Infectious // April // 2011


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Infectious // April // 2011

  1. 1. INFECTIOUSAPRIL 2011 a round up of the latest communications news & ideas from around the world brought to you by
  2. 2. T-MOBILE ROYAL WEDDINGT-Mobile once again proves to be King website. But, as the saying goes "Talentof the viral. Their latest advert spoofs Borrows, Genius Steals".the Royal Wedding and has already Watch the T-Mobile version:attracted over 7 million views in less a week. The video takes inspiration Watch the original: the famous YouTube video JKWedding Entrance Dance which hasreceived over 64 million views on the INFECTIOUS
  3. 3. PAPA JOHN’S CREATE THE ROYAL WEDDING PIZZATakeaway pizza chain Papa John’s have being made out of mushrooms and herjumped on the royal bandwagon by dress from cheese. Williams suit hascommissioning a unique portrait of been created using salami and peppers.Prince William and Kate Middleton on apizza. If you fancy a slice of Royal pizza email: but, bePapa John’s worked with a food artist warned, they cost £500!to create the new pizza with Kates veil INFECTIOUS
  4. 4. LAST FM LAUNCHES ROYAL WEDDING RADIO STATIONLast FM has announced the launch of to be the couples first dance song.their Royal Wedding radio station, Expect a track list of Al Greens Letsdesigned to get people in the mood for Stay Together, Bryan Adams Everythingfestivities as the big day approaches. I Do and James Blunts Youre beautiful -In the lead up to April 29th people can what more could a Will and Kate fan want?access some classic love songs, including To listen for yourself, visit:those played at Charles and Dianas and those predicted by bookies INFECTIOUS
  5. 5. THE GREAT ROYAL WEDDING CARDRoyal warranted drinks manufacturer To sign the card visit:Schweppes, have teamed up with to create a giant wedding cardfor the big day. The card is signed onconsumer’s behalf when the page is"liked" by an individual. INFECTIOUS
  6. 6. COCA COLA CELEBRATES ITS 125th ANNIVERSARYEveryone’s favourite caffeine based edition cans due for an official launch onfizzy beverage is celebrating its 125th May 8th.anniversary this year. To mark theoccasion the soft drinks company have To see the designs head to:commissioned British illustrator James to design six different limited INFECTIOUS
  7. 7. WONDERBRA TRAMPOLINEWonderbra has a reputation for a no To prove their point, women can test thenonsense approach when it comes to new bra whilst jumping on trampolinespromoting their products. Wonderbra inside their stores changing to have designed the perfectstrapless bra, according to them Watch the video:‘nipplegate’ can be avoided if the bra isworn. INFECTIOUS
  8. 8. TROPICANA BILLBOARDEveryone knows oranges are a good ‘Natural Energy’ (in French), alongsidesource of vitamin C. But, did you know the Tropicana logo. A giant multi-cellthey can also power a 6 sheet billboard? battery made of copper and zinc spikesTropicana have created a billboard for and a ton of wiring powers the billboard.the French market that uses thenatural energy harnessed by oranges to Watch the video: a 6 sheet neon sign that reads INFECTIOUS
  9. 9. BIC INVENT A NEW SPORTBIC have come up with a novel way of But it doesn’t end there. After the filmcommunicating just how smooth the has finished you get the chance to playshave from its latest Flex 3 razor is – the game using your webcam or creating a new sport. Their latestviral film features said sport – human Watch the video / play the game:curling and is sure to make you laugh. INFECTIOUS
  10. 10. VODAFONE HISTORY OF MOBILEWith the help of some very slick 3D Watch the video: mapping technology, Vodafonehas traced the evolution of the mobilephone from the classic Motorola brickof the 1980s, to the omnipotent smartphones of the present day. INFECTIOUS
  11. 11. INFECTIOUS Created by BEN REYNOLDS Designed by AYSHA AWWADDon’t forget everything featured is available online at: