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Global hr forum2009-younggil_kim-new directions for higher education in the 21st century
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Global hr forum2009-younggil_kim-new directions for higher education in the 21st century


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  • 1. New Directions for Higher Education In the 21st Century To be presented at the Global HR Forum 2009 at Walker Hill Hotel Nov 3-5 2009 | Seoul, Korea Young-Gil Kim President of Handong Global Univ.
  • 2. Integrative and Holistic Approach for a Creative Higher Education in the 21st Century From Isolation to Integration of Space-Time-Matter
  • 3. Progress of Human Civilization New Era Demands New Educational Paradigm Development Ubiquitous Global -Humanization Age <Wisdom Moral Spiritual> Local / National Bio-Green Economy Age <Synthetic Capability : IT, BT, NT, ET> Knowledge-based Age < Knowledge > Einstein’s Relativistic World / Quantum Physical World Hunter-Gathering Industrial Age < Mechanical > Agricultural Age Newtonian Absolute World <Manual> 19C 20C 21C Time Global HR Forum 2009
  • 4. Progression of Information & Knowledge Level Wisdom Discerning Use of Knowledge (Intuition) Knowledge Application and Use of Information with Information Human Actions Spirit Arrangement of Data in Meaningful Pattern Wisdom Data Knowledge Ways of Expression Things : number, table, image, sound Information Data 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020 Year ※ 21C demands more people with wisdom than those with knowledge. Global HR Forum 2009
  • 5. UNESCO : Reforming Higher Education “ Higher education itself is confronted with formidable challenges and must proceed to the most radical change and renewal it has ever been required to undertake, so that our society, which is currently undergoing a profound crisis of values, can transcend mere economic consideration and incorporate deeper dimension of morality and spirituality.” Global HR Forum 2009
  • 6. Revolution and Cultural Change 20 C 21 C Shift Society Industrial society Information society Einstein Relativistic/ Science Newton Physics Quantum Physics Tech. Manufacturing (Hardware) High Tech. (Software) Worker Manual worker Knowledge worker Hierarchy Authority based Networking based Choice Single Option Multiple Options Economy National Global Information Technology(IT) changes Future !!! Global HR Forum 2009
  • 7. Changes in Educational Contents in the 21C 20c was geared to train students to memorize much of contents in the textbook. But factual knowledge may become obsolete soon. The rate of change of knowledge is fast, and the life cycle of new information and knowledge become short. 21c Education should teach students how to explore the unknown, to challenge the impossible, and to develop the ability to be creative. Teaching → Learning → Thinking → Creativity → Innovation Global HR Forum 2009
  • 8. 4 Key Elements of University Education in the 21C ※ Education should not simply be accumulating and conveying information and knowledge, but nurturing the learning ability of students. The learning process needs to be based on the capacity to find, access, and apply knowledge to problem solving. Why Needed? 4 Critical basic skills Life is not like a multiple choice test, or right-or-wrong Critical Thinking Student may one day face the ambiguous Analytical reasoning and complex situation in real life Written communication Problem solving Needs to learn how to solve the real-life problem Global HR Forum 2009
  • 9. Duality of Nature : Perception Depends on Mindset byJosephJ astrow(1863-1944) : anAmerican Psychologist “Dual Nature of Light: It behaves as particles and waves” Global HR Forum 2009
  • 10. Attributes of the 21C Education Integration of Academic Disciplines, Character, Space-Time-Matter and Life with Environment ∙ Inter & Trans-disciplinary Education ∙ Team Work & Inter-personal Relationship ∙ Honesty & Integrity ∙ Holistic Whole-person Education ∙ Globalization ∙ Cyber Ubiquitous-Literacy ∙ Eco-Literacy Global HR Forum 2009
  • 11. Transition from Newtonian to Einstein’s Relativistic / Quantum Physics and to Integrative & Holistic Worldview “Macroscopic” “Sub-Atomic” “Integrative” Newtonian Worldview Relativistic Quantum Worldview Integrative & Holistic Worldview (Industrial Age) (Information-Knowledge Age) (Ubiquitous-Humanization Age) 20C 21C Global HR Forum 2009
