Customer analytics & marketing automation


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This article discusses the benefits of Customer Analytics and outlines the benefits, as well as the role, of marketing automation in Customer Analytics. AMP can distill and collate raw data to create a relevant understanding of customer behavior for effective direct marketing and customer relationship management.

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Customer analytics & marketing automation

  2. 2. Executive SummarySuccess in business mandates an obsessive focus on the customer. In order to develop acustomer-oriented approach at all levels, a business should be well informed of customerbehavior, preferences, and needs—in short, all the concerns behind the field of CustomerAnalytics. This whitepaper discusses the benefits of Customer Analytics and outlines thebenefits, as well as the role, of AMP in Customer Analytics. AMP can distill and collate raw datato create a relevant understanding of customer behavior for effective direct marketing andcustomer relationship management.What Is Customer Analytics?Customer analytics is often erroneously considered synonymous with customer data. Customerdata is all the raw information an organization is able to collect fromits users and potential customers. Customer Analytics is the processof using that raw data to create a vision of buyer’s needs, wants,behavioral patterns, and preferences. Customer analytics is the Customer Analytics is thebusiness’s way into the mind of the customer. process of using the raw data to create a vision ofThe Prerequisite of Customer Analytics buyer’s needs, wants,In order to put customer analytics at work in your business, a basic behavioral patterns, andrequirement is a complete integration of all the varied business preferences. Customerfunctions. Sales, production, engineering, accounting, and marketing analytics is the business’sall possess critical pieces of information about a customer. Only way into the mind of thewhen all of these sources of data are integrated, can one paint the customer.most complete picture of customer behavior.How AMP Can Help?AMP is sophisticated marketing automation software that can bring about that integration.Using AMP, attributes can be tied to names on a marketing list. By deploying AMP for customeranalytics, a firm can benefit in the following ways: COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE: AMP provides a 360-degree view of the prospect/customer. AMP looks at customer activities holistically and provides a more total customer view. For example, AMP can identify which prospect/customer visited which page of a web site. It can provide information about the source the visitor used to access your site—a marketing e-mail, a search engine or a press release. SKETCHING OUT THE CUSTOMER: AMP takes raw data and creates a 360 degree approach to customer activities.
  3. 3. For example, at the time a customer/prospect registers on a site, AMPcaptures details such as name, age, contact information, and custompreferences. It goes on to capture their information such as the linksclicked, time spent per page, and return visits. Then, AMP is intelligentenough to put these together and provide you with a complete customerpicture.TARGETED MARKETING: With AMP, a business can provide direction toits marketing efforts. AMP allows anenterprise to capture as much data, as itwishes, about its customer/prospect. Considera distributor who stocks products from AMP allows anmultiple manufacturers. Using AMP, the enterprise to capturedistributor can determine a retailer’s brandpreferences and personalize the marketing as much data, as itcollateral accordingly. If a retailer in Georgia wishes, about itsprefers Brand A, then all marketing campaignsmight focus on Brand A products. Additionally, customer/prospect.if a new brand arrives with similar butimproved features, it could be promoted tothat same buyer. This feature works just as well in the case of end users.BETTER RETURNS ON MARKETING INVESTMENT: Management requiresclear evidence of ROI for all spending, but marketing has always lagged inits capacity to link spending and results. AMP helps you meet thischallenge.Consider a firm that spends a fixed amount of time and moneymarketing through e-mail and the social media. The aim of thesemarketing strategies is to increase the traffic to the website. AMP can tellyou exactly how many visits can be linked to a specific e-mail campaign orsocial media efforts.CROSS-SELLING & UP-SELLING: Use data regarding recent purchases topromote related products, features, upsells, and add-ons.TIME & ACTIVITY BASED MARKETING: AMP allows both time-based andactivity-based response campaigns. Set the time and activity filters inAMP, and use it to prompt each pre-defined marketing reaction to everycustomer activity.VARIED REPORTING: AMP enables you to look at customer/prospect datafrom different angles. You can generate reports based on various
  4. 4. parameters such as contact profile, collateral type, individual prospect, returns, and more.Marketers need to understand how the prospects have interacted with thecommunication/marketing materials that you have sent. AMP is the final piece in the puzzlethat completes the picture of successful marketing.
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