Tweet your way to success—A 10 point plan for twitter success


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Tweet your way to success—A 10 point plan for twitter success

  2. 2. Executive SummaryWhether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, chances are you already know about the stormcreated by Twitter. Twitter helps you remain virtually connected to your peers and customers 24/7, andTweets and Re-Tweets help your company’s search engine optimization efforts. You’ve heard howhelpful it proves when building your business’s brand online. So now you’ve created a Twitter account.Now you’re probably wondering, “how can I make an impact in 140 characters or less?” Here are a fewtips that can help.Managing Your Online ReputationThe first thing you need to do is learn to manage your online reputation. Word-of-mouth marketing andpublicity are the strongest and most credible forms of advertisement. Monitor what your customers aresaying about your products or services because. one negative comment can have lasting negative effectson your brand image.Welcome Complaints and SuggestionsUse this to your advantage and contact the unsatisfied tweeter. If you can address their problemquickly, you will create a long –term loyal customer who appreciates your efforts to fix things. AND, theywill likely spread the news of your efforts across the web. Also, pay attention to what your detractorsare saying. After all, what other source gives you free access to what prospects need and want, in yourmarket segment? You have customers telling you very clearly what they want. It doesn’t get any betterthan this!Be YourselfWrite something about yourself that makes your followers feel you’re a realperson, not just another automated Tweeting program. You can uploadpictures, talk about what’s important to you—even if these things are notdirectly linked to your brand.Don’t OversellTalking about your brand on Twitter is just fine, but focusing on it all the time is a definite no-no. Whileit may be true that you created a Twitter account to connect with your prospects, remember that it’sbasically a networking tool, not a sales program.
  3. 3. Be Direct Twitter allows you to send direct messages. Use this feature, rather than sending Tweets directed to one person publicly. By using the direct messaging system, you are showing the customer you care because --- you took the time to address them personally. But try not to spam their inbox. Regular updates are best sent through Tweets and not as direct messages. Participate Be active in the Twitter community. Being active does not only mean Tweeting; it means being involved in discussions. Re-Tweet what you find to be relevant or value adding, even if it isn’t related to your brand.PersonalizeYour Twitter page can convey a lot about you. Personalize the theme, and look and feel to reflect yourbrand. Otherwise, you risk being viewed as just another marketer in the crowd who opened an accountso they can sell.Add ValueAdd value to the Twitter community by providing useful information. You can help people who havequestions in areas related to your expertise. That way you’ll build a strong relationship with yourfollowers that will go beyond sales and marketing.Use ToolsThere are many Twitter-friendly tools available online to enhance yourefforts. Use them to strengthen your Twitter presence.Use Other Social Networking Sites to Build UpYour FollowersTry to connect to your Twitter followers on other social networking sites as well. This way, if someone ismore active on Facebook and LinkedInthan in Twitter, you can create animpression there. Do you have a blog?
  4. 4. Add a Twitter widget to your site so visitors to your blog know what you are Tweeting about.And lastly, don’t forget that consistency is the key to success on social media. Twitter is no different.Stay involved. Stay genuine and you’ll stay successful. Happy Tweeting!
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