Best Oracle financials r12 online training


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we are offering Best Oracle financials r12 online training with real time project by industrial expert trainer.

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Best Oracle financials r12 online training

  1. 1. Oracle Apps Financial Functional R12 What is Oracle Financials? Oracle Financials products provide organizations with solutions to a wide range of long- and short-term accounting system issues. Regardless of the size of the business, Oracle Financials can meet accounting management demands with: Oracle Assets: Ensures that an organization’s property and equipment investment is accurate and that the correct asset tax accounting strategies are chosen. Oracle General Ledger: Offers a complete solution to journal entry, budgeting, allocations, consolidation, and financial reporting needs. Oracle Inventory: Helps an organization make better inventory decisions by minimizing stock and maximizing cash flow. Oracle Order Management: Provides organizations with a sophisticated order entry system for managing customer commitments.
  2. 2. Oracle Payables: Lets an organization process more invoices with fewer staff members and tighter controls. Helps save money through maximum discounts, bank float, and prevention of duplicate payment. Oracle Purchasing: Improves buying power, helps negotiate bigger discounts, eliminates paper flow, increases financial controls, and increases productivity. Introduction to ERP o Introduction to ERP o What is Oracle Application/E-Business suite o Versions available in Oracle o Versions available in Oracle Application o What are major modules available in Oracle Application o ERP’s available in the market o Why Oracle application is so popular o What Basically Implementation, up gradation & Support is? o Overview of Implementation of Oracle Application o Companies Implementing Oracle Application o Hardware requirements for Oracle Application • Procure To pay Cycle • Order To Cash Cycle • Fixed Assets To General Ledger Cycle • Oracle General Ledger o Introduction o Calendars o Flex Fields  Accounting Flex Fields  GL Ledger Flex Feilds o Chart of accounts o Account Setup Manager  Define Legal Entity  Define Ledgers  Define Accounting Options  Add Legal Entities to Ledgers o Ledger Sets o Definition Access Sets
  3. 3. o Auto Copy Journals o Reversal Journals  Manual Reversal  Auto Reversal o Suspense Journals o Recurring Journals  Standard  Skeleton  Formula o Mass Allocation Journals o Inter Company & Intra Company Journals  Without Qualifying Method  With Qualifying Method o Reporting Currency Ledgers  Balance Method  Journal Method  Sub Ledger Method  Adjustment Only o Revaluation Process o Posting Method  Manual  Batch Posting  Auto Posting o About Security Rules o About Cross Validation Rules o Financial Statement Generator (FSG) o Journal Approval Process • Oracle Purchasing o MOAC Setups o Define Locations o Define Business Group o Define Operating Units o Define Security Profile o Define HR Organization o Define Security & User Access o Define Purchasing Options o Define Jobs o Define Positions
  4. 4. o Define Employees o Define Employee/Position Hierarchies’ o Define Buyers o Define Approval Groups o Approval Group Assignments o Process Setup  Define Master Item  Create Requisition  Define Suppliers  Create Requisition ,RFQ, Quotations & Purchase Order  Creating Receipts  Self Billing Invoices (Auto Invoices)  Create Document Style  Create Complex Work Order  Create Accounting  Returns  Receiving Option  Copy Document  Auto Create  Close/Cancel PO Requisition • Oracle Payables Module o MOAC Setup o Define Financial Option o Define Payable Options o Invoice Work Bench  Standard  Debit Memo  Credit Memo  Mixed Invoices  Pre Payments  Retain Age Release  Expenses Report  With Holding Tax Invoices  Interest Invoices  Recurring Invoices  Define Grants & Roles (User Management)  Define Banks  Define Branches  Define Bank Accounts
  5. 5.  Define Payable Documents  Define Organization Access  Define Payables Controls  Define Reconciliation Controls o Payment Workbench  Manual Payments  Quick Payments  Bills Receivables  Refund Payments o Period Close Process o Holds  Manual Hold  System Hold o Invoice Matching with P.O o Quick Match (P.O) o Corrections o Payment Terms o Distribution Set  Full Type  Skeleton o Cancellation Of Invoice • Oracle Payments o System Security Options o XML Publisher Format Template o Payment Format o Payment Methods o Payment Method Defaulting Methods o Payment Process Profile o Payment Manager • Fixed Assets o Flex Fields  Category Flex Fields  Asset Key Flex Fields  Locations Flex Fields o Define System Controls o Define Fiscal Years
  6. 6. o Define Calendars  Depreciation Calendar  Prorate Calendar o Define Prorate Convention o Define Depreciation Methods o Define Asset Categories o Define Asset Books o Asset Additions  Mass Addition  Quick Addition  Manual Addition o Run Deprecation o Mass Retirement o Asset Revaluation o Mass Changes o Mass Transfer o Asset Re-Classifications o Create Accounting o Tax Book o Amortization and Cost Adjustment o Split and Merge o What If Analysis o Projections o CIP Assets o Transferring Assets JE to GL • Receivables Module o Introduction to Receivables o MOAC Setups For Receivables o Configuring System Options o Introduction To TCA o TCA Setups  Customers  Parties  Organizations  Relationships o Auto Accounting o Transaction Types o Transaction Batch Sources
  7. 7. o Document Sequencing o Transaction Work Bench  Invoices  Credit Memo  Debit Memo  Deposits o Guarantee o Chargeback o Bills Receivables o Receivables Activities o Define Receipt Class o Manual Receipts o Receipt with Auto Cash Rule Sets o Receivables transfer to General Ledger o Period Close Process • EBT (Enterprise Business Taxes) o Geography Codes o Tax Regimes o Taxes o Tax Statuses o Tax Jurisdiction o Tax Rates o Tax Rules o Application Tax Options o Configuration Tax Options o Create Tax Party Profile o Create Party Tax Profile For Third Parties o Recoverable Tax o Non-Recoverable Tax • Sub Ledger Accounting Method (SLAM) o Event Entities o Event Classes o Event Types o Process Categories o Sources o Mapping Sets o Journal Entry Description o Journal Line Type
  8. 8. o Journal Line Definitions o Application Accounting Definitions o Sub Ledger Accounting Methods o Customizing SLA • Cash Management o MOAC for Cash Management o Define System Parameters o Manual Reconcilation o Bank Transfers o Cash Forecasting • System Administration o Define Application User o Control Application User o Assign Responsibility to the User o Control Responsibility o Setup Menu and Function o Setup Profile for Monitoring Application User o Monitoring Application Users o Define Responsibility o Update System Profile Options o Define Concurrent Program o Define Concurrent Program Executables o Define User Define Application Real Time Project Implementation Project o Instance • Development. • UAT • Production o Implementation Process • Conducting Workshop. • CRP and UAT
  9. 9. • Documentation Deliverables  BP-080  RD-50/BR30  BR-010(GAP Analysis)  RD -20 (Questionnaires)  BR-100  BR-110 (Security profile and other configuration info)  Conversion Process (CV-010,CV-40)  Interface Process (MD-50)  Reports and Forms (MD-50)  Testing Documents (TE-20,TE-40,TE-110). Full Life Cycle Implementation Process and Document Deliverables. Implementing Process of Oracle Financials based on the Company & Govt Policy and Procedures and Incorporating into a Documents as per Oracle Standard Documentation Methodology Support Project: o Handling Issues • User Issues • Product Issue • Data fix Issue o Oracle Support (Help From Oracle -Metalink ) • Raising Service Request based on the Severity 1,2,3 and 4- Minimal. Note : Around 15 to 20 Real time issues and Solution will be provided  Rollout Project  Upgradation Project.  Resume Preparation.  Interview Training as per Resume.  Placement assistance will be provided.