Intelligent prospecting with amp


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Intelligent prospecting with amp

  2. 2. Executive SummaryMarketing 2.0 is all about understanding the needs of the prospect and providing them with valueadding solutions. Business has evolved to the extent that it calls for a thorough integration between thesales and marketing functions. But, bringing about this kind of integration- without the support oftechnology- is impossible. This whitepaper outlines how MindMatrix’s marketing automation softwareprogram---Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) -- unifies sales and marketing.Prospecting—A Child of Marketing 2.0About a decade ago, marketing would pass on a bunch of leads to the salesteam. The salespeople would call them up. If the prospect was interested,the call would be followed up with a meeting, if not, the lead would beconsidered dead. Research confirms that one in three leads that isconsidered dead… turns into a sale at some point in time. That means Research confirms thatwhen prospects say they are ‘not interested’ in the offering, what some of one in three leads that isthem mean is, ‘they are not interested at the moment.’ While some maybe highly interested and would like to start the buying process straight considered dead… turnsaway, others require time and more information before they are ready to into a sale at some point inmake a purchase. A study conducted by Wharton School of Business notedit takes 9-15 touch-points to make a prospect even remember a particular time.brand when decision-making time arrives. This means an enterprise has toconstantly stay in touch with its contacts through e-mails, newsletters, andcustomized offers. Marketing 2.0 involves staying in touch with the prospects so that they consider thebrand when it’s time to make a decision.Intelligent Prospecting—Following your customer in the modern marketplaceAnticipating prospect needs and providing them with possible solutions, is now the standard marketexpectation. However, with advancements in technology, prospects are able to interact with thebusiness at a wide range of often un-related venues: websites, social networking sites, blogs, peer-reviews, and e-mails. Given this wide array of touch-points, it may seem virtually impossible to identifyand respond to each customer’s individual behavior as they track through the buying cycle, especiallywhen they learn about you in so many different venues. MindMatrix AMP offers a long –term solution to this challenge. With greater accuracy and less labor,your marketing and sales teams can follow customers, share and integrate their acquired knowledgeabout a prospect’s interest, and develop responsive personalized solutions. With AMP, you candetermine what their interests are and what features of your product they are paying attention to.What appears to be their level of interest? Is price a major focus? AMP allows you to watch customeractivity across all touch points and proactively develop responses to the interest “telegraphed” by theirbehavior.For example, Callahan Realty has a prospect, Jim, who is looking to buy a new six bedroom house in acouple of months. Jim visited the company’s website and searched for properties around WellsburgCounty. Also, Jim went on Facebook, checked out Callahan Realty’s fan-page and posted a question in
  3. 3. the forum about life quality in Gaithersburg County, adjoining Wellsburgarea. If Callahan Realty adopted the integrated marketing approach, theycan easily determine the kind of property and area Jim is interested in. Thiswill allow them to provide Jim with more relevant offerings. AMP places high emphasis on intelligent prospecting. UsingHow AMP Can Help? AMP lends a great degree ofAMP places high emphasis on intelligent prospecting. Using AMP lends a flexibility, scalability, andgreat degree of flexibility, scalability, and personal touch to the marketing personal touch to theprocess. AMP provides the following advantages: marketing process. 360⁰ CUSTOMER VIEW: AMP provides a 360⁰ vision of prospects. AMP analyzes the ‘digital footprint’ of prospects and provides detailed information about prospects’ web behaviors such as, the pages on the website they visited, the links they clicked, the whitepapers they downloaded, etc. AMP, answers questions like: o What are the prospect preferences in various areas? o What products/solutions can you cross-sell? o How did the prospect come across your site? o When the prospect visited your site? o What tabs they clicked on? o What whitepapers they downloaded? o When did they last interact with your company? o What was the outcome of the interaction? PERSONALIZATION: AMP lends a high degree of personalization to the company’s prospecting efforts. Personalized one-to-one marketing communications are much more effective than the standard ‘one size fits all’ policy. AMP enables the business to move beyond the basics- like addressing the recipients by their names. AMP has a well written modern code that places high emphasis on personalization of both textual and visual content, which lends AMP the capability to learn about the prospect from their digital footprints and adapt itself to prospect behavior. For example, Jim, a prospect never opens advertisements sent through HTML e-mails. AMP has the ability to capture this information and act upon it. Once the program identifies that a particular prospect never clicks open HTML e-mails,
  4. 4. it will learn from this behavior and send the next marketing campaign through some other media—this could be in the form of a portable document, direct mail, or as an e- book! INTELLIGENT FOLLOW UP: Intelligent follow up involves utilizing different media to stay in touch with prospects and keep the lead warm until it becomes hot and sales-ready. AMP is smart enough to follow up on your leads based upon a previously established sequence. It can automatically trigger the consequent steps in a marketing program. AMP is equipped with both time-based and activity based-triggers. INTEGRATION OF YOUR SALES AND MARKETING FUNCTIONS: Most available marketing automation software programs only concentrate on automating the marketing process. They automate sending out e-mail campaigns, design landing pages, and so on. But AMP truly closes the loop between the marketing and sales functions by bringing about a seamless integration of the two. AMP ties up the marketing system with Sales, CRM, and ERP to facilitate unobstructed flow of data between each of these systems. IMPROVED RETURNS: With AMP, the business will be rewarded with better returns on its marketing investments because AMP’s intelligent prospecting yields better results because it focuses its marketing campaigns on specific prospects. Just as the interest level varies from prospect to prospect, the marketing strategy should also vary. For example, one prospect may be close to the buying stage while another may still be hunting for information. What the business communicates to them should vary depending upon their preferences and their stage in the process.Being aware of prospects’ actions enables businesses to adapt its marketing strategy to prospect behavior, thuslending a higher degree of effectiveness to the marketing strategy. While better understanding of prospects,enables businesses to provide more flexible offerings. This enhances the relationship between the business andits prospects. Thus, AMP enables a business to build a strong relationship with its prospects, which can go a longway when the prospects are in the wake of making a buying decision.
  5. 5. For the past 14 years, MindMatrix has been aligning sales and marketingfunctions for over 20,000 sales and marketing professionals across 200companies, from diverse verticals through its innovative sales andmarketing software and solutions.Unique to the industry, MindMatrix offers Next Generation MarketingAutomation software on a single unified platform for Sales and Marketing.Our solutions bring about a seamless integration of the 2 functions helpingour clients derive the maximum benefit from their investment i n marketingand sales automation.Contact me today to know more about how MindMatrix solutions can helpyou align your marketing and sales processes for improved results.