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MindTickle Offerings

  1. 1. OverviewMohit Gargmohit.garg@mindtickle.com
  2. 2. 2About MindTickle
  3. 3. Introducing MindTickleMindTickle is an online platform that makes learning and engagementdelightful, efficient and effective by providing a blend of gamification & social3Our products/ offerings : New Hire training (pre-joining/post-joining) Product / Technology training Customer / Sales training Policy and Compliance training Culture and Values training Instructor Enablement / Blended training Team Engagement / quizzingWith more than 25,000 usersacross companies such asSAP, Yahoo! and eBay
  4. 4. Why are these frameworks effective?4Features BenefitsFor the UserSocial techniques Creates a social and collaborative learning environmentGame mechanics Leaderboard, medals and badges engage the userStructuring & contentpresentationAudio-visual engagement; Interactive quizzes/ test-to-teach enhances absorption and engagementDevice Agnostic Web based delivery to any computer or table anytimeanywhereFor HR/L&DSecure Hosted/SaaS Hosted on MindTickle’s secure cloud, no IT/deploymentEasy Administration MindTickle can manage end to end operations –invitations, reminders or provide self-serve interfaceFor CFOAnalytics Dashboard Insights and analytics with down to drill down view ofeach new hires and track completion rates
  5. 5. How is MindTickle different from E-learning?E-Learning AllAboard from MindTickleInteractivity Animation, quizzes &voiceGame mechanics and social featuresprovide higher engagement levelsAgility Vendor needs new SoWfor any content updates,and it may take weeksCustomizable platform that is very easyto update as content changesand turn around time can be < 1 dayDo-it-yourself/self-serveNone Self-serve/ admin interface allows yourexperts to update content themselvesROI measures None Detailed analytics and reports on userparticipation & content absorptionContent Delivery Typically restricted todevices that support FlashDesigned in HTML5; portable acrossdevices including the iPADCosts One time upfront Low upfront cost with valued based payas you go (per user subscription model)Ops & Support Limited Subscription includes 24x7 support5
  6. 6. How does it work?MindTickle provides and end-to-end solution for creating an interactive learning experiencewith your company’s contest delivered in an engaging manner + tools for administration6Training MaterialProvided by youCustomization byMindTickleManage launch &operationsProvide detailedanalytics /reports
  7. 7. Success Stories7More than 30Kusers1. The pre-join and post-joining new hire engagement and newhire orientation for all campus hires of SAP Labs customerwas done on MindTickle platform in 2011-2012- Adoption/completion jumped up to 90%- The % of new hires that reported being excited about joiningthe company climbed up by 300%2. World’s leading retailer for new manager policy refreshers3. Vodafone uses MindTickle for engaging its 10K+ team4. MakeMyTrip uses MindTickle to deliver its new hire inductionon iPads with consistent 100% engagement levelsIncreaseParticipation &Completion Rates90%IncreaseTrainingEffectiveness2-3XPilot can be rolledout in less than twoweeks1-2weeks
  8. 8. Customer Testimonials8Few of our customers:“We worked with MindTickle ongamifying SAP’s strategy and industryknowledge. The response andadoption of MindTickle employeeengagement platform has beenoverwhelming !! It is rare to witness90% adoption of any learning product,but MindTickle has demonstrated thatat SAP Labs India. We are very pleasedwith the results, and look forward tomore of such opportunities.”MD, SAP LabsMindTickle has given InMobi a large leap ahead interms of our Induction process.We find theMindTickle team to be resourceful, attuned to ourneeds and willing to constantly improve theirclient’s experience.We are very happy torecommend them.- Head, HR, ImMobiThe content was relevant to our team andinternational in scope. I loved the way youcustomized it to our specific organization.Thatmade the game truly amazing - CLO,Yahoo! India
  9. 9. 9About the Platform
  10. 10. Customizable Cloud Based Learning Platform10Social & GameMechanicsCloud BasedDeliveryEasyAdministrationUniversal AccessLearning Dashboard foreach hireEach module has its owngamification anddiscussion boardPoints and rewards oncompletion to drive usermotivationModules can be customizedby profile. Content differentfor different profilesLearners can visit andrevisit modules to refresh orrecertifyDiscussion at the end ofeach module encourageP2P and learner-trainerinteractionsDisplays profiles of newhires making it a sociallearning experienceLog In and Content Pagedcustomized for yourorganizationDeploy once and accessvia different devicesincluding mobile &tabletsBatching not required –training can start on the dayhire
  11. 11. Supports a variety of contentMulti-format delivery of PPTs, PDFs, e-learning and videos. You can bring yourcontent or embed content from partners/other sources11ILLUSTRATIVE
  12. 12. Interactive AssessmentsQuiz questions are designed to cement the learning and comprehension of thelearner, while leaderboards creates healthy competition12Lifelines AttemptsScoring is designed such that it differentiates the participant who isguessing vs. a knowledgeable/skilful participantILLUSTRATIVE