  • 12. Newtonian Absolute Worldview In macroscopic physical world , Space, Time, and Matter of the Universe are treated as Matter - Separate - Independent - Absolute - Deterministic Space Time ※ Based on “Cause-and-Effect Reasoning” Global HR Forum 2009
  • 13. Einstein’s Relativistic / Quantum Physical Worldview In sub-atomic microscopic world, Matter Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity Space, Time, and Matter are (Energy) predicts the Equivalence of Matter(M) - Interactive and Energy(E). - Complementary (E=MC2) - Commutable (C): Speed of light in vacuum Space Time (3.0X108m/s)  Time and Space are merged into one “Spacetime” Continuum Moving clocks run slow. Moving measuring sticks contract in length along the direction of motion.  Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle states position and momentum cannot be known to an arbitrary precision. Predictable Cause-and-Effect → Uncertain Chaotic Probability Global HR Forum 2009
  • 14. Integrative & Holistic Comprehensive Worldview POWER (Invisible) Materialism → Human Life Human Soul & Spirit Intangible Life Energy Matter Matter Preparation for the Future Networking Space Time Speed Space Time Global HR Forum 2009
  • 15. Importance of Holistic Education in the 21C Wisdom and Creativity belong to Human Beings. The Whole Person Education of Human Beings is essential for the Future. “인재가 미래다” Global HR Forum 2009 “Live Together” Global HR Forum 2009
  • 16. Recovery of Human Education ※ Education means much more than passing on knowledge contents to students. Education means shaping their character and life of student. “We have forgotten that we teach the humanities to help students understand what it means to be human.” 2006, Professor Harry Lewis at Harvard College “the question of the meaning of life has been largely abandoned by college and university teachers. ” 2007, Former Dean Anthony T. Kronman at the Yale Law School Global HR Forum 2009
  • 17. Nature of Human Beings : Body, Soul and Spirit Living is an Interaction Environment between Physical Body and Earthly Environment Body through five senses to soul and spirit. Soul Science has a limitation: Science cannot prove the existence of love, Spirit but love exists. Conscience What is the purpose of Life? Emotion “Where is the Life we have lost in living?” “Where is the Wisdom we have lost in knowledge?” “Where is the Knowledge we have lost in Information?” - T.S. Eliot (1888-1965)The Rock(1934) Global HR Forum 2009
  • 18. Steps from Creativity to Business / Economic Development Divergent Thinking for Creativity Convergent Action for Innovation Creativity Entrepreneurship Marketing Business/ Invention Economy Venture Innovation Global HR Forum 2009
  • 19. Creativity, Invention, and Innovation Creativity Innovation Thinking of new things Doing new things or or thoughts (Idea) Invention thoughts (Action) ▪ Vertical thinking Application of : Digging the same hole Transforming new knowledge deeper new thoughts into in production (In the same box) new tangible ideas to be practical ▪ Lateral thinking and applicable : Digging new holes in a new location (Out of Box) Global HR Forum 2009
  • 20. Realization of Creativity Synthetic Capability Intuition, Imagine, “ Creativity is Power ” Explore, Connect, Discover, Invent, Adapt Creativity Analytic Capability Practical Capability Analyze, Evaluate Apply, Utilize, Judge, Compare, Implement, Activate, Contrast Play, Express Global HR Forum 2009
  • 21. Synthesizing IQ, EQ, PQ, and SQ for Creativity Right Brain Left Brain Emotional Quotient Intelligence Quotient (EQ) (IQ) Heart Physical Quotient (PQ) Morality and Spirituality (SQ) ■ Albert Einstein “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” “If I was not a physicist, I would probably be a musician.” Global HR Forum 2009
  • 22. Synthesizing Newton’s Macroscopic and Einstein’s Relativistic / Quantum Physics for Creativity Newton’s Absolute Relativistic Quantum Space, Time, and Matter Space-Time-Matter Analytical Capability Integrative Capability Creativity Practical Capability - GPS needs relativistic correction for Navigation - Cellular phone in your hand uses quantum effects Global HR Forum 2009
