Infectious // August // 2011


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Infectious // August // 2011

  1. 1. INFECTIOUSAUGUST 2011 a round up of the latest communications news & ideas from around the world brought to you by
  2. 2. CHEERS! HEINEKEN SERVES UP FREE WIFI IN 100 UK PUBS AND BARHolland’s favourite beer brand Heineken Every Heineken Hub will offer fast, freehas teamed up with British Telecom to Wi-Fi along with access to exclusiveprovide free Wi-Fi to drinkers in 100 pubs iNewspaper contentand bars across the UKHeineken Hubs are specially selected For more info see:venues across the UK “where specially staff take pride in pouring youthe perfect Heineken,” in the company’sown words. INFECTIOUS
  3. 3. ORANGINA CELEBRATES 75th ANNIVERSARY USING FACEBOOKTo celebrate the 75th anniversary of the The app has great potential in terms of wordbrand, Orangina has created a nostalgic of mouth, as it taps in the kind of curiosity aFacebook app that helps you remember lot of spam applications are proving successfulwho your first Facebook friends were. to trigger (eg. see who is looking at yourThe application creates a list of your top profile etc). So the results will be interesting10 Facebook friends who gave you your to see in a month time.first likes, posts and comments, sortedby date. And, as a souvenir, you can save a Try it for yourself:picture of these friends in your photo INFECTIOUS
  4. 4. McDONALDS CELEBRATES ‘DOLLAR DRINK DAYS’ IN CANADAFast food favourite McDonald’s ice, it would slowly shed its dollar coins,recently celebrated ‘Dollar Drink Days’ – giving people the exact amount to purchasea campaign that sees all its beverages a drink from the dollar menu.reduced to a mere dollar – with anexperimental promotion in Alberta, In a mere five hours the fast food brandCanada that featured a beach party, parted with 4,000 Canada dollars,complete with a DJ, street teams, family converting what could have been a very dullsports activities and giveaways. promotional giveaway into a shared reward event that saw consumers spending a fewThe highlight of the outdoor activation hours interacting directly with thewas a giant ice sculpture, which company’s logo.contained an image of the famousGolden Arches logo created out of Watch the video:thousands of individual dollar coins in the 8,000 pounds of mouldedice.As the sculpture melted, or aspassers-by furiously chipped away at the INFECTIOUS
  5. 5. APP SHOWS ROAD ACCIDENTS USING AUGMENTED REALITYMoscow’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, To encourage downloads the agency behindare hoping to highlight the importance of the app, are placing chalk-like outlines ofroad safety with an innovative new app for bodies around the city with QR codes.smartphones. The app uses geolocation There’s also a web-based version of thistechnology to augment reality and allow app for those without smartphones.users to instantly see car-related deaths,accidents and injuries that may have Watch the video:occurred in a particular area. Users can then the accident in more details withphotos, videos and information. INFECTIOUS
  6. 6. VIRTUAL BOARDING AGENTS GREET PASSENGERS AT PARIS-ORLY AIRPORTParis-Orly airport in France is testing an automated message,virtual boarding agents that greet So far the virtual agent has had a largelypassengers as they enter through the positive response with amused andboarding gates. The life-like 2D hologram surprised travellers. Airport officials hopeimages are projected onto a human- this technology will make way findingshaped plexiglas. The virtual agent clearer for passengers in comparison toappears with a press of a button to the traditional electronic displays.signal the start of boarding. The flightdestination flashes in front of thevirtual assistant and is accompanied by INFECTIOUS
  7. 7. BING INTRODUCES LOCATION- BASED APP ‘WE’RE IN’Microsoft owned search engine Bing The app is designed for Windows Phonehas announced the release of a brand and is intended for organising get-new location-based app called ‘We’re In’. togethers and hanging out with friends.The app which does pretty much what itsays on the tin allows you to invite Download the app:your friends, share your location and your status. INFECTIOUS
  8. 8. THE PEDAL-POWERED VENDING MACHINE rewarded with a free bottle of Activate, with the actual retail value of all the free bottles donated to support nutrition for pregnant women. “Bring your legs, not your quarters” was the tagline on the accompanying billboards that supported the cashless vending machine. Getting consumers to work for their freebies is definitely on the rise as brands across the globeActivate, a vitamin-enhanced bottled increasingly look to focus onwater, recently installed a pedal powered sustainability in a tangible, yetvending machine outside a shopping accessible, way – see ‘McDonaldscentre in Los Angeles as part of a celebrates ‘Dollar Drink Days’ in Canada’charitable marketing stunt for the example above.brand’s ‘Turn for the Better’ promotion.Passers-by who were prepared to jumpon a bike and pedal for 30 seconds were INFECTIOUS
  9. 9. APPLE TESTS SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION ON ONLINE STOREApple fan boys and girls amongst you The new version now has social mediamay have noticed that the online Apple integration across the store allowingStore was briefly offline on the 18th users to share products via Facebook andAugust. Twitter. INFECTIOUS
  10. 10. A CRACKING PIECE OF DIRECT FROM MERCEDES BENZLast, but by no means least, is a smart piece of direct courtesy of German car brandMercedes showing that great creative still works on paper. Print – alive and well! INFECTIOUS
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  12. 12. INFECTIOUS Created by BEN REYNOLDS Designed by AYSHA AWWADDon’t forget everything featured is available online at: