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New data product recipes
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New data product recipes


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  • Save Lives: Sir Bruce Keogh persuaded heart surgeons around the UK to open up their mortality rates. In the course of a few years, mortality rates fell 22%.
  • ONS NSPD – Government statistical service codes for local authority areas, public health trusts, WARDs etc. Previously cost £200 on CD.MoD – saves you getting blown up when walking your dog
  • Who are ODUG? We’re a bit like the Jamie Oliver of public sector data.We are experts in our field. Just like Jamie.We represent our community - you, just like Jamie represents parents & children when pushing for better school mealsWe’re building the business case for more open data for you to make products with. It’s much like Jamie writing a recipe so you can make a nice meal, except that we’re not cheating by using a blender every time.We use our business cases and research papers to advise government on what will help you – the community. Again, Jamie advises government on healthy eating policy.We are supporting innovation by getting the data that will help businesses of all sizes grow. Jamie trains young chefs at 15 to help them build careers and their own restaurants.We prompt debate with the community and government by publishing our research openly & speaking at relevant events – like Product Tank. Jamie talks about his work and aims at events like the TED conference.
  • Transcript

    • 1. New Data-Product Recipes Heather Savory Open Data User Group@ODUGUK
    • 2. • Chair of Open Data User Group• Member of Data Strategy Board• Chair of Scrutiny Panel, RICSI know Tech: • To ask you for help.• Managing Director, eComData• VP Hardware Engineering, 3Dlabs • Offer you something in return.
    • 3. Why the recipe analogy?• Data generated by the User or 3rd Party is a key ingredient of many products.• Lack of ingredients can often hold products (& dishes) back.
    • 4. Public Sector Data• Public Sector Data is often: – Maps & Locations – Spending Information – Demographics & Health Stats – Traffic / Transport Information – Business Information• It‟s built by government agencies as part of their role.• It‟s funded by Taxes.
    • 5. Why should data be Open & Free?• We‟ve already paid for it through Tax.• It can help citizens to „get involved‟ & make informed choices.• It can save lives• It can help create new services or products• Charging for data can block innovation. – Can it? Has it stopped you?
    • 6. Open Data – Some Stats Premium Chow
    • 7. Where’s the Beef?• Lots of data so far!• Is it useful to you?• What‟s missing?
    • 8. Ready-to-Serve and in Preparation• ONS National Statistics Postcodes* now openly available online, for free.• MoD firing range data.• ODUG Business Cases available for comment**: – Historic Met Office data – VAT Register – Land Registry historic price paid – River Network centrelines – Rights of Way – Address Data * National Statistics Postcode Directory **
    • 9. ODUG v Jamie Oliver Experts on Open Data Expert on Italian foodRepresent the community Represents the communityBuilding the business case Writing your dinner recipes Advising Government Advising Government Supporting Innovation Supporting Innovation Prompting debate Holding debates
    • 10. ODUG Needs You!• What data will perfect your Product Recipe?• What‟s it worth to you?• Why can‟t you get it today?• Comment on our current business cases!
    • 11. What you’ll get• More data, of better quality, more easily• Opportunities to build new Products at a lower cost• Help lead the world in the Open Data revolution• A Michelin Star!
    • 12. Next Steps• Ask for ingredients• We‟ll write the Recipe• Tell us if it looks tasty @ODUGUK• Innovate like Levi Roots – “vibrant tastes & healthy ingredients”