  • 23. Integrative and Holistic Approach for a Creative Higher Education at HGU From Isolation to Integration of Space-Time-Matter with Character and Life
  • 24. HGU’s Motto since its inception in 1995 24 Global HR Forum 2009
  • 25. Shift of Education Paradigm 20C 21C Globalization Academic Knowledge Knowledge Academic Honesty & Integrity - Y 1994 : Commercialization of Internet (www) - Y 1995 : Launching of the Global Economy (GATT > WTO) Global HR Forum 2009
  • 26. Educational Framework of HANDONG • Competent & Honest Global Leadership Global Leadership Training • Communication Ability Globalization • Inter-cultural Competencies • Global Mind Set (Global Manner) (Education/Research) Knowledge Global Professional Ability • Broad-Academic Disciplinary • Cross-disciplinary Education • Double Major, Free Choice of Courses Global Character Building Honesty & Integrity • Handong Honor Code (Non-proctor Exam) • Social SERVICE • Team Work & Mentorship Education Global HR Forum 2009
  • 27. Establishment of Global EDISON Academy at HGU • Three Ingredients of the 21st Century Education Knowledge Education E.D.I.S.O.N. Character Global Education Education Global HR Forum 2009
  • 28. Global EDISON Academy E.D.I.S.O.N. Education of Competent and Honest Global Leadership Dynamic & Creative Cross-Disciplinary Curricula Integrity and Uprightness for Sound Character Building Synergistic Outcome through Cooperation Open and Borderless Global Educational Partnership Nurturing of the Whole Person with Comprehensive Worldview Global HR Forum 2009
  • 29. Objectives of GEA(Global EDISON Academy) • Whole-person education : Essential for global-age leaders • Cross and multidisciplinary education : Broad knowledge for comprehensive world view and problem solving ability • Education to make leaders : Current education does not distinguish education for the leaders and the followers even if those jobs are quiet different Global HR Forum 2009
  • 30. Change of Technology, Business and Law over Time • From Isolation in the 20C to Integration in the 21C Global HR Forum 2009
  • 31. Integration of Knowledge with Character Global Enterprise Entrepreneurship-MBA Global HR Forum 2009
  • 32. Establishment of Handong International Law School at HGU  Opened in 2002  84 Graduates passed US Bar Exam (2009. now)  All academic programs provide 100% English  All Faculty are Native English speakers  International Affiliate of American Association of Law School (AALS) A. Basic coverage of substantive US law typically included in bar exams including: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, B. Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Intellectual Property, Torts, Evidence, Commercial Transactions, Corporations and Professional Responsibility. Global HR Forum 2009
  • 33. Impact of Globalization • Large Gap in human capital formation • High degree of inequality of educational opportunities • Inadequacy of resources • Weakness in quality and relevance of HE • Brain drain MONGOLIA UZBEKISTAN AFGHANISTAN Global HR Forum 2009
  • 34. UNESCO Designated HGU as Host University for Educating Developing Countries – UNITWIN Establishing of the UNITWIN Network on Capacity Building of Sustainable Developing Countries in Asia Region Ceremony at UNESCO Headquarters on 5 April 2007 Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura and the President of Handong Global University, Dr. Young-Gil Kim, signed an agreement concerning the establishment of a UNITWIN cooperation program between UNESCO and the Network on Capacity Building of Sustainable Development in Developing countries.
  • 35. “No Nations Left Behind” Education and Value : Poverty is not Fate 30 April 2007 „It is very unique model to assist developing countries through education‟ „Bridge the “digital divide” between developing and developed countries‟ -Sixtine LEON-DUFOUR (Le FIGARO) We studied useful business plan in HANDONG for my country‟s development - Yana Ibragimova (Student from Uzbekistan) Global HR Forum 2009
  • 36. OECD - Handong Internship Program M.O.A. - HGU becomes first Korean university to send interns to the OECD. - Another accomplishment for HGU's globalization program. Ceremony at OECD on 10 Sep. 2008 in Paris France Mr. Angel Gurria, the OECD's Secretary General, Mr. Tae-Shin Kwon, Ambassador at the Korean Delegation to the OECD, and Mr. Young Gil Kim, President of HGU were sign on the MOA in the ceremony.