  13. 13. Levels and Badges for Learning AchievementsBadges, medals and leaderboard creates healthy competition by encouragingaspiration to earn more virtual rewards and climb up the leaderboard13ILLUSTRATIVE
  14. 14. Learner is motivated by virtual medalsQuizzes help internalize, hints and lifelines make the experience unintimidating14ILLUSTRATIVE
  15. 15. Dashboards for Metrics and AdministrationReal-time charts that show summary and drill down views15ILLUSTRATIVE
  16. 16. SecurityMindTickle’s private cloud solution provides three layers or securityand conforms to the industry standards Completed SAS70 type IIaudits ISO 27001, SOC 1/SSAE16/ISAE 3402 certifications Successfully validated as aLevel 1 service providerunder the PCI DataSecurity Standard (DSS) FISMA Moderate, ITARcompliance, FIPS 140-2,HIPAA certification16State‐of-the-art data centerservice provider Validated domains: userregistrations is verified at time ofform filling to ensure correctcompany domain Validated email: users haveto verify their email by clicking onthe activation link sent in theregistration email Users credentials areencrypted using one-wayencryption technic beforestoring into the databaseApplication AccessSecurity SHA-256 encryption Identity accessmanagement system HTTPS protocol Secure downloadingand streaming of videocontentContent Security
  17. 17. 17Flagship Offerings1. AllAboard: Pre-joining & post-joining New Hire Orientation2. Leap@Lukla: Policy Refresher3. HiFli: Employee Engagement / Quizzing
  18. 18. AllAboard: New Hire OnboardingTurn new hires into productive and committed employees using MindTickle’sflagship online new hire induction product called “AllAboard’181
  19. 19. AllAboard: FeaturesOnline social gamification experience for orienting the new hire about company’shistory, business, leadership, vision/culture, LOBs and policies191 Social & Game mechanics engagethe learner Hassle Free & secure SaaS platform Secure access anytime anywhere,even on iPad and Android Tablets Easy to use administrative interfaceFeatures:
  20. 20. AllAboard: BenefitsAllAboard can absorb existing training content and transform it into anengaging interactive learning experience Employees that are engaged earlierare more productive and will staylonger Reduce turnover that occurs in thefirst 30-90 days Reduce pre-joining churn No batching required, induction canbegin on day of joining201Benefits:
  21. 21. AllAboard: Case StudyMindTickle’s social and gamified platform was leveraged to enable learningabout company, vision, policies, benefits and information about company.211Context: Fortune 1000 client was looking to engage its new employees between the day ofoffer and joining.Results:
  22. 22. Leap@Lukla: Policy RefresherConduct regular policy refreshers or company wide interventions for engaging theentire employee community and get them aligned with the company’s philosophy222
  23. 23. Leap@Lukla: Features & BenefitsAbsorbs your existing policy/culture/values training material andtransforms it into an engaging learning experience or refresher Inspired by the ascend to Mt. Everestfrom Lukla airport Collaborative learning environment Badges for achievements Gift “boost-up” lifelines to otherparticipants Interactive quiz challenges across threemissions help refresh the understandingof company’s policy/culture/values232Features & Benefits:
  24. 24. Leap@Lukla: Case StudyMindTickle deployed “Leap@Lukla”, its social and gamified framework for thepolicy training at one of world’s largest software company2421. Challenge was to train managers of one of world’s largest technology companyon company’s policies and processes2. It was logistically impossible to get all the participants in the same room as the~300 learners were distributed globally3. In past, e-learning methods had been tried but had very limited engagement(<25% participation)Context:Results:Participation DetailsTotal Number Of Users 278 100%Number Of Users Registered 207 74%Basic Policies 189 68%Advanced Policies 173 62%
  25. 25. HiFli: Employee EngagementA trivia based engaging online game that can be a regular employee engagementevent, a quiz competition across office locations or simply a Friday Fun event253
  26. 26. HiFli: Features & BenefitsEngage employees across geographies, departments, or disciplinesusing MindTickle’s HiFli employee engagement platform Online engagement platform for icebreaking and team building Gamification – increases participation Content can be kept generic or alsohave company updates/knowledge Integraration with social networkscreates virality & buzz263Features & Benefits:
  27. 27. HiFli: Case StudyMindTickle engaged 10K+ employees for a period of weeks in a company widetrivia competition about the industry, company’s products and general knowledge273MindTickle’s employee engagement platform was used to engage 11,000employees across 23 office locations of one of the world’s largest mobile operatorsContext:Results:65% participants finished in top levels of scoring (by solving puzzles)and social interaction with other colleagues