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  • Centurions

    1. 1. Centurions on Facebook
    2. 2. Who are the Centurions?A group of people who love to: read share titles talk about booksWe are currently 799 members strong!
    3. 3. What’s it all about?Each month, members post the titlesthey’ve read, often noting favorite titles.Other members comment, ask questions,or recommend other titles.Great conversations ensue!
    4. 4. An example.....
    5. 5. What else?The Centurions are always eager to help afellow reader who has a question or needshelp finding books. A call for humorous books netted 14 responses with over 30 title suggestions. A request for wordless picture books spurred over 35 responses!
    6. 6. Check this out.....
    7. 7. What do members say?I dont know many people in my day-to-day life, who read as many books--not to mention kids books-- asThe Centurions. That reading volume means Centurion recommendations are unparalleled in their quality.Starred reviews from frequent posters on this page go on my TBR list, no questions asked.I love seeing what books others are reading. Helps me organize my TBR stack more easily!I get many suggestions from here, Nerdy Book Club, tweeps, and my Goodreads feed. A lot of people overlapin those groups. Its like running into neighbors at the grocery store and later seeing them at a school play.Its community.I am constantly getting new reading suggestions from this group - and the nice thing is that they are usuallynewly published books that may not show up on our library shelves for some time. But more than that, I havefound that many times I can get a question answered here on the centurions about book recommendationsfor students at certain grade levels, about certain topics, genres, etc. Its been an invaluable site and one thatI recommend often.I dont have many friends IRL who read like I do. Being part of the Centurions, like being part of thenerdybookclub, the bookaday crowd, or even the adult Nerdfighters group where were encouraged to beunironically enthusiastic (from author John Green) about stuff, makes me feel less alone as a reader.It means I have "found my people," not only here, but also with the Nerdy Book Club and Twitter Title Talkand Goodreads. I come back for the recommendations and sharing. It pushes me to read more and share mylove of books more than I already do. Then when my 8th graders look at me like Ive lost my mind, Iremember I have found kindred spirits here.
    8. 8. How do I join?Search “Centurions” on Facebook.Once you’re on the page, look to theright. You’ll see a button to “Join thisgroup.”Once I see your request, I’ll wave you in!
    9. 9. Where to find me....On Facebook as Mindi Wells RenchOn Twitter as @mindi_rOn Goodreads as Mindi RenchAt my blog: http://nextbestbook.blogger.comVia email: mindi@dren.ch