  • 37. Global Education Partnership Brain Circulation Capacity Building “No Nations Left Behind” Global HR Forum 2009
  • 38. Integration of Scientific Technology for Green Development 녹색융합과학기술 (Green Development Technology) 응용과학 (Technology) 기초과학 (Basic Science) Global HR Forum 2009
  • 39. Nanoscale Science and Technology for Green Research Global HR Forum 2009
  • 40. Global Research Network of GGRI Global Green Research Institute Germany Israel Karlsruhe Institute Technion - Israel of Technology Institute of Technology, Dr. Schimmel/Dr. Leuthold Korea Haifa, Israel Nano science and Technology GGRI Prof. Y. Kashi at UNESCO USA Global ESC Park Korea NSF–NSEC of RPI I.D.E.A. Dr. Siegel Nanoscale USA HGU, KAIST Science and SNU, POSTECH University of Engineering DGIST Georgia Center Dr. Schaefer Molecular synthesis and analysis Global HR Forum 2009
  • 41. Ongoing Green Growth R&D Global Green Research Institute Atomic Transistor Green Nuclear Energy Hyperthermal Neutral Beam Green Tech Hydrogen Production Directed Assembly of Nano Structure Synthetic Oil Quantum Dot Solar Cell Green Bio and Life Science Alternative Energy Microbial Fuel Cell F i l e Info. F AS T CAM-U l tima512 32KC 1 0 0 0 fps 1 /f r ame s ec 512 12 ×5 5 0 3 f rames (99)Current Time (1)Current Time +00:00:01.655000 +00:00:01.557000 Angle Angle Left side: 105˚ Left side: 110˚ Right side: 109˚ 3 ?m Right side: 112˚ optical Mult (26)Current Time (50)Current Time (79)Current Time ~50,000 of fibers iple +00:00:01.582000 +00:00:01.606000 +00:00:01.635000 Angle Angle Angle Left side: 76˚ Left side: 82˚ Left side: 85˚ Right side: 85˚ Right side: 82˚ Right side: 85˚ 3 ?m xed sam op tical ple pr pr pr fibers p o o ob pr b pr Global HR Forum 2009
  • 42. Opening Minds To The World Peace and prosperity in the 21st Century depend on increasing the capacity of people to think and work on a global and intercultural basis. As technology opens borders, educational and professional exchange opens minds. - IIE(Institute of International Education) Global HR Forum 2009
  • 43. Fact Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Young-Gil Kim President of Handong Global University Dr. Young-Gil Kim ( is the founding and chartered president of Handong Global University ( in Pohang, Korea since 1995. Since then, he nurtured HGU to what it is today with his new educational philosophy based on cross-border, multidisciplinary and whole-person education with global perspective commensurate with the 21st Century. Prior to becoming the president of HGU, Dr. Kim was a professor of material science and engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) for 15 years. While Dr. Kim was in the United States, he worked at NASA-Lewis Research Centre in Cleveland, Ohio, on high-temperature alloys for aerospace applications. He also worked at US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, and at the Research and Development Centre of the International Nickel Company (INCO), in Suffern, New York. Dr. Young-Gil Kim was appointed as and is serving the Chairman of the Committee on Science & Technology, Presidential Advisory Council on Education, Science & Technology (PAC EST) of the Republic of Korea since Oct 29. 2008. Dr. Kim also serves as the Chairman of Education Sector of the Korean National Commission for the UNESCO, and UNESCO Chair/UNITWIN Network of International Centre for Capacity Building and Entrepreneurship at HGU. Dr. Kim received B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, in 1964; , M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from University of Missouri-Rolla in 1969;, and Ph.D. in Material Science & Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, in 1972. Dr. Kim also received Ph.D. in International Management Honoris Causa from the Institute of Finance and Economics (IFE) of Mongolia in 2003. Global HR Forum 2009
  • 44. Thank You Global HR Forum 2009