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Tom Chi - Rapid Prototyping at Google X - MindTheProduct 2012
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Tom Chi - Rapid Prototyping at Google X - MindTheProduct 2012



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  • 1. Rapid Prototyping X Tom Chi
  • 2. How would you prototype this experience?
  • 3. Sheet ProtectorCoat hanger PlexiglasPicoprojector Netbook
  • 4. Another Example
  • 5. How would you prototype this?
  • 6. Coat hanger Fishing line Whiteboard Hairbands Presentation Binder clicker clip pen Chopstick Presentation Clicker
  • 7. Last Example
  • 8. How would you figure the general shape/size of the product?
  • 9. modeling wire clay paper scale
  • 10. So what justhappened there?
  • 11. Rate-BasedGoals By the time you try 20 things,Say the thingsyou try have a  64% chance of success5% chance ofsuccess… By the time you try 50 things,  92% chance of success
  • 12. So to maximize therate of learning,we dramaticallyminimize thetime to try things
  • 13. Don’t Guess.Learn.
  • 14. Don’t “Fail.”Learn.
  • 15. How would we prototype… a Business Model? What Conversations Need to Happen?  Act them out! What Processes Need to Work?  Prototype their operation!
  • 16. How would we prototype… a Software System? What screens would people see?  Sketch them and use immediately! What function does it need to provide?  Simulate it!
  • 17. How would we prototype… a Machine / Device? What is it’s physical form?  Simulate it! What is it’s function?  Try it the cheapest way you can
  • 18. How would we prototype… a Marketing Campaign? What will people need to know/feel?  Draw, present to strangers, listen… What thinking factors into the sale?  Let people know their role / motivation…
  • 19. How do you find a path… from the unknown to a high-quality outcome? the Possible Unknown Outcomes t
  • 20. Research Development maximize rate of learning  drive efficiency/quality1. Branch intobroad & fastexploration 3. Constellate 4. Build your results 2. Extend / prune
  • 21. Benefits of Rates1. Simple way to measure progress2. Immediately actionable – no more waiting3. Allows you evaluate experiments faster4. When you can evaluate faster, you can experiment faster
  • 22. Try fast, learn fast, revise fast (~15 prototypes / week)
  • 23. Thanks!@thegoodtomchi