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NCAT Course Redesign Presentation NCAT Course Redesign Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Redesigning Introductory Spanish: A Blended Approach
    GlynisCowell, Director, Spanish Language Program
    Hosun Kim, Director, Foreign Language Resource Center
    Rob Moore, Manager, Foreign Language Resource Center
  • Background & Motivations
    Video link (11:04): http://flrcvideos.unc.edu/video.php?link=532
    Presented by: GlynisCowell, Director, Spanish Language Program
  • ROML Course Redesign Rationale
    Introductory Spanish at UNC
    - Enrollment growth
    (funds to support additional sections)
    - Lack of instructors
    - Limited classroom space
  • Success in Course Redesign
    Student performance
    Preserved resources
    Administrative perspectives
  • Process of Redesign
    Planning instrument
    Reports written by the previous programs
    - Most students do not take advantage of face-to-face drop-in tutoring or instructor office hours.
    - Students do consider weekly small peer-led groups helpful.
  • Benefits of Course Redesign
    Experienced instructors
    Convenience and flexibility
    UNC’s peer tutoring program
    Cutting-edge technology
    Infrastructure (FLRC)
  • Overview of the Course Redesign Project
    Video link (8:54): http://flrcvideos.unc.edu/video.php?link=534
    Presented by: Hosun Kim, Director of Foreign Language Resource Center
  • Course comparison
  • Hybrid Course Description
    One face-to-face class meeting with instructor
    - Lesson plans
    - Powerpoint presentations
    - Handouts
  • Hybrid Course Description
    One face-to-face small group session with peer tutor
    - Lesson plan
    - Handout (activity sheet)
  • Hybrid Course Description
    Online exercises (equivalent to 2 class meetings)
    - Online program:
    Enlinea 2.0
  • Importance of Infrastructure
    Video link (8:31) : http://flrcvideos.unc.edu/video.php?link=525
    Presented by: Rob Moore, Manager of Foreign Language Resource Center
  • Resources
    Creation of a support infrastructure for both instructors and students
    - Tutorials / Training
    - Language Support
  • Resources
    Creation of sense of community through use of peer tutors
    - Undergraduates
    - Academic Credit
  • Resources
    Creation of an Instructional Commons by renovating a computer lab
    - Classroom
    - Small groups
  • Department Support
    The redesign process took several years and required support from administration
    - Top down support in Department
    - College of Arts & Sciences
  • Results and Assessment Methodology
    Video link (9:37): http://flrcvideos.unc.edu/video.php?link=533
    Presented by: Hosun Kim, Director of Foreign Language Resource Center
  • Assessment methodology
    Comparison of 5 hybrid/5 traditional sections
    - Common items in final exam
    - Oral interviews (independent grader)
    Student surveys (attitudinal)
    - Self-perception about progress
    - Sense of community
  • Student perceptions of skill areas
  • Learning outcomes
  • Sense of community
  • Follow-ups
    Revision of hybrid course materials
    - More interactive activities
    - Focus on conversation
    - Pacing coverage of course material
  • Follow-ups
    Development of strategies to promote community and collaboration in hybrids
    - Two mandatory office hours
    - Orientation Videos
    - Video of past student’s experiences
    - Course management tool
  • Follow-ups
    Improvement of support for instructors and students
    - spanhybridhelp@unc.edu
    - Small group session scheduler
  • Next steps
    Spanish 102 and 105 will remain hybrid
    Spanish 101 online project
    - Issues to be discussed
    Content delivery
    Sense of the community
    - Course set-up
    Lesson video
    Partner conversation
    Online exercises
    Weekly mandatory office hours
  • Lessons Learned from Course Redesign
    Video link: http://flrcvideos.unc.edu/video.php?link=531
    Presented by GlynisCowell, Director, Spanish Language Program
  • Questions?
    Glynis Cowell gscowell@email.unc.edu
    Hosun Kim hosunk@email.unc.edu
    Rob Moore romoore@email.unc.edu