helps classify fresh hires according to their strengths24 All Rights Reserved, MindTickle, 2012
  • 25. Features & Benefits Features Benefits Advanced Gamification Platform:  Classify fresh hires according to their Game like format and social features strengths on different skills motivates new hires to participate  Increase conversion of offers to joiners; Secure Saas Technology: MindTickle’s reduce pre-joining churn private cloud ensures access to the game anytime anywhere  Improve Branding on Campus – your would be recognized as an organization Hassle Free: All operations and content that employs innovative methods of delivery can be managed by MindTickle employee engagement Analytics & Reporting: Detailed reports  Reduce turnover that occurs in the on engagement levels and progress first 30-90 days Agility: Addition of skills and levels  Employees that are engaged earlier are more productive and will stay longer
  • 26. Contact Mohit Garg Co-founder & CEO +91 99203 49419/ +1 973 400 171726