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Sk philosophy & hrd strategy hong-muk kim, global hr forum 2010.pdf, seoul, korea
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Sk philosophy & hrd strategy hong-muk kim, global hr forum 2010.pdf, seoul, korea


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Korea has earned a reputation for its remarkable history of rapid industrial development and growth. Now the nation's large corporations such as Samsung, LG, SK Telecom, Hyundai and Kia, continue this …

Korea has earned a reputation for its remarkable history of rapid industrial development and growth. Now the nation's large corporations such as Samsung, LG, SK Telecom, Hyundai and Kia, continue this reputation with their outstanding performance and business development. Just as Korea as a nation was able to achieve democratization and industrialization in a relatively short period through education, its global corporations have quickly risen to success through effective training and management of their human resources. In the four preceding Global HRD Forums, international participants have consistently expressed their interest in learning about the future HR plans and talent strategies of these major corporations. This session is designed to answer their questions. HR managers from prominent business enterprises in Korea will make presentations to share their past experiences in talent training and management as well as their future strategies

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  • 2. SK Group OverviewSK Group Overview Operating Companies : 80 Sales : 82 Trillion Won People : 30,000 Energy • Chemicals SK Energy, SKC SizeSize BusinessesBusinesses FoundedFounded 1953 Telecommunications SK Telecom, SK C&C, Comm. Logistics • Service SK Networks, SK E&C, Walkerhill
  • 3. 2 SK’s Propriety Management System “SKMSSKMS” Common understanding of management Agree on management philosophy and methodology Integrate different members into SK in a short period of time Create SK corporate culture Leadership of the CEO Concentrate on core business with focus on energy and telecommunications SK ‘s Growth Engine
  • 4. What is SKMS?What is SKMS? SKMS(SK Management System) SK’s Management System, SKMS, is a management philosophy and methodology established with the full support and consent of SK people. Systematic organization of SK Management Philosophy & Methodology Systematic organization of SK Management Philosophy & Methodology Accumulated management experience Long-term research and effort Agreed by all SK People SK’s Management System, “SK Management Philosophy & Execution Methodology”
  • 5. 5 SK Management Principle Co-development of individuals & corporation Human-Oriented Management Pursuit of SUPEX Goals Establish Environment to pursue SUPEX Management Practice most characteristic of SK Management Practice chosen by SK “Pursuing SUPEX via Human-Oriented Management”“Pursuing SUPEX via Human-Oriented Management”
  • 6. Nurturing Human ResourcesNurturing Human ResourcesNurturing Human Resources SK People Training Provide R&D Funding to Major Universities Scholarship Quiz Jang-wen-bang (China) Korea Advanced Education Foundation Nurturing Talents as if Nurturing the Forest
  • 7. “ A place where the management philosophy of the former chairman breathes” “A place for carrying out corporate social responsibility” • Nurture talent as you nurture trees, ‘SUPEX execution through human- oriented management’ • ‘Forest of talent’ which has fostered talents for 40 years • Love for country through forestation ,‘A person who loves his country plants trees’ • Purchased barren forest land in a remote area in the mountains, ‘This is not to make money off the land’ The significance of Mount Indeung to SK ..
  • 8. Past Now SK People have the "Forest of Talent”...
  • 9. 10 Resource, capital and people are generally said to be the three factors of corporations in modern business. But the most important factor is people, people, and people. As such, SK Academy must develop into a central organization that instill s pride in and develops the capabilities of all SK people. -Remarks at the Opening of SK Academy-
  • 10. MissionMission RolesRoles Rearming the SK Values such as SK Founding Spirit, Corporate Culture, Etc Key Leaders’ Competency Development and Training for SKMS Execution SKMS Execution Support & Internal Communication through Values Training Foster Core Leadership Continuous Development of Employee Competencies “Foster SUPEX Leaders Equipped with SK Values” Vision & Mission of SK AcademyVision & Mission of SK Academy
  • 11. Framework to share the Core ValuesFramework to share the Core Values CEO Seminar Establishment & Agreement of Strategic Direction Executive Strategy Seminar Establish & share detailed action plans Executive Workshop Team Leaders Disseminate to each Teams and set action plans Team Members
  • 12. SK- Manship SK People who are the ones that implement SKMS must have the following qualifications Pae-gi Capabilities to implement SKMS Self- Leadership SK Values
  • 13. Characteristics of SK Values TrainingCharacteristics of SK Values Training Direct Communication with Top Mgmt. & CEO Chairman and CEO’s lecture to all constituents at SK Academy Chairman and CEO’s attend Newcomer Orientation (1975~) CEOCEO’’s lectures lecture at Values Trainingat Values Training
  • 14. Break Down the Walls of Authority, Top Mgmt lead by Example Characteristics of SK Values TrainingCharacteristics of SK Values Training Top Mgmt., CEO and Executives use various Communications to disseminate the Core Values to SK constituents
  • 15. Executives are the lecturers to strengthen the belief in the Core Values Values (Core Values) Has to be easily understood and agreed by all employees. Leaders have to speak repeatedly and continuously about the values to the employees, and they have to learn and develop through this process. Characteristics of SK Values TrainingCharacteristics of SK Values Training Key Executives within the Group lecture on the Core Values of SK to spread them throughout all Operating Companies
  • 16. SUPEX Leaders who are armed with SK Values and continuously create outstanding performance Pursue SUPEX “Challenging Spirit with Pae-gi” Human – Oriented Management “Focus on People” System Management “Management based on agreed rules and principles” SK’s Leaders are...SK’s Leaders are...
  • 17. All SK Affiliates Pursue SUPEX Company Gain world best competitiveness in core biz areas Company with a continuously evolving mgmt system based on SKMS Complete Transparent & Efficient Governance System Establish an advanced governance system that can receive trust & support Complete a network model of companies that share the same corporate culture & brand Pursue Happiness of Stakeholders Continuously create customer, SK member & shareholder value Actively contribute to society through social/cultural activities Towards the next 100 years of SK Happiness
  • 18. Thank YouThank YouThank You